Instant Brands — maker of the Instant Pot — files for bankruptcy
Since COVID, company has faced "additional global macroeconomic and geopolitical challenges," CEO Ben Gadbois said.

So interesting, because we tried an air fryer (not a dedicated one, but a toaster oven with air fryer capability) and found that we just got stale food that took forever to cool. The Instant Pot is great for cooking beans, caseroles, soups, yogurt, boiling eggs, and creating other awesome, gloppy foods that my Midwestern sensibilities liked. We don’t use ours a ton, but I’m glad we have it.

Love our air fryer for wings, bacon (perfect, every time), breaded shrimp, reheating pizza, fries. Instant pot is key for ribs, chili, goulash, roasts, soup.

Once upon a time we had multiples of both but I think we pared down to just one instant pot and one double air fryer. Hopefully we still have a spare one somewhere because making wings takes a long time and I can barely cook a meal for four at once in the double fryer. If we have any guests or I want to make a side of fries, need another fryer.

Haha yes! If you love slop, you’ll love the Instant Pot!

Though, all I use mine for these days is cooking dried beans or making stock. Which I use to make slop.

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