Looking for content like Reddit’s rarepuppers, zoomies, dogberg, tippytaps, animalsbeingderps, whatswrongwithyourdog, etc.


!animals@beehaw.org has a good stream of cute pet photos!

Lemmy411 - Don't know where to find what you're looking for?
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As with /r/411 this is where you ask what Community you’re looking for but not finding. Perhaps a bit more helpful now that some communities are only found on certain instances.

Found/new community announcements - there are numerous "announcement type communities - see https://lemmy.ca/post/612532

There is also !wowthislemmyexists@lemmy.ca

Before you request There are several resources available to find communities and resources and these have been pinned to the top.

  • there are community search engines at https://browse.feddit.de/ and https://lemmyverse.net/communities
  • there are numerous other “find a community” and “community announcement” … communities (list stickied; if you find another, comment pls)
  • we will publish a Community Listing (at an as-of-yet-undetermined schedule)



  1. Don’t be a jerk or be deliberately unhelpful
  2. Please post a clear easy to understand request for a community (or instance!)
  3. Pls no NSFW requests - if you want to create /c/NSFW411 go ahead.
  4. No posting of personal information
  5. Please refrain from suggesting users should use search engines or directories.
  6. No joke, troll or misleading suggestions or requests
  7. No spam
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