Amazon accuses customer of racism & shuts down their smart home - ENOUGH CLOUD JUNK!
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We really do live in a boring dystopia

This is dystopian. Amazon should be crushed and split into hundreds smaller companies.

Even if the accusation had been true, Amazon shouldn’t have this ability.

No better reason to ditch the internet of things.

deleted by creator

Isn’t that more like a LAN of things?

Yeah, IoT is pretty nice. But proprietary stuff can be very annoying and a huge security risk.

My bedroom lighting setup doesn’t even use ZigBee

Its all theatre DMX lighting > ola (open lighting architecture) > ArtNet > home assistant.

It’s slightly jankier than if I had built a direct ola > Hass plugin but it works quite well

I also only run lighting, and control my Chromecast on my Home assistant - and both are turned off at the power supply when I’m not home, it isn’t accessible outside the LAN (except through a zerotier VPN, though I probably should turn that off as I don’t use it much)

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a bit off-topic but relevant nonetheless:

i know i’m probably in the minority opinion here, but there are better privacy-respecting (and google spiting) platforms for viewing these videos than the official youtube website and rossman has been vocal in his support for these; particularly Odysee. below are 3 different projects, Odysee which is a whole separate and sustainable project, and piped & invidious which are privacy-respecting frontends to youtube. i think in future it’d be valuable to link these alternatives instead of the official youtube link. – Odysee – Piped – Invidious

Odysee is good for privacy, and fine for viewing, but most creators aren’t going to use it as a primary way of distributing their stuff.

If you’re publishing, you want an audience (and preferably a monetization method), and odysee doesn’t have that.

On this video Rossman has 1200 views on Odysee, but over 725K views on youtube.

Almost everyone publishing on Odysee (myself included) do it as a secondary distribution channel, with youtube as the main (because, again, the viewers are there, and it has a monetization method).

frogman [he/him]

i agree in terms of what we have right now. but without users engaging with the videos on that platform, we’ll never see any platform change unless there’s spooky investor money thrown into it.

as “power-users” (ew) or tech-literate people, i feel like we should be the ones doing the early adoption.

for anyone who doesn’t want to use odysee because there isn’t many videos, I recommend the Watch on Odysee extension. when you open a youtube video it’ll automatically redirect you to the Odysee upload, if there is one. it’s available on Chromium and Firefox.

become the change you want to see :))

All I’m seeing is a place to upload video instructions to the tutorials I’m going to post here. Heh.

I think you’re totally right, thank you for the links.

Worked at Amazon = moved entire family off the public cloud. Everything is self hosted and still “easy”. I backup one of my backups to an s3 provider and call it good.

Am I the only one who can be bothered to get up off my ass to flip a fucking light switch?


“I have working legs, doesn’t everybody?” -person online

I got a family that likes to leave the damn light switches all on at night, I’m no longer going around and shutting them all off when everyone is in bed. Also, they are tied to my alarm, when I disarm the alarm or it goes off, they all come on.

But I’m doing all this through Home Assistant, a local open source automation server, not any if this cloud bullshit.

That sounds more like a social problem than a technical one…


Some fights are just not worth the hassle tho, you got to pick your battles.
And it’s not like there is anyone factually “right” or “wrong”, it’s mostly a matter of opinions/priorities.

Another example, different expectations w.r.t. to cleaning. Either try to convince the other person to clean more, even if they don’t see the need, or be always the one cleaning and build up frustration. Or: Get a roomba.

A motion sensor in the hallway to turn on the light is handy. It can be found in most hardware store. No need for Internet nor Amazon account nor smartphone. Your grandma, grandpa, toddler, local burgler, anyone can turn on the light.

Delayed off is really nice. Push a button as you’re getting ready to leave the house, and a few minutes after you’re gone, all the lights turn off. Also, having your “alarm clock” turn the lights on is very effective.

If you’re using Alexa to simply flick a switch, that is indeed a bit overkill. I’m using a cheap Trådfri (or something like that) light switch from Ikea. I have a dimmable lamp with three different light temperatures and can simply set the lighting from my couch. That’s really convenient. But it’s also point to point, since it’s just ZigBee. And it’s pretty cheap, 20€ all in all.

