Lemmy 0.19 Breaking Changes
We are getting closer to the next major release. This version will have many breaking changes, so we are listing them here for app and client developers to adjust their projects. As we prepare for the release of Lemmy `0.19.0`, we'd like to provide any app or client developers ample time to upgrade their apps, as well as discover any problems, before we do the release. This will be **at least 4 weeks from now** (but likely longer). Server admins can also upgrade to the latest release candidates for testing. Be aware that they are still unstable and shouldn't be used in production. As with any upgrade it is important to have working backups in place. It should be possible for clients to support both Lemmy 0.18 and 0.19 without major workarounds. If backwards compatibility is causing you trouble, comment below and we will help to find a solution. To test, you can point your app to the following test instance running a release candidate of `0.19.0`: A diff of API changes is here: [lemmy-js-client API changes from 0.18.3 -> 0.19.0-rc's]( *Note for developers not using typescript or rust*: If you'd like to auto-generate an API client for your language, you can try out [@MV-GH's lemmy_openapi_spec](, or (if in kotlin), use Jerboa's [script here]( ## Major Changes ### Authentication Previous Lemmy versions used to take authentication as query/post parameters. This is insecure and unnecessarily complicated. With `0.19`, the `jwt` token can be passed either as cookie with name `auth`, or as header in the form `Authorization: Bearer `. A major advantage is that this allows us to send proper cache-control headers, with responses to unauthenticated users being cacheable. It also prevents token leaks in web server logs. The login and registration endpoints attempt to set the cookie automatically. If that is supported on your platform, you don't have to worry about the authentication token at all. In order for your client to be compatible with both Lemmy `0.18` and `0.19`, you should send auth in both ways. Meaning with each API call, send the old `auth` query/post parameter, as well as the new header or cookie. A few PRs detailing these changes: - - - - ### Users can block instances Users can now block instances, so that their communities are hidden from listings. This is done via `POST /api/v3/site/block` with parameters `int instance_id, bool block`. ### New sort options A new `scaled` sort option has been added. This sort is identical to the `Hot` sort, but also takes into account the number of each community's active monthly users, and so helps to boost posts from *less active* communities to the top. ### 2FA / TOTP Rework Two-Factor-Authentication is now enabled in a two-step process to avoid locking yourself out. Now a secret needs to be generated first with `POST /api/v3/user/totp/generate` (no parameters). The generated token needs to be added by the user to an authenticator app. Once this is completed, 2FA can be enabled with `POST /api/v3/user/totp/update`. This takes a string parameter `totp_token` (generated by authenticator app), and boolean `enabled`. 2FA can be disabled again with the same `update` endpoint. Additionally, the 2FA algorithm has been changed to `SHA1` for better compatibility. The update disables 2FA for all accounts, so that users who are locked out can use their accounts again, and to ease the transition to the `SHA1` algorithm. ### Timestamps now include timezone Previous Lemmy versions used timestamps without any timezone internally. This caused problems when federating with other software that uses timezones. Going forward, all timestamps in the API are switching from timestamps without time zone (`2023-09-27T12:29:59.113132`) to `ISO8601` timestamps (e.g. `2023-10-29T15:10:51.557399+01:00` or `Z` suffix). In order to be compatible with both 0.18 and 0.19, parse the timestamp as `ISO8601` and add a `Z` suffix if it fails (for older versions). ### Cursor based pagination `0.19` adds support for cursor based pagination on the `/api/v3/post/list` endpoint. This is more efficient for the database. Instead of a query parameter `?page=3`, listing responses now include a field `"next_page": "Pa46c"` which needs to be passed as `?page_cursor=Pa46c`. The existing pagination method is still supported for backwards compatibility, but will be removed in the next version. ### New endpoints for export/import of user settings data Users can now export their profile settings data (including subscriptions and blocklists) via `GET /api/v3/user/export`. The returned JSON data should not be parsed by clients, but directly downloaded as a file. Backups can be imported via `POST /api/v3/user/import`. ### Make remove content optional during account deletion When a user deletes their own account using `POST /api/v3/user/delete_account`, there is a new parameter called `delete_content`. If it is true, all posts, comments and other content created by the user are deleted (this is the previous default behaviour). If it is false, only the user profile will be marked as deleted. ### Outgoing Federation Queue The federation queue has been rewritten to be much more performant and reliable. This is irrelevant for client developers, but admins should look out for potential federation problems. If you run multiple Lemmy backends for horizontal scaling, be sure to read the [updated documentation]( and set the new configuration parameters. The [Troubleshooting]( section has information about how to find out the state of the federation queues.

