Squid Game: The Challenge is a "real" spin-off from its dystopian drama about a deadly gameshow. Neil Armstrong reports.on the difficult questions its popularity raises.

I watched the first half of the season, and TBH, it’s gut-wrenching in some spots.

The amount of stress some of the contestants experience on-camera makes me conclude that it’s unethical, personally. I felt awful for many of them, and a little ashamed for watching it.

alyaza [they/she]

based on what’s come out about how contestants have been treated, i definitely lean toward “incredibly unethical” and, ironically, kind of what the show was skewering to begin with. it’s incredible to see how institutionally the point was missed with this show, although i’m guessing most of the people working on it know that they’re missing the point and their salaries depend on pretending otherwise.

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