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How come the apps are controlling your keyboard? Shouldn’t it use your phone’s selected keyboard?

According this Aussie website it was neither of us!

Though the article steals a lot of other stuff from us so I wouldn’t trust it.

I bet a significant number of those people came from and and now heading to Aussie!

Yeah, everyone came back to NZ to weather the storm, then left again. People are leaving pretty much as fast as their passports can be issued, which is pretty slow at the moment. Prepandemic passports for most people were issued within a few days. Now it’s taking 10 weeks.

I don’t think this was unexpected, there was always the expectation that people would leave once the pandemic had settled down.

Not only is there a bunch of people who came back and are now leaving, all the people who would have left during the pandemic but couldn’t will now be making their move.

Over here in NZ we had the biggest influx of expats back to NZ in memory. Perhaps you had the same?

Another possibility is perhaps a drop in the number of rental properties overall. Money got cheap, house prices went up, perhaps lots of landlords sold up, and lots of renters suddenly could afford to buy?

Those discussions are heavily one sided.

My guess is that Lemmy trends towards an older audience (average age is probably 30s), and also a lot of Lemmy come from similar walks of life (many are very technical or work in IT and similar).

You don’t find many people arguing over political differences, either. Generally people agree rather than having divisive opinions.

Also definitely playing into it is that many social media platforms are deliberately divisive as it drives usage higher.

What proportion of the bots were fediverse servers syncing with each other?

If you struggled with the UI because you’re familiar with Photoshop, you may want to have a look at PhotoGIMP.

Otherwise Photopea.com is a free online photoshop clone.

I’ve been using it with Facebook for a long time and I’ve never had any issues or scary messages. It’s the main reason I use it as I don’t want Facebook on my phone.

The post here says in the last year, then states after 1 Jan 2023, so I guess the competition is for songs released in 2023?

I use Outlook (new) at work, and I still sometimes look at the icon in the taskbar and think I have new emails because it has a little “new” badge.

I’m on 0.19.3 and can’t find the user report button!

Or do you mean reports on content now go to the user’s home instance as well?

Oh sorry, you’re right, this wave does appear to be mostly Mastodon accounts.

You definitely do not want to set a post to Japanese just because they used a Japanese character. People’s posts would not be seen by many people and they wouldn’t know it was all because they were explaining a Japanese character to someone in English.

It’s just bots or spammers generating accounts on various instances (<- edited for clarity and correction) then using them to spam popular communities. Happens pretty regularly, but unfortunately if the home instance doesn’t ban the user then each instance has to remove the spam themselves.

Also, there’s no way to report a user to their home instance so long as they don’t post anything in a community on their home instance. So the only people who can ban them in a way that federates to other servers also doesn’t know unless someone sends them a personal message. And they are using a bunch of different instances to make it hard to do that.

The vast majority of mobile ads are served from google or apple, which likely is not where the rest if the app data is served from. It makes it particularly easy to block mobile ads from adMob or whatever the apple equivalent is called.

You don’t even need pihole, there are VPN-based apps that screen and block ad domains.

I use Nextcloud for other stuff too. I’m syncing with Nextcloud because I already had it 🙂

There was a huge surge of people on reddit creating accounts driven by the API saga, it wasn’t natural growth. The normal expectation is that most people would only stick around a short time. Having 50% remaining after the peak is honestly impressive! I’d expect it to continue falling for a while but eventually it should start to rise when natural growth exceeds the attrition from that event.

And here I am, chilling on Thursday like a champ.

Though Monday comes sooner for me as well :(

I don’t really understand why you made a new account to start fresh, then immediately created a post that linked to your old account. I know you’ve now deleted that post, but didn’t creating that post defeat the purpose of creating a new account?

Also, you can directly message people. You don’t have to rely on reports or hoping someone sees your post, just go to their account page and click the button to send them a message.

I was more meaning… if Beehaw moves off lemmy, why do you have to choose between beehaw and lemmy? Por que nos los dos?

20 years ago we went to different forums and had different types of discussiuns on each. I guess I don’t really understand why we need the whole internet on one site?

