Steve Huffman said he has plans to change the site's rules so that users have the power to vote out moderators, following a 48-hour protest blackout.

Might have been welcome a year ago. But in this case, ‘too powerful’ means ‘nobody should be able to stand up to me on MY website’.

I’d love to see some kind of voting process for mods or policy be enacted only to have the users vote for even more lockdowns.

Okay if you want to talk like that make Reddit a CO-OP or shut up.

How can this guybhave such a persecution fethish when he litterally holds all the cards.



If you’re a politician or a business owner, you are accountable to your constituents. So a politician needs to be elected, and a business owner can be fired by its shareholders

This comparison is so stupid; is spez gonna send me an ID or something? Will I need to hand Reddit my birth certificate or anything in order to keep using it and sign a contract with them or something? Where is that contract gonna be registered?

Anyone would be able to look for any place where there is a vote, then join the community, vote whatever they want and then casually walk away. Or you could follow all subreddits or a bunch of them that you want to influence (say any pro-ukrainian ones). Then you’d cast a vote to whoever you’d like and walk away.

It’s so ridiculous!

I can already hear the voices of mods wishing him good luck moderating reddit on his own (in fact, I was certainly able to hear my own saying so before I de-listed myself as a mod).

I am impressed at how badly they are managing something that was initially merely “not the best idea” and now has become a true shitshow.

RIP reddit, you may very well survive this, but you’ll never again be “the front page of the Internet”.

And I don’t see a single thing about it on r/all. Or anything related to the blackouts.

So what will happen is that mods who enforce unpopular rules in a subreddit, such as “no NSFW”, will get voted out. This can’t possibly go wrong. /s


Unless there is some kind of cooldown time (but even then), mods will constantly change…

Group A votes Mod B off and places Mod A there. Group B doesn’t like that and votes Mod A off and places Mod B (or a similar) back.

The longer that goes on, the more users (and even Mods) will get annoyed and leave that sub. There will probably the be originalsub, splitsubA, splitsubB. All of these subs will be weaker than the originalsub was before.

So basically the same what we see in current politics. Instead of finding a solution together, it just creates larger gaps between the members.

It feels less like democracy but more like temporary dictatorship that oscillates between opinions.

A better solution would be to have multiple mods with different opinions finding consensus together. But that’s easier said than done…

A lot people here have been saying similar stuff. Dedicated mods being replaced by scabs isn’t gonna do any good for those communities…but maybe their degradation is a good thing.

blowing up their site expected with people being friends with elon musk

Damn it. I already made my Revenge of The Sith Emperor’s speech joke on another post… oh well. I don’t have much of a snarky comment to make, this depressing and frustrating situation really speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

I really wish users, who are the only ones that bring real value to a site like Reddit, could vote out the CEO. I guess we are voting with our feet, but it’s a shame that we have to go through this stupid lather/rinse/repeat cycle with every user contribution site.

reddit is the means of production, but all of the value produced comes from the users, who are unremunerated

well maybe not - if we move to not-for-profit platforms, there’s no enshittification cycle.

Just mods having unchecked power. But the good thing is we can transfer to another instance if that happens.

If we all buy stock during their IPO, we could vote him out…

Driving up his share price and his wealth. This is what he wants, it’s his exit strategy. He clearly doesn’t care if reddit burns at this point.

We’d have to coordinate with WSB, and folks would lose money in this strategy, but those smooth brains with the diamond hands are good for it. As soon as the IPO happens, immediately buy all the shares available. Then do nothing. Volume needs to grind to a halt. Then at a predetermined time, a day later, a week, everyone dumps all their shares. Another huge spike in volume, but this time in a sell off. It will pop circuit breakers, and even those not part of the plan will join in. The price will plummet and Steve will be left holding the bag, trying to show that he has diamond hands.

Interesting that he mentions that CEOs can be removed by their shareholders, which is quite similar to how reddit currently works-mods can be removed by reddit itself. The “users voting mods out” analogue in the business world would be employees having to power to vote out and replace their CEOs.

