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Sorry to hear this friend, I hope things get better for you!

Sometime in the past few years I feel like reddit devolved into an argument fest. It seems like the only thing anyone is interested in is arguing or saying rude or hateful shit in the comments. It turned me off to commenting tbh and even pre-api nonsense made me realize I didn’t enjoy reddit the way I used to.

It’s nice here still, and hopefully stays that way. Sometimes I’ll write something that I realize could be taken as rude and I’ll feel like an absolute asshole until I fix it. Like I’m worried I’ll upset someone when I didn’t mean to… I haven’t given something like that a second thought on Reddit in years.

Also if anyone reads a comment from me and I sound like an asshole, please let me know! It’s almost certainly not intended, especially anywhere on Beehaw.

Exactly right they’re normalizing ads in everything. They’re indoctrinating the youth, who don’t know any better or differently, into just accepting/expecting that all content in all forms comes with ads, and you can’t watch any of it without signing in so they can track you and sell your data.

I rarely use YouTube, but my nephew (he’s two) was over the other day and we put on some cartoons for him that were in YouTube since my wife and I don’t have Disney plus. I couldn’t BELIEVE how many ads it showed. One five-minute merry melodies cartoon had FOUR SEPARATE ad breaks, the third and fourth of which were both 3+ minutes long if you weren’t paying attention to skip.

Wtf?! Not even shit ass normal broadcast television has that many commercials.

That’s awesome man or gal! I have also ridden the weight loss train after letting myself go over COVID. It’s hard, it takes discipline and sacrifice and you should feel great about yourself! Some friendly advice, don’t panic if/when you have the inevitable upswing. I feel like not enough people talk about how once you hit your goal and start level off/maintain, your body will take awhile to find it’s level after being in a deficit mode for so long. Your weight will be ALL OVER THE PLACE for awhile, and then you’ll probably find that your level off will be about 2-5 pounds above the goal weight, really depends on your body type, exercise type/level! In my case my body decided 195 is where it can hover happily, but my goal of 185 was unsustainable. I’ve been 195 for 10ish months and I look and feel better than I did at 185 - more muscle, more energy, less skinny more in shape. So upswing/rebound can be good, and may help you fill out that newly slimmed down frame in a much more attractive way than before!

The second thing is, ten pounds in a month is a LOT. So great job, but be really careful with your dieting when you’re dropping that fast. That’s 1/3 of your weight loss in one month, or fifty percent more weight than you’d lost in the 9 months prior!

It does seem like .world is trying to corral itself and curb the issues that flared up from their growth, so that’s very promising. Meanwhile, shit just works is still an absolute dumpster fire.

So you’re saying you watched the recap to avoid getting…

Lost? 😎

Good luck friend. What field are you in?

BattleBit? What’s that? Don’t think I’ve heard of it.

Can you take that vacation once the project is over? Or are you trying not to think about it so you avoid getting distracted?

For a Monday it’s not so bad. Had a great dental cleaning, dinner with the wife’s fam, some couch cuddle time with the dog. Can’t complain really!

Birthday celly tomorrow! Rooftop pool in the afternoon, whisky bar in the evening. Gonna be the BEES knees baby

Really depends on the Job Type/field. I have an excellent interview record, so I’m happy to give you some tips if you need them!

I was actually at the doctor yesterday and he referred me to an ortho, but also recommended a sports massage targeting the hips and ligaments there. Said based on where the pain is, it is likely REALLY tight and strained tendons that need help releasing so they can heal properly. Fingers crossed!

I’m working on a project review for an oil and gas site and I’m having trouble staying focused because I’m distracted and worrying about some hip pain I’ve been dealing with. Hoping I can figure out wtf the issue is so I can get back to being more active.

Another great variation is to add a splash of aperol! (About 1/4/ to 1/3 oz). It mellows the bitterness of the compari just the perfect amount in my opinion.

Jeppsons Malort with an absinthe chaser.

I like my taste buds how I like my wife. I DON’T HAVE A WIFE.

Thanks that’s very good advice. Setting up an RSS reader has been ony to do list for like four years now. I am slammed next week but the week after I have promised myself I’ll finally figure it out!

Hold me to it friend!

Well the first step is to be proactive and work on building the new community. Use the tools you have at your disposal and your knowledge in the topics you love to add content! Not a great content finder/poster (no shame, I’ve never been either), then at least engage with what’s there. Discuss with the people (they aren’t bots here) that are also interested. Foster an environment you want to spend more time in and you’ll inevitably do that!

