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Weekly “What are you watching” Thread || Week of December 3rd, 2023
Here are some shows that I have watched or have been watching - Fringe (S04) - I'm at episode 9 right now ::: spoiler I'm really liking how they interact with characters from season 1, and from alternate universe ::: - Amazing Stories 1985 (S01) - This show won some Emmys, right? Somehow it feels like a kid's show. I was expecting it to be tonally more like 1959's Twilight Zone, but it doesn't seem so. Maybe I should adjust my approach to it. - Impractical Jokers (S01) - I've finished the season, and it's definitely up there as a comedy show. I still feel weird / scared about some of the pranks, e.g. randomly eating people's food at a Chinese restaurant, but they are hilarious. - What We Do In the Shadows (S03) - The first 2 seasons were okay-ish, but it seems like the 3rd season is way funnier. The jokes are funnier whenever Matt Berry is involved - Castlevania Nocturne (S01) - It was suddenly over. I'm just not feeling it. Just like the other Castlevania shows. - Love, Death & Robots (S01) - Just finished the first episode... it looks pretty. Not sure about the writing yet. - Gunbuster (S01) - Finally finished all the 6 episodes. I can see it as a prototype for other more bombastic mecha shows like Gurrenn Lagann or Evangelion. It started out low key, then undergo a sudden tonal shift to darker tone. - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (S05) - Netflix really hurt the season by splitting it into two parts. I've just finished watching the episodes where they defeated the invisible zombie guy and started to fight the feng shui geezer. It's still really good, I still prefer Jolyne's story arc to Giovanna's. I wonder if they'd eventually do a Steel Ball Run anime. - Oppenheimer (2023) - I'm amazed at how much I'm liking it. Somehow social media buzz was making it to sound like a jingoistic nuclear proponent movie. But it's not, it's a story about Oppenheimer's feeling about atomic weapons, the slimy politicians and physicists who became slimy, and surprisingly around half of the movie is about McCarthyan red scare witch hunt. That's the recap of my week, how about yours? What have you been watching last week?

I'm in the first hour of this video. It's about how YouTube / influencers plagiarize / straight up stealing works from others. So far, in the first hour, hbomberguy has covered - [Filip Miucin](, (ex-IGN plagiarizer) - [Newt]( (wrote for Cinemassacre? I don't follow cinemassacre stuff), - [Illuminaughtii]( (I've never heard of this person before, apparently she pivoted from making bigoted content to left leaning stuff??)

An ad? Or a really creepy short film? I have no idea what they were smoking back then, but it must have been great ;) Found it [on Reddit](

RSS feed for series finales?
With the *House of The Dragon* trailer release and a "next summer" timeframe ... I don't remember S1 at this point but don't remember it being so good as to be worth a full rewatch. Which got me to searching for the title. There are a lot of shows at this point that air so infrequently, it would be nice to just get an RSS notification when any TV show airs its finale. Best I can find is RSS feeds of torrents, which I specifically don't need. I found one that claimed to be what I was looking for but turned out to be rumours about shows ending. Ideal notifications would be "The last episode of X just went live. Here's the link to X's IMDB page." I know there are things from years ago I wasn't willing to commit to that may be worth going back to, but that's a different sort of search.

IMO I don't any point for making a sequel to the original 40 years later.

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Weekly “What are you watching” Thread || Week of November 26th
I wanna try a weekly 'what are you watching' thread, and see if there's enough activity. Here's some of the shows I've been watching last week: - **[Loki](** (Season 2) - Finished watching it last week. It is probably my favorite post Thanos MCU show. I like the character growth, and while I usually dislike Thor's story (due to magic and gods), I ended up liking Loki a lot - **[Fringe](** (Season 4) - Started season 4 of Fringe. Man! I love this show a lot. I can't wait to be disappointed in the final season. - **[Nathan for You](** (Season 4) - Finally finished the whole show. I love the part where Nathan needed to prepare for his Jimmy Kimmel interview. The last episode started out good, but I ended up disliking Bill, after his comments about what Frances said long time ago. - **[Impractical Jokers](** (Season 1) - I learned about Impractical Jokers from Instagram videos, decided to try it. Season 1 is kinda dated, but some parts are really hilarious. I think I only like prank shows, when they are making fun of themselves. - **[Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated](!_Mystery_Incorporated)** (Season 1) - Dropped the show altogether, I find it boring. - **[Castlevania: Nocturne](** (Season 1) - Feels like other Castlevania shows, I'm on episode 3, and it still hasn't hooked me yet - **[Gunbuster](** (Season 1) - I am really enjoying the feel of this old anime. It went quickly from sports-mech anime into darker / more serious tone in episode 2. There's something about older anime that's kinda lost in the newer ones, I can't quite put my words into it. - **[Amazing Stories (1985)](** (Season 1) - I'm now at episode 8. The quality varies between episodes, since it's an anthology show. I like the episode with the mummy, and the keyboard murderer. - **[The Adults](** (2023) - I'm weirdly liking this movie a lot, it's more drama than comedy. It's quite a sweet movie about straining relationships between 3 siblings, without anything really bombastic happening, and probably why it's more relatable to me. So, what have you been watching the past week?

