Weekly Random Thread #49 05-12-2023
G'day all! Just thought I'd chuck up this random thread for a bit of a yarn. You know, sometimes it's nice to have a chinwag about anything and everything – could be your latest DIY project, a recipe you're stoked about, or even just how your day's been. It's all about sharing the good vibes and having a fair dinkum chat. So, what's the goss? Jump on in and let's have a good old chit-chat, like a bunch of mates sitting 'round the table. Cheers!

Discussion on Concerns over Auto tl;dr bot
Hello everyone , There have been concerns raised lately over issues with the Auto tl;dr bot which creates summaries of news articles from several known sites, however only really ABC news is applicable here. Relevant threads: - [Truck stowaway 'lucky to be alive' after travelling nearly 400km on metal racks beneath B-double]( (no problem with summary - just discussion of concerns) - [Small modular nuclear reactor that was hailed by Coalition as future cancelled due to rising costs]( (Australian Politics) There are also many other occurrences (I haven't been keeping track), if there are some you would like appended to this list comment with a link below. Most concerns are that the bot misses important information and/or gives a misleading summary. I'd like to see where people sit on the issue and how we could potentially deal with it. There are a few options I can think of: 1. Remove the bot (through a ban) 2. Get []( to comment a disclaimer underneath all of its comments 3. Get []( automatically delete all comments by the bot which have been reported (may open door for abuse) 4. Do nothing I don't hate the bot - it can be useful, and I like the concept, however, just like us it gets things wrong. Anyway feedback is welcome, if you have an opinion on this please comment below so I can judge where we all stand on this and try to make the right decision

Splitting off Environment, Politics and News
Aussie Zone has had communities for Environment, Politics and News for a while now, and while this is a general Australian community I would like to encourage people to post relevant content to those communities instead of this one. This will encourage the growth of those communities alongside this one. The communities I'm talking about are: [!](, [!]( and [!]( If you're not an Aussie Zone member, it's recommended to subscribe to these three communities to get the main "Australia" community. These communities are run under Aussie Zone rules so there should be no discrepancies in moderation. In the future I may bring in another bot to cross-post top posts from those communities onto this one as locked posts pointing to the relevant community, however that will be separate from []( so you can block those messages. Otherwise on the []( front page everything should be easily visible. Please feel free to leave any feedback here. ### FAQ - What constitutes "news"? - News posts are links to news articles that are neither opinion nor discussion pieces. - Will this be enforced? - There will be no bans issued solely over this. Posts in the wrong place will just get a reminder to post in the correct community and locked if no-one has started a discussion under it.

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How to spot a tax scam
We’re in the season of tax returns and now is a great time for scammers to strike. Here’s some things to keep an eye out for but it’s not exclusive. - unless you have engaged an accountant, no one will contact you about your tax except myGov - if myGov contact you, they won’t tell you to do anything except check your inbox (exception is security codes but you will have initiated the reason for this) - if myGov contact you, DO NOT CLICK ANY LINKS. They don’t send them. - if you get a message from mygov and it shows a phone number, it’s a scam. MyGov messages will only say they are from myGov. This isn’t a guarantee that it’s legit, but the lack of it means scam. Please add more tips below to ensure people don’t get caught out.

I assume this is the genesis of a Five Eyes cloud platform. Questions for me are which commercial partners are in the mix, and how will they ensure TS-level security? I guess we'll never truly know, but it's hard not to worry about the implications of this.

Is anyone shocked Catholics wouldn’t want to teach consent.

Watchdog says Services Australia and the Department of Social Services ‘did not act promptly’ to address the issue and calls on agencies to apologise

Aircon fell out window
I rent an apartment in a big subdivided house, I live on the ground floor. An aircon unit just fell out of my upstairs neighbours window and landed just outside my own window. This was a bit alarming because not half an hour earlier I was poking my head out that window to water my plant (the plant is fine thankfully). There's a whole row of aircons sitting outside windows that could all also fall out which is also concerning. I'm curious if there's anything I can do in the way of complaining to anyone about my landlord not providing a safe living environment? I'm doubtful, but wanted to ask, just in case.

An AI-based analysis of 20 years of logging by VicForests, shared exclusively with the ABC, shows for the first time, the potential scale of failed regeneration in Victoria's state forests.

