There’s been so many new laws passed across the US (and some other countries world wide as well), that makes it feel like even visiting another area is unsafe. I feel like I can’t go anywhere without feeling like the entire state is out to get me.

Well, that’s why I’m in WNY now, duh :)

I think the most insane thing is that I bought this house without once stepping foot in it before closing day. We had a seriously incredible realtor. We’re hoping to make some friends. At least we have a big kitchen and the dog has a back yard.


Oh stop! That house sounds gorgeous and you’re making us all jealous!

Oh it’s fantastic, and I will not stop talking about it. Bedroom, two offices, we have a room downstairs we haven’t even figured out what we’re going to do yet.

And our neighbors are so chill! Ugh. Love Buffalo.

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