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Thank you for giving that context! It really adds a lot to the story

Ok so first, my biases. I’m going to write my best guess and then I’ll read the article. So… is it that Portugal helped people instead of simply trying to arrest them or put up anti-homeless architecture so that those better off wouldn’t have to see addicts in the streets? Let’s go and read now…

WELL. I’m shocked!

"Portugal’s leaders responded by pivoting away from the U.S. drug war model, which prioritized narcotics seizures, arrests and lengthy prison sentences for drug offenders.

Instead, Portugal focused scarce public dollars on health care, drug treatment, job training and housing. The system, integrated into the country’s taxpayer-funded national health care system, is free and relatively easy to navigate. "

Ok, I’m not that shocked.

That’s true but it literally doesn’t matter what you do the Trumpists will cry foul regardless and facts and reason don’t apply to them. I’m just glad the US still has people in positions of power that are willing to go against Trump and actually follow their rule of law. I’m also not American, but as a Canadian I feel dangerously close to what goes on just south of the border and we have our own cadre of ultra right-wingers who are trying to upset Canadian ways in the model of what Trump does. So I’m glad there are judgements against him when warranted even if he’ll never pay up and even if the amount he’s penalized is a pittance to what he should be penalized and even if his followers cry about it.

You sound very adventurous! Thanks for the perspective!

It’s more to vent than anything! Though I have read the responses so far and I do want to understand how it works for others. Realistically, my questions and uncertainties are something that would take many conversations with a therapist for me to understand how to navigate so I don’t expect to learn much aside from curiosity here. I think I would like to find a partner that I’m compatible with perhaps… but I am not ready and may never be. The dynamics TERRIFY me. Absolutely TERRIFY me.

“Is there something you don’t understand about dating and want to share your frustration?”

Literally all of it. I do not date full stop. I haven’t gone on a date in over a decade, and before that experience it had been another decade. It’s almost certainly never going to happen again. I don’t understand anything at all about dating. How do you meet people? How do you enjoy time with them? What is even going on?

Good rule for life… NEVER let someone cut you open unless it will save your life or drastically improve it. I was thinking along the lines of quadriplegics regaining autonomy than just futurisms. I could get excited about something that gives people their lives back. Would that ever come out of a company run by Musk? I highly doubt it. But if it weren’t him or other tech bros there could be a chance that it could turn into something that helps people.

If it were anyone but Musk’s company I might be excited at the prospects of this tech.

Thanks for the video! Those are some worrying trends in devices for sure

We’re on a streak! Gotta keep this ball rolling

“Tracking Protection” just means they are protecting their exclusivity in tracking you.

Market share doesn’t equal irrelevance as others have said. I use Librewolf and without Firefox it wouldn’t exist. It likely wouldn’t exist at the quality it is without Mozilla taking Google Cash either. But it’s super important to have an alternative even if most people don’t use it. It DOES provide a limited check and balance against google doing whatever they want with the web because if the right people make the right noise then people will move over to something that’s easy, convenient, and free of whatever pain in the butt google puts in chrome that sends people over the edge. See Linux desktop and Valve for an example of how a software with very few users comparatively can force a larger company to play ball. Remember in Windows 8 when MS basically banned 3rd party software stores on the OS… or tried? And Valve made the “Steam Machine” and SteamOS? Everyone says the steam machines failed but they 100% did everything Valve wanted them to do. It was enough to have MS go back on their walled garden and allow Steam to keep operating as it had been. And now we have the steam deck on top of it.

So, it’s ok if Firefox has a small market share as long as it remains a worthy competitor.

I think I may not have made my position clear. If there is 1 Nazi at the table, and 9 people are just sitting with them hanging out… you have 10 Nazis. They are not “doing the hard work” otherwise it the 1 Nazi would not be sitting there. I’m hearing a lot of sympathizing towards Nazis in this thread.

Yes. I don’t care if they feel oppressed. Tolerance does not extend to Nazis. They SHOULD feel oppressed. I will not entertain being soft on Nazis. I will not entertain “seeing both sides”. I will not entertain Nazis.

This is too complex and nuanced. You punch the nazi and throw them out of the establishment. That’s it. That’s all.

