Cormac McCarthy, Author of ‘No Country for Old Men,’ Dies at 89
He won a Pulitzer for 'The Road,' had his first best-seller with 'All the Pretty Horses' and wrote the screenplay for Ridley Scott's 'The Counselor.'

I’ve been an avid reader for my life. Hell, way back decades ago, when I went to University, I majored in English Literature. For whatever reason, I’ve been scared of reading his books. I’ve just read/heard too many “It was great, I’ll never read it again” type reviews. Made me think that reading one (or more) of his works would be similar to watching Graveyard of the Fireflies.


Start with Sutree. It’s laugh out loud funny in places, and doesn’t have any of the existencial dread of The Road or exquisite horror of Blood Meridian.

The Border Trilogy next, then No Country.

I’ve read Blood Meridian 3 times - waiting to get my book club hooked for the 4th. It’s… Amazing.

I don’t think I’ll read The Road again.

I will add those to my pile of books to be read. I’ve had The Road on the stack for awhile, but just haven’t felt emotionally ready for it. I’ll try Sutree and go from there.

Blood Meridian is absolutely incredible. If you love literature it’s worth the suffering for sure. The audiobook version is a great experience too, the narrator completely nails it and brings the dense language alive.


definitely worth the suffering haha. My suggestion to anyone who wants to read his material, specifically the Border Trilogy or Blood Meridian, read them on an eBook reader. Something that you can copy/paste the parts that are written in Spanish. I did a re-read of his work a few years ago this way, and it made his already difficult reading experience much easier being able to Google search the non-English portions

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