Second, and I’m honestly surprised more people aren’t talking about this aspect but for now - POACH. Reddit is not dying or going away the way the confirmation-biased rexxitors would have you believe based on all the death of Reddit style posts (hopefully one day but it’s not today, and it’s not in the short-to-near term). That means those content communities and circles are still alive, if slightly smaller (hopefully) and people (and definitely Reddits bot army) are likely still keeping them populated. Steal it! Bring that shit over here! Reddit is a link sharing sites primarily, and so is this! Take that link, ctrl-c, ctrl-v baby!

Finally, spread the word! Those that haven’t rexxited haven’t done so because either they haven’t heard about Lemmy/kbin/fediverse, it’s too confusing, or they haven’t seen an enticing enough reason to. None of those things will change without engaging with them.


You’re welcome! Happy browsing. Another tip that will have mixed results is to ask for recs in the chat community (either Beehaw’s or other instances). It never ceases to amaze me how many random/niche communities there are that I’d never have thought to look for!

but it seems like you have to rely on an external 3rd party tool like to find any of them

That’s a tool that exists and can be very helpful, but you can also browse all communities federated with your instance by just going to “Communities” and selecting “all”. You can search for anything that way. It’s not perfect and in desperate need of some filtering/sorting tools (coming in the future I believe), but you definitely don’t have to use a third party tool! Also works on Jerboa, not sure about the iOS app.

I’m finding myself not knowing how to proceed and find other emotional folk

I think I need more emotionally-vulnerable people

some left in a flurry of drama and hurt feelings

I quoted the above because what you’re looking for isn’t something that develops quickly or easily. Emotional vulnerability typically comes through years of shared experience and built trust, and if you’re seeking people to specifically look for that, you’re liable to push people away and create a negative feedback loop. Have you considered seeing a counselor or therapist in the interim? Someone you can talk to regularly about all your emotions, and who will listen and provide feedback and reinforcement? Despite all the focus on mental health and well being these days, there can still be a very negative connotation/perception to therapy, but there really shouldn’t be! There is SO MUCH positivity that can come from regular counseling.

As others have pointed out, in the interim, the way you make friends is by going to where the people are and meeting them! Look for hobbies/group activities that you’re interested in and start going. Keep in mind that you won’t become friends with everyone you meet, and that’s okay! Some people you’ll stay in touch with a few weeks, others not at all, and some might end up as a groomsman in your wedding and one of your best friends 8 years later (speaking from personal experience). My venture out activity was rec sports.

Seriously, how many times have you heard Redditors complain that a community has gotten too toxic, or too meme-filled, or too obnoxious, or too (insert whatever adjective).

Guess what - on Lemmy, you and all the people that think that can start a new one, and you can moderate that stuff out. And the people that enjoy the existing community and its vibe can remain. And you can all like the same stuff while treating it differently. I’m all for the migration, but man I am getting burnt out on all the fresh rexxitors posting about how they don’t get or want to change lemmy after they’ve been here for like three days.

The other truth a lot of us don’t want to face is that, in all likelihood, reddit wants the old heads to leave. We are not their demo anymore. Users with accounts in the 10-15 year range are in their thirties and forties generally. We’re not their target demo, and they think our complaining about the good ol’ days is probably keeping away some of their gullible you get demo that don’t care that their data is being mined, don’t realize when they’re talking to bots, and are used to being assaulted by ads because they don’t know any better.

This is what I’ve been saying! Lemmy feels like what the old Reddit experience felt like and can become what reddit was supposed to be all along.

Hi welcome. Have fun with it! It’s new, it’s exciting. It’s less developed but that just leaves tons of room for growth and polish! Reddit was over saturated and stagnant. Embrace the relatively empty pond!

Great article and summary but man, whatever happened to editorial review? There are three or four major grammatical errors in that short piece. It’s unfortunate because it’s extremely well written otherwise, and does a great job of reporting objectively which is very rare these days.

Twitter’s response to a request for comment regarding its Boulder offices was an automatic email with a poop emoji. Twitter CEO Elon Musk tweeted in May that this is the new auto-response for press inquiries.

I can’t believe this is real, what an absolute clown show.

I’ve been commenting on here tons that I feel like reddit has morphed into every thread being an argument or a meme-off. I used to love just shooting the shit in the comments of a funny/cool post. It’s been gone for years and so far it’s what I like most about Lemmy. Way fewer comments sure, but like I’ll go back and forth just talking with way more people.

