The Blue name was a hat tip to the co-founder's Latvian roots.

Blue Microphones under Logitech is getting a new name.

Seems like a strange move considering how well known the Blue brand is. Yeti isn’t too bad of a replacement, at least they aren’t changing it to Logitech


Name change aside I really hope Logitech really doesn’t mess with the recipe. I remembering getting my Yeti more than 12 years ago and it punched above so much harder than its weight price wise - that’s what Blue was so good at and Logitech need to keep it that way.

I wonder what happens to other Blue products like the Blue Bottle that don’t target the gaming market. Gone forever? Maybe it was just too painful to ruin their punny names.

Makes me feel quite blue. I always heard the snowball and yeti were really good for the price

Logitech is axing the Blue Microphones name in favor of Yeti, the name of one of Blue’s most popular mic series. Yeti mics will live under the broader Logitech G umbrella of PC peripherals and accessories historically aimed at gamers and streamers.

“We will be keeping the Yeti brand and moving it under Logitech G. The Blue name will be used to describe our technologies (e.g., our BLUEVO!CE filters that we offer on select Logitech G headsets),” Logitech said via Reddit on Thursday, as spotted by The Verge.

“Logitech G Yeti” is a bit of a mouthful to remember in comparison but at least the mics aren’t going away for good.

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