Person with power: CEO::mod Those who make money off of them: shareholders::reddit Those who provide the content: workers::posters/commenters End users: customers::advertisers

Sounds to me like spez just made a pretty compelling aruguement that his employees should be able to vote him out!

I adore the way you think, sincerely. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful world, where employees could vote management/leadership out of their positions?

What a fantastic idea.

Again, sincerely, no sarcasm!

There is a company in switzerland (i think?) that does it. So the employees vote on whos gonna be boss for the next year and whos gonna get hired and all that stuff, not just voting out.

I have seen a documentary about it and they all were VERY happy to work in that enrivonment

That’s called anarcho-syndicalism :)

I would not have guessed that it would have a name. … I mean, I should have.

Thank you for supplying me with a rabbit hole from which I’m unlikely to surface anytime soon.

I did a little research and it sounds like that’s definitely a very important part of anarco syndicalism. Is it truly the main feature of it?

Glad I could help! Like all things there’s more to it, but the basic concept is to fire all bosses and have the workers run all the work places as a co-op. Personally, I believe this would end ‘greedflation’ and definitely make the world a better place :)

I feel it would make more sense to do it like the Romans did, compelled leadership by round robin IIRC. That, or elected leadership. I think it’s important to have a focused job that does decision making for the good of the group.

Anarchy never really appealed to me. It always felt like a lot of anxiety. Also I suspect that our species won’t survive unless we can all unite, so there’s that…

Edit: Also, forgot to link, Robert Reich on inflation and corporate profits.

I mean you could still have greedy workers, but they’d be responsible for their destiny. The co-op could price their products or services out of reach of customers and consumers, but sharing the fruits of their labor shares that responsibility.

I mean you could still have greedy workers, but they’d be responsible for their destiny. The co-op could price their products or services out of reach of customers and consumers, but sharing the fruits of their

This whole thing is a shame and I still am going through a morning period about it. Reddit will persist in some diminished state. I can only hope the quality communities and people move here, and that Lemmy rapidly improves (though it is very usable now). The trends so far are good. The value of social media lies in the user base.

Let this be a lesson to all who produce and manage content (that’s us users and mods). Don’t use platforms that are destined to monetize your data at your expense.

For me, it has been slowly turning into a zombie site ever since they hid vote counts, which made it possible for bad actors to game the vote system without anybody being able to see it. When you can’t see the hundreds of downvotes on a post signalling dissent or dislike, it becomes easier to unleash bots and minions to inflate your astroturfing.


Beatings will continue until morale improves!

The king is replacing his minions with more acceptable minions. So most likely inept as well. Can’t sew how poorly this’ll go.



@AllonzeeLV at this point mods who are staying on Reddit are just prisoners waiting to get castrated

Not for nothing, but a key feature of fascism is that you’re “enemy” is both weak and strong at the same time.

So the blackout is not a big deal AND the mods coordinating the blackout are too powerful…

ACAB - All CEOs Are Bastards

Meh. “Fascism”? That tactic is used in politics all the time against most prominent leaders and groups, no matter where they come from. They’re both inept and totally powerful and Machiavellian.

It’s the whole thing about “will bear them with humor and ridicule” but also “look at their evil actions”.

A fascist tactic that is used in politics all the time.

The point is: I don’t know what’s fascist about if virtually everyone uses it.

My point is that I don’t know what’s specifically “fascist” about it if virtually everyone uses it.

“Fascist” is an adjective. Like “green.”

A bad example: l don’t know what’s specifically green about it if virtually all plants look that way.

Everyone is using a fascist tactic. It doesn’t become a benevolent tactic because everyone uses it. It’s still fascist.

Edit: here is one of the better known essays on fascism, which might be of more use than my clumsy attempt Humans have been rollicking around brutalizing each other since before we climbed down out of the trees

Joe B

@AllonzeeLV I deleted my account and left my sub to a mod I trusted. He opened it backup but the feedback he was getting from the Redditors told him to shut it back down lol

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