The globally popular video game has become an epic TV series from ‘Westworld’ creator Jonathan Nolan.

Oh great, Todd Howard is a creative on the show. Buckle in your seatbelts for Generic.

The worst possible outcome.

I’ve never been expecting a truly good show, but I was at least kind of looking forward to one season of an entertaining trainwreck.

I was hopeful, because Nolan and his wife did write season 1 of Westworld. But with Howard being thier boss and him talking about how cool it is the show is giving an origin story for vault boy… ugh

Origin story? I… It’s a fucking mascot, like the most tone-deaf generic mascot imaginable conceived of by a company that could not possibly give half a damn about humanity; and that’s what made Vault-Boy perfect. There is no additional cont xt necessary.

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