There’s been so many new laws passed across the US (and some other countries world wide as well), that makes it feel like even visiting another area is unsafe. I feel like I can’t go anywhere without feeling like the entire state is out to get me.

Oh yeah. Seriously, I love New York. Great weather, the people are nicer, my in-laws have no idea where we are…

It kinda sucked moving out of Memphis. We’d lived there for the better part of a decade. I have ties to the tech community there.


Between Manhattanites and the upstate weirdos… I’m not sure that’s an upgrade (jk :P)

Yeah, I get missing the place you had roots in; I moved to the States and thought bigger country = bigger opportunities to connect and grow, but it still doesn’t fully replace what you leave behind! But you do what you have to do, and you make the best of it, and ultimately you find make new ties to compliment the old ones :)

Well, that’s why I’m in WNY now, duh :)

I think the most insane thing is that I bought this house without once stepping foot in it before closing day. We had a seriously incredible realtor. We’re hoping to make some friends. At least we have a big kitchen and the dog has a back yard.


Oh stop! That house sounds gorgeous and you’re making us all jealous!

Oh it’s fantastic, and I will not stop talking about it. Bedroom, two offices, we have a room downstairs we haven’t even figured out what we’re going to do yet.

And our neighbors are so chill! Ugh. Love Buffalo.

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