Mourners in Ecuador realise the 76-year-old is still alive hours after she was placed in a coffin.

• The woman’s relatives were shocked to discover that she was still alive while preparing her body for the funeral after she had been declared dead by the hospital.

• The woman’s son said that his mother started to move her left hand, open her eyes and struggle to breathe when they opened the coffin.

• Firefighters arrived and lifted the woman from the coffin onto a stretcher and took her back to the same hospital where she had been declared dead.

• The woman’s son said that his mother was responsive and on oxygen in the intensive care unit, and reacted when a doctor pinched her hand.

• The health ministry has opened an investigation into the incident after the woman was issued a death certificate stating she had died of cardiopulmonary arrest following a stroke.

• The article mentions another case in February where an 82-year-old woman was found breathing while lying in a funeral home after being pronounced dead three hours earlier at a nursing home.


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