Look. If there are 9 people at a table sitting with 1 Nazi and hanging out, there are 10 Nazis.

Bring back physical media! We have plex and jellyfin to serve our own streaming needs and they can’t take the discs away from us.

I meant a successor to the index. Preferably standalone. The rumoured Deckard if you will. I’d like to update my headset and I don’t want to buy another meta product. While it’s true that the OP was about software, it locks out a branch of hardware from being viable.

I am shocked. Shocked, I tell you. I really hope Valve comes along and provides an updated non-meta vr experience.

Well, the article (at least in the free part… I’m not making an account just to fact check this site) mentions two studies right off the bat and claims that they shed light on the impact of corporate trolls on Reddit.

“Two significant studies, the Pew Research Center study conducted in 2018 and the Computers in Human Behavior study published in 2020, have shed light on the prevalence and impact of corporate trolls on Reddit.”

If you look up these studies, the Pew Research Center has a survey they conduct and although the article claims they interviewed 2500 americans who use reddit the actual study had only 2,002 adults. It was also a study about what sites they used. It had nothing to do with Reddit. In fact, if you switch over to the Detailed Table, Reddit wasn’t even mentioned as a response. https://www.pewresearch.org/internet/2018/03/01/social-media-use-2018-methodology/

I could not find a “Computers in Human Behavior study published in 2020” that matched the article’s description. I did find a study published by them in 2020 about selfies and body image and especially snapchat. Once again, no reddit. But I can’t say I found the article mentioned.

Then again, I can’t say the articles mentioned exist at all. ChatGPT almost certainly hallucinated this.

If these are made by using img2img, then they used a photograph from this guy. He’s in the UK, so as an individual taking a photograph of his statue, that photograph is automatically considered copyrighted and he legally is (in theory) able to control its distribution. So, the image WAS illegally obtained.

Tinfoil hat time, but there’s a possibility it does flip the setting for some users but not all. If they unilaterally changed a privacy setting to just take and share data it would get SLAMMED. But if it’s just like… 1/3 of the users and everyone else says no, that’s not happening then they can get away with a lot. Not saying that’s what’s happening. But I’m not saying it’s not what’s happening.

I did not have it updated! I was on 192 something. However, I just updated it now and checked and the settings are still not enabled. So it did not change my settings on me. I previously had them disabled and they are still disabled after update.

Mine also didn’t have this enabled

As long as you don’t clone someone’s voice without permission, then you didn’t replace any actors imo. There’s a big difference between an indie production using this tech to reach higher than they could otherwise and Disney just not wanting to pay wages.

Hey this looks super cool! I don’t know LaTeX or TeX, nor am I a programmer, but I do play D&D and would love to be able to make some item cards for my group. Any tips on getting started aside from the obvious of looking up what on earth LaTeX is and how to use it?

usually setting fire to parliament is treated a little more strongly than just “protesting”

“startup” and “healthcare” should never be mixed. At least in the way we have been talking about “startups” for the last years. Silicon Valley butt out.

Oh yes, education should definitely be a part of the solution.

I disagree. Platforms like Tiktok take advantage of very specific psychological tricks to lure people’s attention in and keep it where they want it. It’s not the audience’s fault when they don’t notice a magician perform a sleight of hand during a trick. It’s not a victims fault when a thief does the same for ill. I do believe regulation might need to get involved if these platforms are doing harm. The same happened in the gaming space with lootboxes when regulators realized they were essentially marketing gambling to minors. It’s not the minors fault in that case either.

Once again I am reminded of Hank Green saying “A lot of people who say they want “free speech” actually just want to be the one in charge of which speech is free.”

You can wash and dry any clothes within a day?

When it comes to improvements to your town or city or even country, it can often feel like you are powerless in the world. But you're not alone. A city is made of communities and communities are made of individual people. One day our kids or our kids kids, or their kids, will be able to safely just walk to school. And it starts with finding your community, finding out what works from people all over the world, and then maybe introducing the ideas to your neighbours or voting for city/town council members who align with your goals. I just wanted to drop a more hopeful message rather than news or information.

8 Really good suggestions for how you can help make improvements in your town. The first, simply voting, is so important and also pretty easy.

$30 million dollars goes so much further on active transport infrastructure than it would on cars!