How’s everyone doing?
It’s bleak out there in a lot of places. How’s everybody coping? I’ve realized I don’t ever talk about it much, because I don’t know anyone in my offline life that it’s safe to talk to. My health is precarious and my housing sometimes feels a little uncertain, so I’m very much just keeping my head down. But I don’t know! I feel Concerned! Ahh! Stress! Stressful time! I grew up in the 2000s and never thought I’d see anything like this get worse again. It’s surreal. Back then, I felt like i could freely express my rage. Right now, I can’t. It’s disorienting. How is everybody else doing? What’s it been like for you?

ANNOUNCEMENT: introducing the Beehaw LGBTQ+ Community Wiki
hey folks, we're pleased to report the public release of the Beehaw LGBTQ+ Community Wiki! this is a fairly-comprehensive and ever-growing list of community resources and LGBTQ+ research you can refer to as needed. the community wiki is hosted on our documents page with all of our site philosophy documents and is written in markdown. #### some quick ground-rules on contributing: - suggested additions can be made two ways currently. - way one: making a pull request, if you have the technical know-how to make those. this can be done both on the repository itself and via the Edit this page button at the bottom. **please describe the nature of your edits when you do this so we don't have to look over your entire edit.** - way two: you can provide a suggestion in the comments below which we'll manually synthesize as we can. - for resources, **please try to provide a brief description of what your suggestions do and what communities and countries/regions they serve.** this will make it easier to categorize them. - for research, we're a bit more picky: **provide a summary of the research's significance and its basic findings.** we generally want the research section to be as to-the-point and bulletproof as possible. - if you find a dead or rotted link, **please make a pull request to remove it (with a replacement if possible) or flag us here**. we'll continually review the links as we possibly can, but actual users are going to be our main first line of defense here. as we note on the top of the page itself, parts of the page have been adapted from the [Global Transgender Resources Registry](, the Tildes [~lgbt wiki]( (to which i was a previous contributor), and [Emi’s]( thread. we hope to build off of all of that work that's already been done at those places. enjoy! more additions to the document will also be made throughout the day, so be on the lookout for those.

Excerpts: >On November 30, Russia’s Supreme Court labeled the international LGBTQ movement an “extremist organization,” claiming that it incites “social and religious hatred.” ---- >The roots of this trend date back early into Putin’s tenure: In 2002, the Russian government adopted the Federal Law on Combating Extremist Activity in the wake of Russia’s wars in Chechnya and the global “war on terror.” Part of its definition of extremism is the “kindling of social, racial, ethnic, or religious discord,” as the court now claims the international LGBTQ movement does. ---- >As Putin consolidated power over the next decade, the anti-extremism law came to be broadly applied to groups or individuals that posed a threat to his power — chiefly, in the words of SOVA, “organizations (whether registered or not) and mass media.” That became clear especially during the “Snow Revolution” of 2011 through 2013, which initially began as protests against Putin’s return to the presidency and parliamentary election results that journalists, civil society organizations, and opposition figures including Alexey Navalny decried as fraudulent. > >Following those protests — the largest in Russia since the 1990s — and Putin’s return to power in 2012, the government in 2013 passed a law banning LGBTQ “propaganda,” unrelated to the extremism law. It was, essentially, an apolitical distraction and a nod to the socially conservative sectors that had helped elect him. > >Similar to the American right, the Russian political class had begun looking for wedge issues to consolidate their base, Sam Greene, director for democratic resilience at the Center for European Policy Analysis, told Vox in an interview. > >“They kind of just [started] throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks,” he said. And while Russia’s laws surrounding LGBTQ rights were quite liberal and had been since the 1990s, the policy came before the widespread cultural understanding of LGBTQ life and queer identity — so, Greene said, “religion sticks, LGBT sticks.” It also was in line with Putin’s hypermasculine, misogynistic posturing and the lack of visibility and public conversation about sexuality. > >And that political posture had real consequences for queer people. The 2013 legislation placed heavy fines on sharing information with minors about “non-traditional sexual relations.” At the time, Reuters reported in 2013, several municipalities in Russia already had similar laws, and anti-LGBTQ violence was becoming an increasing concern for queer Russians. > >Since then, Putin’s government has increasingly used legislation as a weapon against LGBTQ people and organizations. ---- >Since Thursday’s ruling, Russian authorities have already raided a number of queer venues including two bars and a bathhouse in Moscow, according to the Associated Press. > >“Of course [the ruling] affects people in absolutely terrible ways — it’s part of a violent crackdown that is unleashed by the state and is performed by the state, but also by non-state actors and agents and wider society,” Kondakov told Vox in an interview. “It has an absolutely devastating effect on so many different levels — on a psychological level, but also real violence.”