Not everyone has the same level of mobility that you do.

Incidentally, do you get off your arse to change the volume on your TV?

I’m on the bandwagon of no “smart home” devices that connect to the cloud. I build a lot my own little controllers with the ESP8266/ESP32 using MQTT to communicate with OpenHAB.

OpenHAB has served me well, but I started using it so long ago that I have not tried out some of the newer options like HomeAssistant.

Here is one of the devices I developed a long tome ago. It used an old chimera of a board, the Arduino Yùn.

The code referenced in the Instructable is much older code. I don’t think I have my current and much simpler code on Github for the ESP8266. If there is any interest, I can push it.

HomeAssistant has been around almost as long as OpenHAB (2013 vs. 2010), so it’s not exactly “newer”. It’s good that there are several open source options, but I don’t see anything wrong with sticking with what works for you (OpenHAB for me as well, btw).

My new code just turns things on or off and monitors temperature and humidity.


I work in IT and I keep a baseball bat handy in case I suspect a device has gone online.

However what a ridiculous situation on Amazon’s part and it raises a bigger question. Even if this guy was 100% a racist shitbag, should he have had his Amazon account suspended unilaterally in the first place? Should someone have their bank account closed too then? How about utilities? I obviously am not agreeing with someone being racist but think that allowing corporations to impulsively take punitive actions is a slippery slope. Next thing we know, Amazon will be offering capital punishment as a service.

I’m of the opinion the “smart” home thing was just unintentional secondary, I can’t imagine them being smart enough to do so on purpose.

Aggree, that’s not being an excuse to be a racist shitbag, but why does Amazon cares about this? This sets a dangerous precedent now, anyone who criticize something that the Amazon overlord like might get banned.

I mean if that man was doing something bad for the business side of Amazon (stealing, annoying customer support and whatnot) yeah sure but what he does outside of Amazon does not impact them?

This sounds like it leads to the capitalist version of social credit scores.

arctic pie (he/him)

I feel like just regular credit scores are already 100% the capitalist version of the CCP social credit score in the most borlngly dystopian way possible.

House: “Bzzzzt, sorry, we cannot grant you access to your home since you have posted an offensive comment made to the bank that provided you the mortgage loan. We also have turned away a delivery package that reads: Bzzzzt…

House: “Asthma Inhaler.”

House: Beeps.

House: “Please confirm $1,000,000 penalty payment to the mortgage company to regain access to your house. Have a good day.”

You: “But my wallet and everything is in this house…”

House: “911 have been dialed, you are trespassing this property. Please vacant the premise.”


I try to have the best of both worlds - my home is primarily run on a Zigbee network from a Raspberry Pi with a Conbee, which is then linked up to Homebridge which talks to HomeKit (being in the Apple ecosystem).

This means I get the creature comforts of a consumer home cloud service like Apple Home, but I get to call all the shots - controls are all local, and if I wanted to get my home off the cloud, I can without any reprocussions.

It’s surprisingly very reliable as well - I haven’t had a single minor hiccup for more than 12 months, and even then, the last one just required a reboot of the Pi.

“The cloud is just somone else’s computer”


Are there any voice assistant solutions that run locally? Don’t really care about conversational stuff. Just the basic ‘lights on’ type commands.

Check out Rhasspy or S.E.P.I.A.

There are open source options. The main limitation is hardware. I would love to be able to reuse the half a dozen Google speakers I have for something local that works with Home Assistant!


I work in IT, and I don’t have any ‘smart’ things at home. I don’t want to come home and troubleshoot more dumb junk.

I don’t even have a smart watch. My watch tells the time, has a timer, etc and that’s all I need.

F91 gang?


It’s mind boggling that the victim writing all of this is still delusional about Amazon making a change based on this incident. From listening to what Louise read it doesn’t even seem like the victim is fully set on removing echo/Amazon, just “strongly considering it”. At this point they deserve every bit of headache and misfortune that comes from continuing to deal with Amazon.

Reason 89327458934795 I will never have any smart home shit in my house that I can’t host myself.

This is one of the many reasons why you don’t buy devices that require cloud services to function.

Pretty much like a car these days

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