Climate Energy Finance calculates the price of systems will fall by 10% thanks to cheaper raw materials and more production in China and US

I hate the idea of legislation forcing things like this because I can already see the problems like the pink bats scheme - shoddy cheap systems that immediately fail, untrained contractors falling through roofs, installing in impractical locations like full shade…

But the slum lords will not do something that only benefits the tenants (the improved value of the property isn’t of great concern to this group, the rest of the house is no doubt collapsing).

Rusty Raven

I think both legislation to force installs or excessive subsidies lead to the same problems.

I don’t know what the solution actually is (and I’m sure it is multiple changes, not one thing) but the way our society both priviledges home owners in many ways and also encourages profiting off owning homes that others live in (which inherently involves keeping others out of being home owners) just does not work for the good of society.

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