Billie Eilish has lost a whopping 100,000 Instagram followers since coming out last month and sharing she was attracted to women.

New research has revealed trans people are more likely to come from poorer backgrounds and have worse mental health.

New data shows a record-breaking number of businesses are displaying true LGBTQ+ allyship to their employees.

Conservatives went from blocking "critical race theory" to supporting "Don't Say Gay" laws, but it's not going so well for them...

The bill would ban the use of federal funds for enforcing policies on federal workers using coworkers' preferred pronouns.

And now for some good news... Middle schoolers have written to their local Moms for Liberty chapter to tell them to ‘stop bullying’ LGBTQ+ youth and their families.

Friendly reminder that we’re all in this community
It would be unfathomably arrogant and outright bigoted of me to determine which LGBT+ people deserve equity. I see this mostly directed toward trans, 2-spirit people, and poly people, but it applies to every letter in our alphabet gang. Today I want to remind you that you are part of the community, and don't let anyone tell you you're not "queer enough" to be here or that you don't belong. We are all fighting for equity. Let's fight together. Peace from Link.

The kids are alright when they're treated like themselves...

Because we all need some more trans joy in our life. Trans and non-binary people share how getting top surgery helped them enjoy life, "feel happy" and affirm their identity.

one month ago
One month ago, I started coming out to my best friends, after truly starting with my wife. I'm bi. In that month, I've come out to everyone in my family who matters to me, including my mother, the person I was most expecting to disown me the whole time. She didn't. She's got a lot of questionable views, and supports hateful people. But when it came down to it, she said "Of course I accept you as you are, you are my son and I love you unquestionably." Hi, I'm bi, and I'm so happy to finally be out and be me.

The annual applications for Point of Pride’s Trans Surgery Fund are now open. If you’ve been struggling to afford a gender-affirming surgery of any kind, check out the link below to apply for direct financial assistance. Point of Pride’s Annual Transgender Surgery Fund is a scholarship-like program that provides direct financial assistance to trans folks who cannot afford their gender-affirming surgery.

“Weapons can never give us total safety, because they will never give us peace.”

I need some other trans athletes in competitive sports to talk to. Tldr: afab enby/masc pre transition wanting to compete in male division. This is going to be a ramble, apologies. I'm training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and I'm planning on going to my first competition. I'm afab, enby/masc. I can't bring myself to sign up for the women's division, and I've signed up for the men's. I'm not on hormones or anything, and even though the divisions are organized by age weight and experience, it's quite possible that I'm still going to be out matched just based on muscle/body weight ratio. I don't know. I'm training hard, gaining strength. This is the kind of sport where if you technique is good, you can potentially win regardless of size difference. Heck, it was developed to give smaller people an advantage in a street fight. I've also only ever trained with cis men, and they've told me I'm formidable. (Though I'm not sure if there's is always an unspoken "for a girl" in that whenever a cis dude compliments a precived as female). I also know they are holding back some - at least some of the time, but that's what we all do for training. I've told some people that I've signed up for the men's division. One cis male friend told me that they would feel like they had an unfair advantage of they got out there and a "girl" showed up to fight, which would mean they would hold back, and/or a win wouldn't feel legit. Therefore I should stick to women's to preserve competitiveness. They also suggested that I just do the girls first and if I kick all their asses then the men's. Worried that if I try men's and get humiliated it would be a bad learning experience. Somewhat valid. I am the kind of person who tends to go over board at first and then has to scale back. I get it. But I also don't think athleticism is so black and white. Especially in BJJ at beginner levels. I don't know for sure though because I don't actually have any data, I can't find stories online of afab pre transition competing in bjj. I don't know anyone else. There are plenty of garbage articles about amabs in female devisions, and some good ones, but those don't really help me. Anyway. I don't know where I'm going with this, just trying to sort out thoughts I guess. I would appreciate advise, commiseration from any trans athletes out there in competitive sports who have experiences to share. Love you guys.

If you don't get it, then look at who's wearing which clothes

In the petition, families say they deserve clarity on the laws that destabilize and disrupt their lives.

Billionaire Joseph Edelman has been accused of donating huge sums to anti-trans groups which have affected US laws.

A politician has introduced bills aimed at beginning the process of creating a national museum dedicated to queer history and culture.

Intersex Awareness Day is October 26. Here's how to show up for the intersex rights movement.

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