>“People online are like, ‘Scott's the worst character. Scott's the villain of his own story,' ” said O’Malley. “They really love to harp on that now, which no one mentioned in the 2000s. But yeah, so we thought let's give them Scott as the villain of his own story, let's do it proper.” Having never read the novels, but being a fan of the film, I was looking forward to this series. It was odd and wacky and colourful. "That New Casting" was a great surprise.

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Would it be useful to have a weekly pinned thread about what shows / movies we’re watching?
There's one for gaming community, where we discuss what we're playing every week. I think it's great for people to share their thoughts about the games they're playing, and also for others to check whether some games suit their taste. Should we have similar thread for TV shows / movies / animes? I definitely wanna know if a show suits my taste or whether it's worth it to sink time into it. PS: I tried to post about this multiple times, but ended up not posting it.

I think there was an effort in the past to make sure it's a family show and disconnect The Doctor from the more mature parts of the whoniverse. Maybe the changes in production and, maybe, the realization adults are too obsessed with it create new avenues for money making creativity.

[Canonical YouTube link](

I believe that John Oliver, and the other writers/producers of this show, have done a wonderful job here. I don't believe that they had anything to gain and, more than likely, have a lot to lose by standing up for truth.

> Garfield (voiced by Chris Pratt), the world-famous, Monday-hating, lasagna-loving indoor cat, is about to have a wild outdoor adventure! After an unexpected reunion with his long-lost father – scruffy street cat Vic (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson) – Garfield and his canine friend Odie are forced from their perfectly pampered life into joining Vic in a hilarious, high-stakes heist. > > Directed by:                                                 > Mark Dindal > > Screenplay by: Paul A. Kaplan & Mark Torgove and David Reynolds > > Based on the Garfield® characters created by: Jim Davis > Cast:                                                           > Chris Pratt > Samuel L. Jackson > Hannah Waddingham > Ving Rhames > Nicholas Hoult > Cecily Strong > Harvey Guillén > Brett Goldstein > Bowen Yang

Excerpts: > A biopic on Elon Musk is in the works at New York-based studio A24 with “Black Swan”-filmmaker Darren Aronofsky as the director, according to a source familiar with the matter. > A24 secured the rights to Walter Isaacson’s biography on the world’s richest person, according to the source, who added the Musk biopic will be produced by Aronofsky’s production company, Protozoa Pictures. > “Glad Darren is doing it. He is one of the best,” Musk said in an X post on Friday. See also:

If for nothing else, I needed this movie just for how the camera moved. It followed the characters and the action without dozens of jump cuts. I thought the long take during the opening was just a nice way of presenting the players and the incident that would affect their lives, but it became the norm throughout. Anyway, it's a movie about a day in the lives of black people, queer people, favela people, young people that are kinda lost. It's an incomplete work with a strong first act that stumbles transitioning to the second and doesn't find its footing anymore. It's nice to see such a positive depiction of groups that so often only fuel tragedy porn. They can show their honest lives, have fun, be flawed, be absurd, be beautiful and sexy, tell a story that reflects a culture that I myself am not all that familiar with.

Archive link: > “In a unanimous vote this afternoon, The SAG-AFTRA TV/Theatrical Committee approved a tentative agreement with the AMPTP bringing an end to the 118 day strike,” the union said in a statement. “The strike officially ends at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, November 9.” > > SAG-AFTRA did not disclose terms of the agreement, but said details would be released after it is reviewed by the national board on Friday. > > The proposed contract — which still must be ratified by the union’s members — would boost minimum pay for members, increase residual payments for shows streamed online and bolster contributions to the union’s health and pension plans. It also establishes new rules for the use of artificial intelligence, a major source of concern for actors.

Archive link: > The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers is seeking to secure AI scans for Schedule F performers — guild members who earn more than the minimum for series regulars ($32,000 per TV episode) and feature films ($60,000). The companies’ suggested clause would require studios and streamers to pay to scan the likeness of Schedule F performers. SAG-AFTRA is seeking to attach a compensation for the re-use of AI scans as AMPTP member companies would also need to secure consent from the performer. The language currently in the AMPTP’s offer would see the studios and streamers secure the right to use scans of deceased performers without the consent of their estate or SAG-AFTRA. > > “This is one of the biggest reasons SAG did not accept the ‘last, best and final’ offer from the AMPTP. We could not allow that language to stand,” says one union-side source. “This is massive. Every A-, B-, C-, D- and E-lister — all the higher-paid performers — who think this is a minimum wage strike, they must know they are in this fight. They have to realize that this is about protecting them. This is their strike now when they realize what’s on the line. The people who launched the campaign to take a deal — they’d be f—ked if we took this deal with that in there.” > “They can’t have that loophole to exploit performers. … [The Schedule F AI language in the AMPTP’s proposal] behooves them to have you dead in that they need consent when you’re alive but not when you’re dead.” > On Monday afternoon the SAG-AFTRA negotiating committee told union members that it had responded to the AMPTP’s latest offer. “Please know every member of our TV/Theatrical Negotiating Committee is determined to secure the right deal and thereby bring this strike to an end responsibly,” the group stated. “There are several essential items on which we still do not have an agreement, including AI. We will keep you informed as events unfold.”

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