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I wonder if the fines are enough, assuming they find the people? I've heard that it's cheaper or more profitable to just accept the fines. > Councils can issue a maximum on-the-spot fine of $3,000 for illegal tree removals by individuals, or $6,000 for businesses. Mr Wrightson said the council was getting legal advice about the best course of action, which could include seeking penalties of up to $1 million through a prosecution in the NSW Land and Environment Court. 300 tress x $6000 = $1.8million That's big if you chopped the trees for one house, but what if you chopped them for 10? Perhaps you would still get more than $180,000 extra each if they had better views?

I left my room for 15 minutes. My mattress protector now has avocado spots.
I left my room for 15 minutes to visit the shitter and came back to this: ![]( ![]( It also hit my shelves twice and my sheets thrice. My mattress protector now has avocado spots. ![]( My window was about 10cm open at the bottom, so whatever the perp was it had enough of a brain to know how to get in and out withing getting stuck. No-one heard or saw anything. Given the high level of sophistication, speed and excellent criminal execution: I suspect an Indian Mynah may be at fault. I swear they understand English and spend their whole lives plotting schemes. Artists' impressions of the crime: ![]( ![]( I would like to assume this wasn't actually malice and instead the Mynah was just curious, but I still think I need to consider appeasement strategies. Suggestions welcome.

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