Hey dear community, we just launched today our fully managed hosting of Lemmy We offer to do Deployment / Security / DNS / SMTP / Monitoring / Alerts / Backups / Automated updates / Handle migrations / Fully automated but with Human support :) We deploy each instance on a dedicated VM, and we provide full root access as well if you want to customize anything. Pricing start at $10/month (billed hourly, no contract) I would love to get some feedback from the community

I love that folks use these links like this one here: How are they finding these or making them? Let’s say I’m reading NYTimes or something, what do I do to link to the same article but archived?

the fact that @lemmy bans you tells you everything you need to know about it as a platform. I didn’t want to be accusatory when I thought my comments were being deleted but
the fact that [@lemmy]( bans you tells you everything you need to know about it as a platform. I didn't want to be accusatory when I thought my comments were being deleted but it seems that they were.
the fact that @lemmy bans you tells you everything you need to know about it as a platform. I didn’t want to be accusatory when I thought my comments were being deleted but

Pre-fill Create Post From URL
Does Lemmy have anyway to pre-fill the `Create Post` details from the URL? For example Reddit allows for: ``. I'm aware that this gets slightly tricky across instances (due to different domains), however I was hoping to build a system where the user enters their Lemmy domain, and it takes them to a page so they can create a post about a given URL. Any ideas?

@lemmy ban with no citation?
[@lemmy]( ban with no citation?
@lemmy ban with no citation?

cross-posted from: > I have just deployed a script and a mastodon bot which attempt to hashtag lemmy posts so that they are better discoverable in microblogging services. > > Please check [the README]( for the why and the how. > > If you have a microblogging account, please consider following [the bot account]( which will help its hashtags federate to your instance's public timeline. > > Many thanks to []( for hosting the bot. > > PS: If you have a mastodon account, you can reply to your posts on mastodon (just search for their url) and add hashtags to your replies. This will achieve a quick and dirty version of what this bot is doing

Community Programming stuck ?
cross-posted from: > Hi, > > I'm trying to post on: ! > > but it seem stuck > > ![]( > >

Lemmy 0.19.0-rc.5 and Development Update 2023-11-17
Here is our regular update that explains what we have been working on for the past two weeks. This should allow average users to keep up with development, without reading Github comments or knowing how to program. @Neshura87 submitted the first ever RFC for Lemmy! It describes how [post tags can be implemented]( 0.19.0 is getting closer and closer to release, but we are still busy squashing bugs and getting lemmy-ui ready. For now there is another release candidate deployed on for testing. Here is the full list of changes since the last release candidate for [Lemmy]( and [lemmy-ui]( @nutomic [fixed a bug with following local communities]( in the release candidate. He added a first [integration test for image uploads]( @dessalines has been busy updating lemmy-ui to account for Lemmy API changes, and squashing various bugs like an issue with [timezone db migrations](, adding a `creator_is_admin` [field to Post and Comment views.]( @SleeplessOne1917 has implemented support for [settings import/export in lemmy-ui](, as well as some bug fixes. ### Support development @dessalines and @nutomic are working full-time on Lemmy to integrate community contributions, fix bugs, optimize performance and much more. This work is funded exclusively through donations. If you like using Lemmy, and want to make sure that we will always be available to work full time building it, consider [donating to support its development]( Recurring donations are ideal because they allow for long-term planning. But also one-time donations of any amount help us. - [Liberapay]( (preferred option) - [Open Collective]( - [Patreon]( - [Cryptocurrency]( (scroll to bottom of page)

Cloud-based service for Lemmy
Hey guys, Do you think it makes sense to create a service which allows users to spawn and host their own instances of Lemmy? I understand that Lemmy is about distributed communities and Fediverse, but I am also thinking that we could increase adoption if we allow non tech-savvy communities to join in. What are your thoughts?

