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I watched the press release the ABC posted, and the police said that 5 were dead “as a result of his actions”, so I’d take that to mean their tally excluded him

The condition of the victims hasn't been released yet. 7 people have been stabbed. The psycho who stabbed them has been shot and killed by police Update: 5 people were killed

It never clicked that tassies version of VCAT would be TASCAT, but I absolutely love that name

Thanks G, I am feeling much better now! Hope you enjoyed your choccy
toAustralia@aussie.zoneHappy Easter!

If anybody needs a chat or vent, you can come post on the daily discussion thread in c/Melbourne. Since all the other communities DTs are mostly dead, everyone is welcome (even you, Sydneysiders)

Happy Easter!
May you all get lots of choccy and hot cross buns

This was absolutely hilarious. I am a little worried for their safety now though. Americans don’t tend to be very fond of people mocking them, or exposing them for all the BS they pull. I’d be quite unsurprised if I see an article in a week that one or all of them have mysteriously:

  • walked into the bush never to be seen again
  • overdosed
  • jumped off a bridge or balcony
  • despite never owning a gun, somehow dying of “self inflicted” gunshot wounds to the back of the head
  • vanishing for a year before suddenly returning and never speaking of pine gap or America again

I see the problem. You put in the train stations, I did not. I put in the actual suburbs, and not their train stations.

You get similar results to what I showed if you put in the suburbs and not the train station.

What a stupid comment. You clearly didn’t read the community name, or if you did, you evidently have never even poked around australia on a map.

Let me show you a couple of examples of why your comment is stupid. Let’s take a person living in Berkshire Park on the outskirts of Syney. The only place they could find work was in Springwood — a 30-minute drive away. This becomes 2 and a half hours by public transport.

Or somebody in Esperance, WA, who wants to see their family over in Bunbury (a 7 hour drive away). This becomes a 25 hour public transport trip, except on one day of the week when it’s only 23.

Obviously these are specific examples I chose to prove a point, but you’ll see this on most trips, even in major cities.

Going from Roxburgh Park to Epping (both in Melbourne - the second largest city) takes 20 minutes by car, or an hour and 10 by public transport

If you lived in St Albans and worked at a warehouse in Truganina (an Industrial area), that’d be a 20 minute drive or an hour and a half by public transport

If you lived in West Moonah and had to get to Rosny park, Hobart, thats a 20 minute drive or an hour by public transport

and none of these travel times include initial waiting time. this just assumes you arrive at the bus stop at the same time the bus leaves - even when the buses sometimes only run once a week

I don’t hate public transport, and I usually just put up with the doubling or tripling of my travel times just to go by bus and train, but while your assumption that everybody can and should take public might work in parts of Europe, it just doesn’t here in Australia. And implying that it does just makes you sound entitled, out of touch, and ignorant.

Who the hell would want to [insert stupid thing here]?

Yanks. The answer is always yanks.

Me. I was never taught cursive and it takes a lot of brain power and guessing to try and figure out what thigs say

I suppose - 10.6% of ~20 millionish is still a lot, but compared to how high it used to be, it has gone down a lot. In the 80s over 40% of adult men were smokers

Poor farmers, I really feel for them. Fuck colesworth, hope they get screwed

I thought this was an easy question to answer, but I realised that I don’t really notice people smoking unless it’s somewhere they aren’t meant to (illegal to smoke in indoor public spaces including near eating areas or on public transport, and in a car if a kid is also in the car). But people smoked around me for most of my early childhood so it’s just something that I’ve internally normalised and don’t notice

The statistics bureau publishes stats every year or two on smoking and according to 2022s:

58.3% of adults have never smoked (including vapes and e-cigs)

10.6% of adults are daily smokers (half of what it was 20 years ago)

14.4% of adults vaped or used an e-cig

People in rurual/outer regional areas are almost twice as likely to smoke

People in areas of “most disadvantage” (ABS talk for poor places) are almost 4x as likely to smoke than those in areas of “least disadvantage” (ABS talk for rich places)

And apparently among daily smokers, the average amount per day is 11.8 cigs

Source for all this (quite interesting imo, but maybe I’m just a nerd):

My first guess is that due to googles prompting for a review when you visit somewhere, more people leave reviews on google than other websites which are an intentional effort to seek out

Additionally, it’s possible the business was really well liked for a while, but then sold, and because more people leave negative reviews than positive ones, only google had lots of positives (for the above reason) and all the negatives are being posted in more places?

