I wanted to share my Mach 1 that I bought recently and just finished detailing yesterday. Until we get a cars community, this seems like a good place to share our cars. It’s a 2023 equipped with the tremec 6-speed manual. I previously owned a 2021 Mach 1 in black that I sold so I could get into a Wrangler. I sold it to get back into a mustang because I really missed my 2021 Mach 1 other than the fact that the black paint was hard to keep clean. I went with a Mach 1 instead of a regular GT because I really like the tremec gear box over the getrag one.

Anchorage, Alaska is considering a dramatic simplification of zoning codes to address their housing shortage. The proposal divides the city into just two residential zones, one for areas with municipal services and one for areas on wells and septic. Not only greater density but also compatible non-residential uses would be permitted.

while the headline is a bit self-evident, the article itself covers a lot of interesting ground on the politics and practical implementation of doing this, and what places around the world are doing to try and reduce car usage

Why US Malls Are Dying (And Why European Malls Aren’t)

subheading: > San Francisco is at the forefront of a movement to recycle wastewater from commercial buildings, homes, and neighborhoods and use it for toilets and landscaping. This decentralized approach, proponents say, will drive down demand in an era of increasing water scarcity.

When it comes to improvements to your town or city or even country, it can often feel like you are powerless in the world. But you're not alone. A city is made of communities and communities are made of individual people. One day our kids or our kids kids, or their kids, will be able to safely just walk to school. And it starts with finding your community, finding out what works from people all over the world, and then maybe introducing the ideas to your neighbours or voting for city/town council members who align with your goals. I just wanted to drop a more hopeful message rather than news or information.

Since 1897 the city of Bergen was served like by an electric tram system. Sadly, like in so many cities, it was shut down in 1965. Since then however the city has started to dig up and restore the tracks, and slowly the historic electric tramway has come back in service. There are plans to extend the current line to the city center.

There’s a way to build thousands more housing units on San Francisco’s west side
Really hoping to see support for more of this style of development in the SF Bay Area. The Sunset District is notoriously low density and has been pretty NIMBY when it comes to building anything new in the area.

8 Really good suggestions for how you can help make improvements in your town. The first, simply voting, is so important and also pretty easy.

"Vehicular Cycling" is the (IMO) incredibly misguided philosophy which has shaped views on cycling infrastructure in the United States, and has since the 70s forced bicyclists to risk their lives sharing roads with uncaring drivers instead of having their own safe and efficient network of bike lanes. If only this movement had never happened, perhaps we would have better, greener, less congested cities with more cyclists.

$30 million dollars goes so much further on active transport infrastructure than it would on cars!

subheading: > From billboards to graffiti to guerrilla marketing, civic and commercial interests have long fought to control the visual environment of the city. Today the contest is more heated than ever. this is a lengthy piece on every facet of "advertising" in public urban spaces, from actual corporate advertising to graffiti art, the history of those things, and the differing responses to and conflict between them

Anyone else car-free?
I'm coming up on about 6 months of car-free life in Seattle. It's certainly been challenging at times, and it's only possible at all because I work from home, but I'm making it work. I'm curious if anyone else is trying to do the same thing. There are a ton of anti-car communities online, but very few people seem to actually go car-free as, like, an ideological thing

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