NLnet; Lemmy private communities - progress/roadmap?
I'm wondering if there's any progress on the private communities front? Or any way it could be helped? At some point there was a suggestion that a user story of how it should work would be helpful - is that still the case? My use case would be something like "private" fakebook groups. Private enough not to be publicly visible, and invite only, but otherwise without high expectations of privacy.

@lemmy I was just going to go on Lemmy and it says my account is banned until the 27th. I clicked on the email thing to see if maybe there was an email with some sort of re
[@lemmy]( I was just going to go on Lemmy and it says my account is banned until the 27th. I clicked on the email thing to see if maybe there was an email with some sort of reason and it said my account is being verified but then I checked my email and found nothing. Would you mind letting me know what or why or what?
@lemmy I was just going to go on Lemmy and it says my account is banned until the 27th. I clicked on the email thing to see if maybe there was an email with some sort of re

why are you unable to create accounts on certain lemmy instances
i tried creating accounts on and but a error of captcha incorrect came up even though it was correct

Lemmy Moderation needs WAY more transparency and accountability if the platform is to survive
As it stands right now, individual mods have way too much power to fuck up the platform by banning people for political reasons and the modlog is not even remotely adequate in providing a full story on such actions. This isn't too big of an issue now, but as certain instances have proven, it has the potential to become a federation-wide problem if it's allowed to continue. On reddit, the platform Lemmy was made to replace, removals are logged (r/undelete) so that any interested party may look into them, the users are warned of the action so that they know not to behave as such, and the affected parties can (in practice, most mods will just instantly mute you) have a chance to appeal. Here, your posting history is instantly wiped out with no chance of seeing the light of day, you're given a nebulous reason in the mod log, if any, and you have zero tools for correcting an erroneous action. You're just wiped out instantly with most of the people you've interacted with not even having knowledge that you're gone. There's also an issue where removing a comment which is rightfully due for removal (for example: dogwhistled bigotry) also removes any comments below it explaining why the original comment is bad. This leads to a situation where mods are either forced to either keep up the hateful rhetoric alongside its callout, or remove the comment while also wiping out the educating material. This is an example where I feel redacting could be an acceptable option to keep the community safe while also allowing bigots to face the music for their shitty views. The tools Lemmy provides to deal with evil on the platform are opaque and inadequate, and have high potential for being used in bad faith by bad actors seeking to destroy the platform itself, and have even caused friction among users in good faith in the past (as many warring instances, federating and defederating have shown) Ultimately a healthy federation comes from having moderation tools which protect the average person from being exposed to evil, while also giving a complete picture to those want to look into the why and how of a removal. And for the love of god, if an instance bans you, please don't require you dig your own grave by having to block each and every community from that instance manually, one by one.

It would be nice to give less active communities more weight in your subscribed feed
Lemmy is still small and growing, so trying to use your subscribed feed of smaller communities, mixed in with larger communities leaves you with a very uneven feed as your scroll. I like being subscribed to the largest Technology community, but also I am subscribed to the Movies and TV community. One is more active with posts and more comments, and the other is not so much. In this scenario, the current algorithms will always show a feed full of technology posts for pages, and you wont end up seeing Movies and TV until you scroll for a awhile. I understand that the issues is, "The community isn't active enough". Fair. But could prioritizing smaller communities in the algorithm help these small communities become more active then? If there was way for the subscribed feed to better spread out all of your subscribed communities over your front page, I think this would help smaller communities get more attention. Plus it would be nice to see my smaller communities showing up at the top of my feed. Instead it shows 5 Lemmy Shitposts, 5 Memes and 5 Technology posts, before I see anything else. Im no programmer, so Im not going to act like I think this would be easy or possible, but I thought id throw this idea out there and maybe it will get some traction.