I agree completely. Also, I mentioned elsewhere that I feel more likely to actually contribute to this smaller community. I’ve already made more posts (2…3 maybe?) in a week here than I did in the last 2 years on Reddit. When you don’t feel like you’re shouting to 3 million people who aren’t listening, it’s more fun! It’s hard to really talk to anyone when you don’t know anyone at the party right? Is that enough analogies? I feel like that’s probably enough…

You’re not wrong at all on that, however, the quarantining and banning of hate communities happened before the removal of any and all NSFW subs from /r/all. The hate groups were largely getting restricted well before that. I realize they’re two sides of a similar coin - but there were different motives behind the shifts. Recall also, that most of those groups getting quarantined and banned were not NSFW communities.

Nobody was using boobs or twerk videos for hate speech. A 4K/60FPS version of that gif of Alexandra Daddario wasn’t being used to advocate violence against political figures. That later shift was done purely for user control of content. Reddit (probably) isn’t getting click shares off of imgur reposts of daddarios boobs. If they’re not standing to gain, they lose every time someone leaves the front page and goes to a sub page to explore more. They also get fewer eyes on their paid content if people are turned off from using /r/all because they don’t want to see said boobs. That particular move was a dollars and cents content control move only.

I edited my comment to expand because probably a lot of people don’t realize their being manipulated. You bring up a good point though, because you’re right. The reason it feels like there’s so many polarizing takes and arguments in comments and bot generated discussion is because there is - think about it, say you’re like me/most people and rather than go to the link you just go right to the comments. Well if you see “people” arguing back and forth and posting polar takes, you’re more likely to go to the article and form your own opinion.

I think that’s kind of proof-positive for just how much content on Reddit is now controlled and pushed by Reddit itself in some way. If 75-80% of the subs where content gets hosted are not adding content, but there hasn’t been a meaningful dip in content, it’s because Reddit is the one controlling the content.

Hate to by the pessimist, but he’s not wrong. Most subs will open back up tomorrow, I doubt most will close again. The users that aren’t on board will jump ship, but a greater percentage will likely just grumble and complain while they continue using the service. It’s what they’re banking on.

They’re not getting me back. I doubt that will affect their bottom line much, but it’s all I can do.

I said it elsewhere, but I fuckin like Lemmy man. I’m glad I found it, regardless of how/why I did.

Honestly, it was probably intentional. People shit on spez (rightfully) but he’s doing his job perfectly. He’s looking like an incompetent man child, and finger pointing at a third party using an obviously and probably intentionally weak narrative. He’s put all the focus on himself and how stupid he looks. He’s a punching bag, and in the mean time everyone at the corporate level that actually enacted these changes and is forcing this platform shift is remaining a) anonymous and b) out of the crosshairs.

I posted this on Kbin too, but I thought people might find it interesting here as well. I feel like maybe younger/shorter term users, and other people really don’t fully understand what’s going on with Reddit, and how it’s been building to a crescendo for a while.

tl;dr: This shift in Reddit has been coming for awhile, and was heralded years ago by fundamental changes they made to how users engage with their platform, most specifically by turning “/r/all” into “/r/onlywhatwewantyoutosee”.

I was a Reddit user for 12 years and change. I pre-date the Digg migration, and honestly I thought the years after that were its peak. There were warning signs that it was going downhill at many points in time, but I think the moment that really signaled Reddit was never going to return to what made it popular and successful is when they removed NSFW subs from /r/all…even though they’d rolled out /r/popular a year or two prior, supposedly for that purpose.

It’s not because of the restriction of NSFW subs in and of itself, it’s the implications/precedents that were set for the service as a whole. At that point, it became crystal clear that Reddit wanted to make sure the vast majority of users would be stuck with reddit recommended content only, and from there out it’s felt more like user manipulation for maximum advertising. Think about it - probably 50% of the most popular posts are either thinly veiled ads, or posts LOADED with ads that Reddit is surely getting clickshare revenue for linking to. Then there’s the sponsored posts hidden in with the normal posts, and the banner ads inserted between those.

The point of /r/all was to show everything, in real time, as it was growing in popularity. That’s how people discover things they like that they didn’t know existed - but finding those things, means spending less time in the controlled environment engaging with the content they most want you to engage with, and making them less revenue as a result. When /r/all turns into “/r/onlywhatcorporatewantsyoutosee”, there’s really no going back or improving. This API bullshit is just the next iteration of that same long term strategy - control what users see and interact with by forcing them to stay in their tightly controlled environment

I can’t tell if this is a joke post but my honest two cents is that you both have trust issues and there are some major red flags from you both. Your partner should not be worried about telling you where he was or what he was doing, and you should not be distrusting to the point that you’re going through his phone. Especially over a burrito.

Thanks! My reddit name got shit on frequently, so I’m not sad to see people appreciating the new one!!