It looks great but I’m wondering why there are interest categories with zero servers in them (religion and sports). Maybe don’t show them if there’s nothing in that category?

Isn’t the main reason so you can search your stupid questions and not have to worry about them coming up in the autofill later?

Thank you for answering the important questions!

NZer chiming in here. I have so many questions.

Is $3.50 a good price? That seems very expensive to me, I’d expect $2NZD, and occasionally $2.50NZD but that’s an expensive one.

You mentioned getting free onions. Does this mean that onions are not always included? For my $2 I for sure expect onions are included if I want them. Do you have to pay extra for sauce as well?

How do we get sausages at our polling booths in NZ?

Is the referendum literally just to ask whether the constitution should recognise the First Peoples of Australia? Is there a good reason why the tally so far shows every state is voting no?

I would assume that if there was information that is being redacted, then it would happen very early on in the posts creation – presumably before any comments are even made.

It could be as simple as updating a post with an outcome. You paste in a link and don’t realise until too late that you actually pasted in your personal email address. Do you then have to delete the whole thread and all it’s 1000 comments?

How come?

An edit history is helpful for more than just an audit history. Most histories won’t be removed, and you can see what has changed. Not to see if someone is gaslighting you, but just to see changes that no one is trying to hide.

Are you refering to the standard web interface? If there is one downvote it will say 1 next to the downvote button. If there are 0 downvotes then it won’t say anything next to the downvote button.

This is assuming you’re on an instance that enables downvotes.

Why not just delete the post, and then make a new one with the correct information?

Sure, but then your comment chain doesn’t make sense, or if it’s a post them you lose all the comments.

If this were to be allowed, the edit history would then be pointless.

I disagree, but I do think it invalidates your reason for having an edit history.

OP’s argument is that people can hide that they have edited. While I’m not against the suggestion, it wouldn’t solve the original problem.

Sure, this is true for any public website. But at least editing it out is a form of damage control. Being able to edit and federate the change to most servers makes the problem a lot smaller.

If edit history existed and you couldn’t remove an entry, the only damage control would be to delete. This is also acceptable but I haven’t seen a good argument for keeping the history yet.

Editing a post may be to remove the password or email address you accidentally copy pasted in, or removing some potentially doxxing information, or one of many reasons you want that content gone. Github has edit history, but it also allows users to delete revisions so it seems your main concern would not be resolved by this implementation.

And as you point out, there is already a message that says the post was edited and what time.

Overall I don’t see that the benefits outweigh the new issues caused.

They probably haven’t updated the page. This blog post says:

With new search sources proving more cost-efficient, the improved efficiency of our infrastructure, and the broader market embracing Kagi, we can again offer an unlimited experience to a broader group of users.

So it sounds like they have made lots of efficiencies to make it cheaper per search. I’m sure more subscribers helps as well.

But I’m really curious about the “new search sources” part. Where do they source their searches from?

For one, USB-C can (if implemented) transfer data at 40Gbps vs lightning’s 0.5Gbps. USB-C also charges a lot faster.

USB-C is also reversable like lightning, and the connectors are internal.

Android phones used to use USB-B micro, which wasn’t reversable, but a long time go exeryone switched to USB-C which feels like at was invented to be a better version of lightning and has had many advances while being backwards compatible with early USB-C hardware.

You can buy MP3 players on Aliexpress. They still make them and they are not expensive, and you can even get bluetooth compatible ones.

I recently went about trying to do what you’re doing. I have a laptop and it was still pretty hard. Just buying digital music is tricky. I ended up downloading iTunes for some music, and buying others from Bandcamp for the few artists I could find on there.

I can still see problems. Without a computer, how will you transfer the files onto the MP3 player? Without a CD drive, how will you rip CDs?

I think you’re going to need to borrow a computer from a friend, but other than that it’s all feasible if a little annoying.

Some apps taking serious steps towards a subscription model have been granted extra time by reddit. There were conditions, but there were at least a few of them (Infinity and Relay are the ones that come to mind, but there was at least one more that I can’t remember right now).