Lemmy 0.19.0-rc.4 and Development Update - 2023-11-03
Here is our regular update that explains what we have been working on for the past two weeks. This should allow average users to keep up with development, without reading Github comments or knowing how to program. In case you missed the announcement, this week we launched a [redesign of together with our first annual funding drive]( Please consider donating to support Lemmy development. We are also readying another release candidate `0.19.0-rc.4`. As usual it is available for testing on []( and by installing the Docker image on your server. There are no breaking changes this time as we are preparing for the final release. It has been one month since we announced the [major breaking changes for 0.19]( In that sense we would like to know from developers of Lemmy clients and frontends if their projects are ready for 0.19, as we are planning to release it within the next weeks. There is no specific release date, but we will first update to a release candidate, and if it works well publish the new release shortly after. @nutomic is implementing a [proxy for remote images](, so that clients don't have to connect directly to remote servers and avoid leaking personal information. He also added support for [Arabic and Cyrillic usernames and community names]( Additionally he made various smaller changes and code rewrites, such as ordering [reports]( and [registration applications ]( by oldest first. @dessalines has implemented [numerous minor bug fixes and enhancements]( This includes [disabling voting for bot accounts](, a change to the hot rank to [avoid content getting pushed off the feed after mass downvoting](, and more. Also added an [Platform filter]( for the page, and fixed a memory issue. @phiresky is extending the `/api/v3/site/federated_instances` endpoint to [include error count and time of last successful]( send for each linked instance. This will allow determining the exact state of federation between all instances. @SleeplessOne1917 made two minor improvements to [2FA code input]( and to the [search page]( @hackerncoder [relaxed the check for valid displaynames]( to allow more unicode symbols. ## Support development @dessalines and @nutomic are working full-time on Lemmy to integrate community contributions, fix bugs, optimize performance and much more. This work is funded exclusively through donations. If you like using Lemmy, and want to make sure that we will always be available to work full time building it, consider [donating to support its development]( Recurring donations are ideal because they allow for long-term planning. But also one-time donations of any amount help us. - [Liberapay]( (preferred option) - [Open Collective]( - [Patreon]( - [Cryptocurrency]( (scroll to bottom of page)

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New instance: issues subscribing to beehaw communities
I've just set up a new personal instance (this account is on it) but I'm apparently not able to subscribe to beehaw communities. When I click the subscribe button all I get is "Subscription Pending" no matter how much I refresh the page. Additionally, unlike communities on other servers the search for a beehaw one doesn't appear to bring down any posts. Is that normal?

Lemmy, pictrs and S3 compatible storage
I'm running a small Lemmy server using the [Ansible setup]( modified to our needs. Now, we do not post that many (if any) images, but I'm also running an Akkoma server with Cloudflare R2 setup for images, and I was wondering is there an easy way to just set the Lemmy server to use this bucket? Would be better than to just keep them lying around in the server disk for sure. If somebody else did this, is there any written documentation on the best practices? I might need to (again) modify the Ansible scripts, but I'd love to not waste time making mistakes if there's a good way to do this.

_lemmy-synapse_ is a light-weight observability and monitoring stack for Lemmy servers. --- Using Prometheus and Grafana, it allows the admins to visualise and query the stats of their instance. v1.0.0 comes out of the box with 3 detailed dashboards: - Host stats (CPU, RAM, disk, network, ...) - PostgreSQL stats (connections, locks, transations, queries, ...) - Docker stats (container CPU, RAM, disk, network, OOM signals, ...) --- It runs as Docker compose cluster alongside the Lemmy cluster and does not require any changes to it in most cases. Uninstalling lemmy-synapse is as easy as tearing down its cluster and deleting its installation directory. --- Got questions/feedback? Pray drop a line: - []( - [!](

