Lemmy411 - Don't know where to find what you're looking for?
Looks like a great resource: https://lemmyverse.net/communities (also searches/browses through instances)

Is there a community to ask for help finding things, other than Lemmy communities?
I'm thinking of like "Is there a [blank]" or "Where would I find [blank]" sort of community where one might ask things like, "Is there a creator/YouTube channel/blog covering [blank]" or "Where would I find a durable [blank]?" Sort of a general looking for [thing/source] community, rather than personal help/care kind of community (as I know some of those are around). Atm I think the AskLemmy communities are sorta being used for these questions, so I'm guessing maybe there isn't an alternative?

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Community for dark, creepy, horror like art
Is there a community for dark / spooky / creepy art, that is not on *lemmy.ml*?

Any community to name pets/ people/ inanimate objects?
I like naming stuff, any community that does this or smth adjacent

Are there any communities for requesting commissions?
I'd like to buy the services of someone who can create svg files from characters from a video (those are already flat and simple colored, so an easy job for anyone who knows how to trace stuff like that), though I have no idea where to look.

General tech questions community?
Looked around and can find plenty of tech news related communities and several tech communities for learning/discussing specific tech subjects (programming, programming languages, etc.), but can't seem to find a more open-ended, all levels tech questions community. Closest I found to what I'm looking for was [!tech_starter@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/c/tech_starter), but that's more aimed at beginners (which is a great idea tbh). Have I overlooked where one of the tech communities is more open to questions alongside news? Will admit I was skimming after awhile of searching, so I may have!

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ca/post/5576046 > **Link: !communitypromo@lemmy.ca** > > It's now under new moderation, and we should be more active moving forward. Since a lot of the community recommendation spaces aren't as active anymore, hopefully this space can get things going again. > > Come share your communities, from whatever platform you are using! > > You can also check out the updated list of community discovery resources here: https://lemmy.ca/post/5581032, or by checking the pinned post. > > Cheers :)

Mint Mobile questions?
Where would I ask a question about Mint Mobile? Just realized that texting myself doesn't actually go through as a text, which is weird, but don't know if there's a community I can use to ask about it.

techsupport and homenetworking
Two subreddits I used to be very active in were for techsupport and networking/home networking. Anyone know if there's Lemmy communities for the same? Also, related, is there a way to list communities available from a specific instance? Like if I wanted to see all communities local to Lemmy.world or something (that's not my local instance), can I do that? If so, how? I'm still getting used to the fediverse way of doing things, I love it here, I'm just having trouble getting myself up to speed relative to all that I was subscribed to on Reddit. TIA

Trying to fill the void left from r/MMA & r/BJJ ... Any one have any recommendations for relatively active communities?

Technical or professional writing communities?
I'm looking for communities or magazines for technical/professional writers. Please let me know if you're aware of any. :)

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Home gym, strongman, weightlifting
Hi, Does anyone know of any active weightlifting, strongman or home gym communities? I need some advice on my routine. Thanks!

any rarepuppers or forblackdogs equivalents?
As per title - looking for a place to post about doggos and discuss all things doggo

Find communities based on shared links and discussions you find interesting and engaging
I [posted this on !youshouldknow@lemmy.world yesterday](https://lemmy.world/post/1080409?scrollToComments=true) and I thought it was worth sharing here too to help people looking for specific types of communities on the Lemmyverse: I built this for myself some years ago and used it a lot to find many interesting niche subreddits. Today I expanded it to also help myself and others find interesting niche communities across the Lemmyverse! [There is a longer explanation here from an older article](https://lgug2z.com/articles/finding-interesting-comments-discussions-and-communities-online/), but basically: * You give this a link that you found interesting * It will (try to) find everywhere it has been shared on the Lemmyverse (and other websites) * It will show you all comments from everywhere it's been shared on a single page * You can do all the regular stuff like filter, sort, isolate etc. One thing I find myself doing very often is hitting "toggle sources" on the top banner; this shows me everywhere the link has been shared and commented on, and if I see a community I'm not familiar with, I'll isolate the comments from that source and have a look through to see if it's a community I'd like to engage with. There are also browser extensions and an iOS shortcut available. You can check out an example from [a post that just hit "Hot" on lemmy.world here](https://kulli.sh/search?q=https%3A%2F%2Fblog.joinmastodon.org%2F2023%2F07%2Fwhat-to-know-about-threads%2F)! I hope this helps people find interesting, engaging and fulfilling communities in this next chapter of the internet! 🚀

[Request] Canadian Entertainment
cross-posted from: https://lemm.ee/post/701073 > Hello from your southern neighbor. I am a huge fan of Kids In the Hall, Corner Gas, Strange Brew, etc.. While these are older shows and movies I still have a great appreciation for Canadian humor in all entertainment mediums. I am surprised I haven't come across a community for discussing Canadian entertainment or something thereof. As I am not as versed as many on the subject I would be hesitant to create a community myself, but would enjoy having one to participate in and find new shows and whatnot. Just something to think about. Eh?

Adding xml feed from another instance to a rss reader
Hey all, I have been adding community rss feeds by adding the community name + .xml to my feed reader. Works great for my home instance lemmy.ca but trying to add the .xml for a community I am subscribed to from another instance craps out with the login page requirement. For example, adding https://lemmy.ca/c/lemmy411.xml works fine in the rss reader but adding https://lemmy.world/c/technology.xml does not work because I am not on lemmy.world. Also https://lemmy.ca/c/technology.xml@lemmy.world fails with feed not found "Join Lemmy" Any ideas? Maybe I am missing something obvious.

