It is interesting how easy this has got with a popular service like Prime Voice AI, and when you realise that many use voice recognition for authenticated access to systems, we can see where the risks come in. Like most technology, there are lots of positive upsides, but it always opens up the negatives as well. As Steve points out in his commentary in the linked article, the bad actors are often quicker than anyone else nowadays to take advantage of these new developments.

No end in sight for the upward trajectory of careers in security and vulnerability consultants.

#technology #security #voicecloning


Everyone needs to start the conversation with their loved ones as soon as they can to question anything that seems out of character. It doesn’t matter if they sound like or look like them - if anyone is asking for money or sensitive information, question it no matter what.

I know a lot of folks may feel like that’s an impossible task, especially with parents and older relatives, but it’s possible - I just recently had a conversation with my parents, and I was bracing myself for it to be an uphill battle, but they were switched on and got it. You’ve gotta at least try.

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