Instant Brands — maker of the Instant Pot — files for bankruptcy
Since COVID, company has faced "additional global macroeconomic and geopolitical challenges," CEO Ben Gadbois said.

Whatever happens to the Instant Pot brand, I hope that computerized cooking is here to stay.

After using things like the “keep warm” function, the “saute” function that shuts off if things get too hot, etc., cooking on the stove seems primitive. How often do you want to heat something until it boils, and then lower the heat so it simmers. Why can’t the stove notice the boiling and lower the heat?

Instead of recipes saying that something should be fried at high heat, give a specific temperature and have a smart stove it it and maintain it. Instead of setting a timer to remind you to turn down the heat after 20 minutes, tell the stove to do it.

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