Question about downvoted post propagation
I'm using my own instance. Is there a way to block the posts coming from other instances that are below a certain threshold? For example -3 upvotes. I don't need to see them I trust the moderators of other instances to handle their own posts responsibly. As it is today half my Homescreen is full of -40 voted posts that might have been deleted on their home instance already. But they get downloaded to me regardless. Redesign and Funding Drive
cross-posted from: > Some months have passed on since the [Reddit blackout]( this June. It led to an explosive growth in Lemmy users, and lots of urgent work in scaling, bug fixes, user onboarding and more. Since then things have calmed down significantly, giving us breathing room and time to get more long-term work done. > > As of Nov. 2023, Lemmy is at **~36k active daily users** 🥳 (_those who have posted or commented within the last month_). While user counts are not an explicit goal of ours, this is still a tremendous achievement, and one which we can all be proud to be a part of. It shows that people _truly do_ want alternatives to US tech companies, and will use them if they exist. > > ## Join-Lemmy Redesign > > Most recently we've been working on a redesign of to provide a better onboarding experience and cater towards new users. This includes: > > - A helpful new [instance picker]( to reduce [choice overload]( > - The [instances page]( is now _filterable_, based a set of topics and languages, as well as _sortable_ based on activity. The default sort is `Random`, to encourage people to join smaller servers. > - The [apps]( page now has sections for Android, iOS, and web apps, as well as libraries. Feel free to do a pull request to add any apps that are missing. > - The [donate]( page now shows the total amount of monthly donations across all platforms. More details below. > - The technology used is Typescript with [tailwind]( and [daisyUI]( CSS frameworks. > > **For server admins**: If your instance isn't listed already, you must explicitly add your server topics and languages by doing a pull request to [this file]( > > As you may have noticed, texts on the website are unchanged, and images on the main page are still generic placeholders. We are hoping for your contributions to improve them. For the texts, edit [this file]( Translations are managed via [weblate]( Images are located in [this folder]( If you are good with AI tools, consider replacing `main_federation.webp` and similar with more colorful images. More `main_screen_x.webp` images with custom themes or alternative frontends would be nice too. In general feel free to open issues or pull requests for improvements to the site. > > ## Funding Drive > > Before the Reddit migration, our income was almost exclusively made up of generous donations from the [NLnet foundation]( This funding was based on getting paid for implementing new features, specified in advance. > > We've known that this funding could not last indefinitely, and that after several years of funding, NLnet's resources are better spent getting other projects up and running. Additionally, much of our time is spent on other equally important work: reviewing changes from community contributors, fixing bugs, doing support, and various organizational tasks. > > That is why we are launching our first **annual funding drive**. The goal is to increase monthly, recurring donations from currently €4.000 to at least €12.000. With this amount @dessalines and @nutomic can each receive a yearly salary of €50.000 which is in line with [median developer salaries]( It will also allow one additional developer to work fulltime on Lemmy and speed up development. > > Recurring donations from Lemmy users are the most sustainable solution for the future. It also means that we need to worry less about funding, and can focus more on improving Lemmy. And instead of being accountable to an external organization, we work **directly for Lemmy's users**. While one-time donations are also welcome, they are too unpredictable for long-term planning. > > You can find available donation options on the [donate page]( This page was also updated during the redesign to display current donations and funding goals. If each active Lemmy user donated **~€0.33 per month** it would be enough for 3 full-time developers. So please consider donating if you use Lemmy every day. Our preferred donation platform is Liberapay because it doesn't have any payment fees or delays, and is itself open source. > > Besides Lemmy's developers, please consider donating to those who develop open-source apps or software for the Lemmy ecosystem, as well as server admins and moderation teams who are the backbone of the Lemmyverse. We would be happy to add donation links for the above to as well! > > If you have any suggestions in regards to the topics mentioned in this post, please let us know. We also want to use this opportunity to thank the countless contributors who are working on Lemmy now.
101 Redesign and Funding Drive

An idea for more content on Lemmy (and the fediverse): Relly (Relay+Lemmy)
crosspostato da: > So, Lemmy is sometime missing content. I don't regret switching from Reddit to Lemmy but, expecially for niche communities, the content isn't always here. > > My idea is to fix this is a Fediverse-based content relay named Relly. > > Relly allows you to select RSS feeds, Mastodon users, Mastodon hashtag and Mastodon instances (so, the top posts on that instance) as sources for content, and post them to your favourite Lemmy community. > > There are several features which make Relly better and anti-spam: > - Limits for a source (example: only up to 5 posts a day from this RSS feed) > - Limits for a community (example: only up to 5 posts a day to !archlinux) > - Global limits (example: only up to 10 posts made each day) > - Opt-out for servers & communities (instance and community moderators will be able to ask to be put in the UNLIST, which blocks by default Relly on your instace/community; this isn't an anti-spam, as it is more a tool for avoiding common users to use Relly in a malicous and spammy way) > - Order posts (so, if i have 10 RSS posts and 10 Mastodon posts and a global limit of 15 posts, you can either have the 10 RSS posts and the 5 most upvoted Mastodon posts, or some RSS posts and some Mastodon posts [always the most upvoted]) > - Multiple communities (post the same content to different communieties, or set up a fraction [ex. 50%], so that each post has a certain percentage to be posted on a certain community) > - Dynamic limits: You can set an objective of active users/post made in the last 24 hours, so that the limits (either for a specific source, a specific community or globally) will be reduced. Example: if you set a objective of 50 posts, and 25 are made, the limits of Relly will be 50% of what they were originaly set to be; this allows Relly to completly stop posting on a community if the objective was already reached. > - Do not repeat: before posting a link, checks if it was already posted in the community in a specific time period (by default, 48 hours) > - Modularity: new post sources and post outputs can be implemented; an example could be an e-mail output, so that you can run Relly in local and recieve an e-mail everyday with your favourite news) > > Relly is designed to be used by moderators of communities, but users can also use it. > A user should always ask the moderator if it is OK to use it. > A moderator should always ask the admins if it is OK to use it. Moderators, if they are the one using it, should also make public the list of sources, and allow the community to discuss possible edits to the list. > The admins should put in the sidebar notes if Relly is OK to use for moderators of communities. > > At the moment, Relly is just the idea that I presented here; I want to hear the community's feedback, and if the community is OK with this project being made, I will start working on it (I will make it in Rust and release under the MIT License).