Straight to the Pool Room #48: Top Posts from Australian Communities
These were the top posts across Aussie Zone at the end of this week Top 5 from [Australia]( - [Weekly Random Thread #48 28-11-2023]( - [Employers push for staff to return to the office after working from home as commercial property values plunge]( - [Sleeper trains are making a comeback. Why are ours being axed?]( - [Yes, ‘Australian sushi’ exists. Get over it, argues Adam Liaw]( - [Elon Musk’s X is betting that Australia is too weak to protect its elections]( Top 5 from [Aussie Enviro]( - [Case for gas as transition fuel falling apart on both economic and environmental costs]( - ['It's basically dead': AI reveals the legacy of decades of logging]( - [“Outrage economy:” Sky News and Alan Jones in global list of climate misinformation]( - [CDS VIC - Victorian Container Deposit Scheme Xpost Aussie Frugal Living]( - [Homebuilders urged to flick electric switch as new gas connection ban looms | Riotact]( Top 5 from [Australian News]( - [Federal government moves to ban Nazi salute after spike in anti-Semitism, racism]( - [From today voluntary assisted dying will be allowed in NSW. Mark wants to be one of the first to access it]( - [Bruce Lehrmann's defamation action was set to be a re-run of his trial, but some key evidence is unravelling]( - [Casket holding Cleveland Dodd's body lowered into the ground on Yamaji country after boy's death in custody]( - [Two protesters fined after more than 100 climate change protesters charged after blockade at Port of Newcastle]( Top 5 from [Australian Politics]( - [How are younger workers expected to compete with 'Generation Landlord'?]( - [Legalise Cannabis Party member waves cannabis in NSW parliament during bill introduction]( - [Powerful Home Affairs boss Mike Pezzullo sacked after investigation into backchannel lobbying]( - [Peter Dutton demands apology from Anika Wells after breakfast television 'paedophile protector' comments]( - [Australians Are Poor Now? - FriendlyJordies]( Top 5 from [World News]( - [If this was supposed to be an Israel-Hamas ceasefire, strap yourself in](

It sounds like he already has the world record, he just needs to prove it.

This is the text of 2023 John Barry Memorial Lecture in Criminology, given at the University of Melbourne on 18 October 2023.

What’s the bet this’ll end up with Sky News installed on all new TVs by default.

Vehicles should be banned from driving on beaches. Change my mind.

The platform once known as Twitter failed the lowest of hurdles this week. Will we do anything about it?

Why don’t nice plain chocolate biscuits exist?
Not counting Choc Ripple, which are horrible. You can get any number of chocolate-*coated* biscuits, but dammit I just want a simple chocolate shortbread or near offer. Hell, I'd settle for a giant Tiny Teddy, though those too are a bit industrial. Just give me a pack of bourbons without the cream in, that'd do fine. Is this some terribly rare niche interest all of a sudden? Am I really the only person in this country who would buy such a thing? Yes I know I can make my own, it's just tedious - and the lack of demand for anything like it confuses and enrages me.

All seven justices of the High Court were of the opinion that indefinite immigration detention for people with no prospect of deportation was unlawful, according to reasons published by the court this afternoon.

Border force has suggested man was ‘non-compliant’ but Guardian understands he was not read his visa conditions or fitted with ankle bracelet

Weekly Random Thread #48 28-11-2023
G'day all! Just thought I'd chuck up this random thread for a bit of a yarn. You know, sometimes it's nice to have a chinwag about anything and everything – could be your latest DIY project, a recipe you're stoked about, or even just how your day's been. It's all about sharing the good vibes and having a fair dinkum chat. So, what's the goss? Jump on in and let's have a good old chit-chat, like a bunch of mates sitting 'round the table. Cheers!

> [Roads] are getting worse because we’re not spending enough to maintain them. > > Three-quarters of our roads are managed by local councils. > > Every year, those councils spend A$1 billion less on maintenance than is needed to keep those roads in their current condition – let alone improve them. > > New Grattan Institute research finds the typical regional area has a funding shortfall of more 40%. In remote areas, it’s more than 75%. > > One reason for this underspend is that untied federal government grants to local councils haven’t kept pace with soaring costs. > > [...] > > Tight budgets make it tempting to delay maintenance. > > But delaying will only end up costing more in the long run, leaving taxpayers paying more to fix more badly damaged roads.

New legislation giving judges the power to strip terrorists of their citizenship is being rushed into federal parliament this week, as the government tries to shore up its anti-terror regime in the wake of two recent High Court rulings.

'They’ve taken a conversation we were hoping to start in good faith with the industry as a whole and turned Nine (and their own hypocrisy over Israel trips) into part of the story,' said one journalist.

Where to tryout/demo VR headsets?
Looking at picking up a quest 3, but want to try one out before I buy. Doesn’t seem like the usual places (JB, EB, department stores) offer any way to test them? Does anyone know of retailers who have demos?

This isn't particularly recent news but it hasn't been reported on much for how significant it is. The TL:DR is that many 4G phones use 3G for calls or don't support VoLTE with Australian telcos. The shutdown will leave a significant number of Australians with phones that cannot make phone calls, forcing them to buy a new one.

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