Any communities for tea?
Search turns up a ton of groups where the string "tea" appears anywhere in the name (e.g., "team")

Lemmy community for AI essays and texts
Is there some community where people share funny or strange AI generated essays and texts?

Communities for quantum computing?
With everything that's happened at Reddit, I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for active quantum computing communities? Thanks, I really appreciate it!

Is there a community on Lemmy mobile apps?
There are starting to become so many for Android and Apple, it would be nice to have a community on news and updates for them, comparing them, finding the right one, etc. This is in addition to the individual communities they should all have.

Russian Language Community
Hello everyone, I'm currently learning Russian, and I'm looking for a community where I could have discussions about the Russian language. There is one community on lemmygrad.ml, but it's not very active.

People of color / BIPOC / antiracist / decolonial communities?
Any communities or instances focused on non-white folks or information/news/organizing against racism and colonialism specifically? There's a wealth of general lefty communities it seems like but at a glance many of them seem to be preettttyyy white

looking for /r/citypop equivalent (“1980s urban driving music”)
hey! I really enjoy citypop and wanted to find a community on lemmy for it. thanks in advance for any recommendations!

looking for /r/nudisco equivalent (synthy dance/funk)
hey! I love nu-disco as a genre and couldn't find it on lemmy anywhere. any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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Lemmy live populating unrelated results - nomming RAM
Is this a known issue, and is there a way to prevent it? Anytime I'm on the home page for Lemmy (on two different servers) for any amount of time (~30 sec), regardless of what I using as the filter, my page will suddenly fill up with unrelated posts. It causes the Chromebook that sits next to my work computer to fill up on memory until it eventually crashes and makes it obviously difficult to surf without having to refresh the page and re-applying whatever sorting changes I may have made. In the image below, notice that it's supposed to be top posts for the day, yet my page has completely filled up with posts from 2 years ago with no activity on them. Thank you in advanced! ![](https://dataterm.digital/pictrs/image/92a9ec79-9611-43d4-8381-2c197af2c1d5.png)

What are Valorant related lemmy communities?
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ca/post/696231 > I'm new to lemmy, and trying to find every valorant communities so we can get this started. Do you guys know?

For example I found this funny ban on lemmy.world/modlog and wanted to share it somewhere. I also would like to hold mods more accountable. I suppose I could create a community. But I guess I just wanted to make sure there isn't already one. Edit: the more I thought about it I decided I'd enjoy making such a community. lemmy.world/c/modlog

Can Lemmy & Kbin interface with eachother?
Hey everyone. I'm new to all this - as are most people I realize - but I've been really enjoying Lemmy so far. I'm subscribed to alternatives here of subreddits I frequented on Reddit and been participating in discussions and engaging with the communities as well. Overall, it's been good! That said I've recently learned of another federated community style site (I think?) known as kbin (with other instances available. I'd like to subscribe to communities on this platform as well but I'm unsure if these are able to interface with each other. For example: [I learned of the kbin community for Disneyland](https://kbin.social/m/Disneyland). I followed a similar process to subscribing to other instances of Lemmy on my lemmy.ca account (pasting into the search bar) and was able to find and subscribe to the Disneyland community, however there are currently no posts there (compared to the community on kbin with multiple posts already) leading me to think something may have gone awry or the two platforms are unable to interface with each other. Any and all help is appreciated if something like this is possible. I've heard kbin can work with lemmy, but perhaps not the other way around? Let me know and thank you.

Looking for credible defense communities
Hey, I'm looking for communities about the following topics. If they don't exist, I'm interested in creating them here. These may or may not be in the same community, I'm just listing the things I'm looking for, happy if there's any cross-polination. - Ukraine war discussion. I do see one Ukraine@lemmy.ml, but it's unclear if that's their general Ukrainian discussion (like eg we have here for Canadian discussion), or about the broader war. Seems like the best one so far. - Ukrainian footage and map updates - Non-Ukrainian discussion on broader defense topics, like procurement, military industrial investments, new platforms or inventions. - Combat footage. - Something like the /r/CredibleDefense subreddit If anyone knows any communities like this, or is interesting in starting some with me (name ideas? maybe WarReport?), please let me know. Thank you!

Any fedidrama communities?
I'm thinking something like /r/SubredditDrama in Reddit. There's always some interesting drama in the Fediverse and it would be nice to have some place to compile the info and watch it.

General Purpose / Random stuff
Is there a community meant for anything that doesn't currently fit into the existing communities?

[META] Moderators applications open.
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ca/post/658420 > If anyone is interested in moderator position for [!wowthislemmyexists@lemmy.ca](https://lemmy.ca/c/wowthislemmyexists) , or [!lemmy411@lemmy.ca](https://lemmy.ca/c/lemmy411) > drop me a blip below.

XNO and Ban communities?
And a general cryptocurrency community? I know of the Bitcoin one.

Any tattoo or tattoo design lemmys?
Looking for places to show tattoos or talk about tattoo designs.

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    There is also !wowthislemmyexists@lemmy.ca

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