Markdown code blocks are broken
What a hell is going on? I expect to see everything inside backticks exactly as I typed, but something happens to ''>" and "<" characters. In the preview everything is fine, but after submitting the post it breaks: - "<" → `<` - ">" → `>` - "<<" → `<<` - ">>" → `>>` - "<a>" → `` - "</a>" → ``

time for POSSE: post once, share everywhere
About 10 months ago I posted this thread saying that it would be useful for the fediverse to consider post once, share everywhere paradigms: And now we have The Verge writers saying similar things: Maybe worth re-considering.

Lemmy 0.19.0-rc.3 and Development Update 2023-10-20
Here is our regular update that explains what we have been working on for the past two weeks. This should allow average users to keep up with development, without reading Github comments or knowing how to program. We published a new release candidate for Lemmy 0.19.0. Note that this so-called release candidate is really a beta. In the future we will use more appropriate version names. Most importantly it includes the new feature to export user settings, and later import them on another instance. The Docker image was changed from Alpine to Debian which should improve stability and performance ([#3972]( This unfortunately broke ARM builds, so we'd need some assistance getting them working again for debian. The remaining changes are mostly minor improvements and bug fixes, you can see them in the [full changelog]( Please test the new version on []( or by installing tag `0.19.0-rc.3` on your server. If you encounter any problems, report them on Github. **For Developers**: This version includes various API changes compared to rc.1: - The endpoints for exporting and importing user settings are at `GET /api/v3/user/export_settings` and `POST /api/v3/user/import_settings`. Note that the returned json is not meant to be parsed, but directly stored to disk ([#3976]( - `/api/v3/login` now sets the auth cookie automatically, so clients might not have to handle it anymore. There is also a new endpoint `/api/v3/logout` which clears the cookie and invalidates the auth token ([#3818]( - There is a new endpoint `/api/v3/user/validate_auth` which returns errors in case of invalid auth token. This is necessary because other API actions silently ignore invalid auth and treat the user as unauthenticated. We are changing various endpoints to return simply `{"success": "true"}` ([#3993](, [#4058]( (not included in rc.2)). - The endpoint `/api/v3/post/mark_as_read` can now take an array `post_ids` instead of single `post_id` value but remains backwards compatible ([#4048]( @nutomic improved the way that titles for Mastodon posts are handled ([#4033]( He also worked on various minor fixes and enhancements, [see here]( @dessalines is nearly done with the redesign of You can see it [here](, and check the [pull request]( to provide feedback / suggestions. Also worked on cleaning up stale lemmy issues. @SleeplessOne1917 reworked a much cleaner 2FA interface for lemmy UI [(#2179)](, fixed a bug with the emoji picker [(#2175)](, and added an `enable_animated_images` setting to users [(#4040)]( Also worked on lemmy-ui-leptos. ## Support development @dessalines and @nutomic are working full-time on Lemmy to integrate community contributions, fix bugs, optimize performance and much more. This work is funded exclusively through donations. If you like using Lemmy, and want to make sure that we will always be available to work full time building it, consider [donating to support its development]( Recurring donations are ideal because they allow for long-term planning. But also one-time donations of any amount help us. - [Liberapay]( (preferred option) - [Open Collective]( - [Patreon]( - [Cryptocurrency]( (scroll to bottom of page)

