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Learn how to say “two tabs of acid” in 10 languages

If anything, I would say a percentage should go back to ActivityPub development.

ETA: I say this as a (small) monthly contributor, but I can only speak for myself.

Ready to give you a quest and provide directions

A MitM sniffer would be able to see the source and destination IP addresses, not just the person you’re chatting with. Even if the data is encrypted, P2P is still vulnerable to a layer 3 attack.

Combustible compounds react with oxygen to form lower energy oxidized compounds. Carbon is oxidized to carbon dioxide. A fully oxidized compound can’t be further oxidized under normal conditions.

Water is the most oxidized form of hydrogen. It can’t be further oxidized under normal conditions, hence why it’s not combustible.

Methane is the most reduced for of carbon, so it really wants to be oxidized. Carbon monoxide is only partially oxidized, so it’s still flammable.

A bunch of hosers were sittin’ ‘round the fire drinkin’ beers. One of 'em said, “ya know, we should name our country, eh?”

“Oh yah, we should. How ya reckon we should do that?”

“Oh, it’s easy! We take all the letters of the alphabet, write 'em on pieces of paper, and stick 'em all in a hat. Then we draw 'em out and see what our name is!”

“Oh, that’s a great idea! I’ve got some paper right here donchaknow!”

So, they wrote all the letters of the alphabet on pieces of paper and threw 'em in a toque.

“All right, what’s the first letter?”

“C, eh?”

“What’s the next letter?”

“N, eh?”

“What the next letter?”

“D, eh?”

“OK, that seems long enough”

If the money is held in escrow, then it can’t (shouldn’t?) be used for anything else. If the owner cannot afford to pay it back, then it sounds like it wasn’t really being held in escrow - it was being mingled with other funds.

If I still ate fish, I would eat Fukushima fish. The mercury is probably going to do more damage than a trace amount of radiation. I’ll eat some Fukushima seaweed.

Is it connected to wifi, Bluetooth, ethernet*, or have a sim card?

Yes: it is easy to hack

No: it is difficult to hack

*where ethernet includes ethernet, token ring, and any other protocol that connects other devices

Forget complicated, make it complex and add the imaginary axis i

PHP was my main language when I did we development. But that was years ago. I took a break, and when I came back I had to learn about PHP classes.

It was a great language for a self taught person coming from the C family, but there are likely better options now.

I would like to, but I love my spouse more than I want to have sex with other people.

Stramberk, Czech Republic. I went on a day trip there from Ostrava. It’s a small mountain village that feels exactly like I expect a European village to feel.

I enjoy scotch, but I also don’t drink very often so I don’t get expensive stuff. I have a bottle of Glenfiddich 15 that’s good.

I had some feelings that I was different when I was younger, but being raised by a narcissist Christian mother and homophobic father meant I learned to suppress everything that wasn’t “normal” very well. Ended up being suicidal for most of my teenage years from trying to fit in a perfect child mold.

I went to university later in life, and being surrounded by people who were open about their sexuality and personal journeys helped me open up to myself.

It took me until I was almost 40 to finally start coming out to people. I was worried my partner wouldn’t like me anymore, but she’s been very supportive. I consider myself pansexual nonbinary. I’m a person who likes people. It is a bit weird for me sometimes because I even though I do find other people sexually attractive irrespective of their gender, I’ve only ever been with my wife. Sometimes it feels like I’m stealing a label because I never got the chance to explore before I was married, and I’m not about to cheat on my wife.

Farmers market, drag brunch, grocery shopping

Malnutrition leads to developmental delays. Poor academic performance in early years means they’re less likely to go to college, and ma not even finish high school. This helps create the next generation of wage slaves that are required for capitalism to survive.

In other words, working as designed.

Interesting, how is pressure cooked pasta?

I have a pressure cooker, but haven’t used it much. Been vegetarian for a few years now, and before that I liked to do all day sous vide meats.