Sounds like a long shot, but I’ve actually seen that happen. A fish and chippy local to me before I moved was absolutely loved by everyone and had 4.8 stars out of something like 500 reviews on google, but barely any reviews elsewhere. Then the lady who ran it sold to people who screwed it up in the pursuit of profit, and all of a sudden, every single new review being posted on google is negative, and reviews are popping up on other sites absolutely dissing the shop. Dozens of angry facebook posts, the whole works.

But there’s of course the possibility that they’re mostly fake reviews on Google. I actually had a 1 star review I left at a hotel be taken down last week, apparently the owner didnt like my 1 star and reported it. It was reinstated after an appeal though, so take that for what you will.

Bit of context: bought a charger off ebay and the description stated things would be posted through AusPost. Tracking didn't work, so I messaged the seller and apparently they decided to send through some random company called "PF Logistics" because "Our shipping agency will be send by local shipping method be according to different zone and different post code, that's we can not control." - despite the fact it was going from Sydney to Melbourne Old mate apparently rocked up at 6:30pm and tossed it over the fence, even though there's a letterbox it would've fit in right there. Then the tracking info didn't bother to inform me it had been delivered until 11am the next morning. Was half tempted to make some shit up about it being broken.

TIL too… I’m still not sure I understand what non Australian sushi is though. I just figured ‘authentic’ sushi would be what we have but with higher quality ingredients or potentially cut into slices to be easier to eat with chopsticks

I watch most things on ReVanced but I use NewPipe for age gated things

Why use it in a browser when you can just ReVanced it? Adblock + sponsorblock + background play + a myriad of other features

Do you think that using adblocker is theft and on the same level as stealing a car?

(Just trying to make sure you’re not a linus in disguise)

Yeah, this is why I don’t watch him. He’s always so obnoxious

Well, a tram is the dirty and cheap option where you lay the tracks in a roadway and they share the tram lane with cars. Light rail is the fancier but also more expensive option which requires putting the tram onto an entirely, or at least mostly, dedicated right of way cars are not permitted on

I didn’t catch that part, and that does definitely change my thoughts on it

I’m glad the judge was reasonable on this one. Of course a teacher should never ever strike a child, but at the same time, teenagers have this “fun” tendency to be dicks, and he was clearly provoked. They threw a fucking table at him? Of course he’s going to react, it takes a hell of a lot of training to not, certainly more than teachers receive and certainly more than they’re paid for.

An 18 month conditional release seems reasonable to me ¯⁠\_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

I’ve found apple maps to be consistently shit, usually very outdated, and just not get much right ever anytime somebody I’ve been with has insisted on using it. Maybe if you exclusively live in a well populated city and never go to the countryside, it could be okay, but as soon as you go even slightly out of the major metro areas it starts to breakdown

It’s all about the 💸💸💸. I don’t even necessarily mean the money states have at their disposal for public transport projects, it’s also about the money that rich people with vested interests in seeing more people driving cars quietly slip into the pockets of pollies

God. “News” these days really is just youtube

Next up we’ll have “Police EXPOSE AI company (gone wrong) (3AM) (GONE SEXUAL) 😱😱😱😱”

I can’t blame them, that comment annoyed me too. This community is literally called “Australia”, is on the “” instance, and it’s icon is Australia. I don’t see how anyone looks at that and goes “oh they must be talking about British holidays!”

It just gets annoying after a point. Other countries, particularly Canada, the US and the UK get basically the entire internet for themselves. Especially America, where no matter where you are it’s just automatically assumed you’re American and know everything about America. Not specifically directed at the comment above, but it does get really annoying that we can’t have a single place on the internet where people won’t be get confused and complain about how differently we do things and have things on different dates

The CFMEU seem to hate everything lol. Not surprised they’re involved

At this point I’ve just come to the conclusion the no people are most likely racists in hiding. The whole special rights/excessive powers/etc is just a cover story imo

Don’t lump me into this. I tried to apply for a job at woolies and gave up after I had to interview with a robot and then they wanted me to have a video call with a different robot

Edit: letters are hard

Lucky for me, I can’t even get a DigitalID because it doesn’t accept my doccuments