Any Arabs (or others) here who want to cooperate creating an Arabic Lemmy, given the recent Palestine events?
Every major social media is censoring anti-israel or pro-Palestine content. This may be a good opportunity to convince Arabs to move over to lemmy, where only we control the content moderation. For the record, the lemmy won't be Palestine only. I just think it'll be the reason people will move over. The reason I ask for others to help me is: - help advertise to other Arabs to bring them over - someone to register the stuff in their name. Unfortunately, I am an immigrant in a country and have been interrogated by them before (on bogus grounds). While what I'm doing is not illegal, they have their eyes on me and I am paranoid they'll give me trouble again regardless. I can take care of the technology side of the hosting and the initial costs (hopefully donations cover the rest). Since it will be on your name, moderation and the like will be your decision, but I will just want to make sure initially that we are on a similar page.

Allowing users to mark self as 18+ and opt out of seeing non 18+ users could be a huge leap forward for social media.
Many users do not desire to interact with underage users for many reasons. Some underage users may wish to opt out of seeing 18+ users so they may bond with people closer to them in age or perhaps for safety. I think a functionality to - mark your account as 18+ - hide content from accounts who didn't mark self as 18+ - hide content from accounts who marked self as 18+ would be very useful to those users and set a higher standard of personalized experience for users engaging with social media.

Can I look up a total list of where I’m banned? No ban notification.
Currently you don't get notified you got banned. If I was able to transfer my block list, I'd like to try an instance with more up time, but I don't want to ban evade. How am I even supposed to find out? It's not plausible to go through modlogs of every single federated instance looking up my nickname.

I have 1 notification, but my inbox is empty. How does blocking work? Could it be causing this?
When I have 2 notifications in the inbox it says I have 3 and so on. Is it possible someone blocked me and therefore I cannot see a message from them? How does blocking work? Do I see messages of people who blocked me?

Why is Lemmy so heavy on the CPU? (Firefox + Windows 10)
Lemmy is the only website that causes my CPU fan to ramp up, other than games or heavy 3D stuff. Why is that? Firefox on Windows 10 on Ryzen 5 5600X. It does seem to run better in Chrome. It's only noticeable when the page is loading.

Could a “login with lemmy” replace all the login with Google/Facebook we see everywhere?
I love the convenience of not having to create a password everywhere I need to be authenticated. It would be interesting to be able to use lemmy instead of feeding more information to these big corporations.

Make the vote UI consistent
I can see downvotes on comments, but on posts there's only a total score. Can you please make the UI consistent by either giving posts both up and down votes visibility, which would be my preferred course of action, or make comments have only a total value shown like posts? It's a pet peeve of mine, I mainly just want to see post downvotes. I don't use any apps, just a raw (no plugins or else) desktop experience.

Lemmy developer, @SleeplessOne1917, argues for the killing of Israeli civilians and children
cross-posted from: > In the recent [Lemmy developer update](, there's a reference to one Lemmy developer, [SleeplessOne1917]( > > I found some horrifying comments from this user. > > - "There is no such thing as an Israeli civilian. All settlers are valid targets." > > - "15 year olds are military age. That makes them valid targets for killing." > > - "... There is no such thing as a zionoid civilian. Everything that moves and isn’t Palestinian is a valid target. ..."

Is it possible having a lot of communities blocked is affecting the performance of the server I’m on?
I have a lot of communities blocked. Sometimes when I would block, they wouldn't get blocked, so I'd have to block again. I assume it could be just server temporarily blacking out, but I was wondering if it could be actually related to the community blocks I have. I don't use any apps, just the browser version with the blocks being saved into my account. I'm asking, because I noticed .ml going down lately and my block list has only grown. I feel like it's a very far reach to think the block list of a user could be responsible, but I assume other people also block (although I assume far, far less) and depending on how it's processed, maybe it could actually play a part? I cannot live without the blocks, so please don't take them away. I'll appreciate if someone could clarify if it's programmed in a way which could be affecting the server itself.

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