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Weekly “What are you watching” Thread || Week of January 7th
Shows / movies that I dropped halfway: - **Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves** - somehow it didn't grab me, dropped it halfway thru. Many people said it's good, but the jokes are okay, nothing interesting - **[Onihei](** S01 - Somehow it just doesn't manage to grab me, dropped it after second episode, especially when I read that there's not really an ending by the end of the show. I've finished watching - **Record of Ragnarok** S01 - really loving the over-the-top fights between gods and humans. I'm excited for the next season - **Fringe** S05 - Man, Fringe is now probably my most favorite show. S05 might not hit as hard as S03 or S04, but it ties up everything nicely. The show wouldn't leave such a lasting impression on me if not for the character Walter Bishop, and of course John Noble did a great job portraying him - **Killing It** S02 - It's not as good as the first season. They focused too much on side characters that are not funny at all. - **The X-Files** S02 - X-Files gets really good on season two. The stories involving Mulder's family is really intriguing. I'm excited to watch the next season now. - **[Look Around You](** S01 - I've watched bits and pieces of this on YouTube. OMG, the whole season is just amazing. Every single detail is fucking hilarious. Started / still watching - **The Simpsons** S04 - This season definitely feels better than previous ones. There's absurd humor that hits hard, e.g. rent a big brother, etc. - **[Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Stood Still](** S01 - Dunno how I feel about it yet. It feels too old-ish, and each episode lasts for an hour. If it doesn't pick up, I might drop it. - **[Snuff Box](** S01 - So far, this is another good Matt Berry show. The humor is closer to Garth Marenghi's Dark Place, and probably better than first season of Toast of London - **[The Outer Limits (1995)](** S01 - I've only watched the first episode, I guess it sets the tone of sci-fi twilight zone, but with bummer ending. Also the first episode is like 90 mins, bit too long - **[Person of Interest](** S01 - I've just watched 2 episodes, and I know that this is going to be good. I am having a crime drama fatigue, but POI is different. So, what have you been watching last week?

[ link]( Some key highlights: >The streamer announced at its upfront presentation to advertisers on Wednesday that it was moving forward with *Happy Gilmore 2* with Adam Sandler on board to reprise his role as the titular rage golfer. >Netflix didn’t release any details about the film, such as its story line, writer or director. >Christopher McDonald who played the golfer Shooter McGavin the first film, has suggested his character might return in the sequel.

[ link]( Some key excerpts: >Cage is set to star in the live-action show “Noir,” which has been ordered to series at MGM+ and Amazon Prime Video. The series will debut domestically on MGM+’s linear channel followed by a global launch on Prime Video. >Per the official logline, “Noir” will tell the story “of an aging and down on his luck private investigator (Cage) in 1930s New York, who is forced to grapple with his past life as the city’s one and only superhero.” >The show hails from Oren Uziel and Steve Lightfoot, who will also serve as co-showrunners and executive producers. They developed the series with the “Into the Spider-Verse” team of Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, and Amy Pascal, all of whom will also executive produce. Harry Bradbeer will executive produce and direct the first two episodes. >The role will mark the first regular television role of Cage’s career.

Over the weekend I watched the first episode of the Mel Brooks version of a Robin Hood TV series. I was surprised with how much of that first episode, alone, made it into the movie "Robin Hood: Men in Tights." There was a lot of jokes and bits that didn't really land to my modern sensibilities, but to my mid-40's self, there was a lot I still recognized in the satire and parody. Any other early efforts in TV that are a worthwhile hunt based on how the subsequent treatments came out?

>The 1994 James Cameron film True Lies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger was recently re-released in Ultra HD 4K disc format giving viewers the opportunity to watch these classic films in unprecedented detail. >Not only True Lies but Cameron’s The Abyss and sci-fi classic Aliens were also released on Ultra HD Blu-ray with Geoff Burdick, senior vice president of Lightstorm Entertainment, who tells The New York Times that he thinks they “look the best they’ve ever looked.” >But not everyone agrees. >“It just looks weird, in ways that I have difficulty describing,” the journalist Chris Person tells The Times. “It’s plasticine, smooth, embossed at the edges. Skin texture doesn’t look correct. It all looks a little unreal.”

> Watcher Entertainment's decision to move off YouTube -- and charge $6 per month for access to new series -- prompted a major backlash among fans.

I started rolling my eyes before I saw Drew Goddard's name, who apparently approached WB with his own idea. He is an incredibly gifted storyteller and I believe his passion for this world is sincere. I'm pretty excited to see what he has in mind.

Which video service has the fewest or shortest ad breaks?
Thought this might be a helpful discussion for those who want to cut down on advertising breaks when they have multiple options to watch a show or movie. Below are my results for Tubi, followed by a summary of this subject's URL, which someone tested in 2021. My results today (3/19/24) for **The Mental State (2022)** Film length: 104 minutes. By my stopwatch, ads totaled 11m44s (approx 90s/ea), about 12 minutes between each ad break. **So I spent about 10% of the time watching ads.** Compare to about 6% on the 2021 survey below. Anyone else want to watch The Mental State or something else on one of the services below and report their results? Copying this from someone in 2021 who did a survey on a 44-minute tv episode: Tubi - 2:51 Peacock - 4:12 IMDB - 5:41 Plex - 6:40 VUDU - 7:08 Crackle - 8:07 Roku - 8:28 (test performed by KyloRenegade16) Pluto - 12:27 The CW - 12:34

cross-posted from: > Cyndi Lauper inks deal with firm behind ABBA Voyage for new immersive performance project

One of the best surprise endings to this show I've seen so far. Fucking brilliant!

Even though multiple studios were interested in releasing Coyote vs. Acme, Warner Bros. Discovery said no.

The theatrical success of 'Anyone But You' sends a message: Why are we still acting like streaming could save movies?

The glaring error here is that "28 Weeks Later" from 2007 is ignored as it was the first sequel. Therefore the upcoming third movie wouldn't be "the start of a trilogy" but the end of it. Of course "28 Weeks Later" is mentioned but otherwise the article words the sequel talk in a clumsy manner.

I Found David Lynch’s Lost Dune II Script
> During the two years I spent putting together my book A Masterpiece in Disarray: David Lynch's Dune—An Oral History, I had no luck uncovering Lynch's script for Dune II, despite Frank Herbert telling Prevue magazine in December 1984 that he possessed a copy and was advising Lynch on it. "Now that we speak the same 'language,' it's much easier for both of us to make progress, especially with the screenplays," Herbert told the publication. Then, in July 2023, within the Frank Herbert archives at California State University, Fullerton, I came across a slim folder with a sticky note declaring "Dune Messiah script revisions," addressed to the second floor of VFX man Barry Nolan's office in Burbank where Lynch supervised the final effects shoots and editing on Dune. > > Inside the folder lay the stuff of fans' dreams, never made public until now: 56 pages dated "January 2nd-through-9th, 1984," matching Lynch's "half a script" statement. Complete with penned annotations by Herbert, the Dune II script shows Lynch was still enthusiastic about the material, lending new significance to minor details in the '84 film. He also cracked a way to tell the complex story of Herbert's 1969 novel Dune Messiah, easily the least cinematic book in the series due to its emphasis on palace intrigue over action, along with the inner turmoil of a reluctant dictator (Paul Atreides) in place of a traditional hero's journey. It may ring of sacrilege to some, but Lynch's Dune II would have bested Herbert's book—and been one hell of a movie.

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