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He can’t take a chance that someone would miss the message. It’s the same mobster tactics Trump uses. Rewards folks who, on their own initiative, do things you like. Punish those who don’t. Make it clear that your personal success depends on which side your bread is buttered.

Sync isn’t backup for a few reasons. Unless you are taking system snapshots, you may be left with files without any way to restore your system. That’s probably okay if you are just syncing data files. But also it only protects you from catastrophic failure since your last sync. If a file gets corrupted, the corrupted file will get synced and your backup is of no use in recovery.

OP might also have something else in mind as this isn’t my area of expertise.

There were cordless landlines for years. So you could go usually anywhere in the house or even into the yard a ways. But I can’t think why anyone would want to use something like that when you have cell phones. Large, comfy form factor I suppose.

I’m still protesting. Haven’t been back since. Probably will protest until the sun is cold and black.

I have. I’ve used GPT for about 5 years. It has gotten more sophisticated and yet it’s still just a completion engine even if it has more moving parts. There is no comprehension or reasoning behind it.

I was going to make the point that there may not be an error, but because you tell it to give you one, it finds something. But that doesn’t explain VSCode, you’re right. Every once in a while an IDE is just wrong. I was going to suggest trying a different IDE which might give you a less cryptic message. I often times find bad brace errors to be a result of something much higher in the code.

But again, not knowing PHP, I could only take a stab at answering why with the AI. I’ve tried many times to have an AI help me with these tasks. And sometimes it’s very good at them, but other times I can spend hours refining my query and arguing with it and never make any headway.

I can’t read PHP, so I can’t tell you where the syntax error is, but the AI is only responding in a way to complete the conversation. It has no ability to comprehend the code you’ve written, it just knows that conversations that start off the way yours did, probably ought to end with a complaint about that closing brace - particularly if you told it what VSCode was complaining about.

This is one of the shortcomings of AI code assistants - they can’t think abstractly at all. So it’s ability to answer a troubleshooting question depends greatly on how many times the same question has been asked on StackOverflow and elsewhere.

I think of the marketing as a bunch of nerds who want it to exist for niche reasons trying to find a way to appeal to normies because who is going to spend that much money to watch a dragon set fire to New York or have CGI bad guys lurking around corners only to pop out to be shot or going to comicon to have the amazing cosplays somehow enhanced even further with animation.

I feel like it’s inherently a non-mass market device trying desperately for mass-market appeal because nerds can’t afford $10k to stomp around the city as a giant mech in the hope they run into another one and have a duel.

But let’s be more real. How cool would it be to look around and see other users with a tag cloud and you instantly know you can talk to that person about Star Wars or anime or football or dating? How much easier would it be to make small talk or even friends?

There’s a lot of potential in such a device if it takes off. But I don’t know if the devices are mature enough yet. And achieving mass-market appeal is a whole other hurdle and if it can’t get past that the rest is moot.

Obviously I wouldn’t want to see Apple be the only game in town. There has to be a minimum of two significant players to drive innovation, but someone has to create the market first. Apple might be able to do that.

Novel AI is uncensored and better than GPT2 and runs from $10-25/mo. Fair warning, it doesn’t take long to plumb the depths of language to achieve “maximum fetish”. It’s like eating nothing but ice cream for breakfast lunch and dinner.

I think people who are into it can be into it and people who aren’t don’t have to be. Every innovation had detractors lamenting it. And many of those innovations miss the mark and never take off.

Dystopian seems to really overstate it. I’m not rushing out to buy one but I’m not ruling it out eventually if I find a good use case. Probably not filming my kids but maybe there’s something. Some kind of mixed reality LARP game maybe.

It’s garbage for programming. A useful tool but not one that can be used by a non-expert. And I’ve already had to have a conversation with one of my coworkers when they tried to submit absolutely garbage code.

This isn’t even the first attempt at a smart system that enables non-programmers to write code. They’ve all been garbage. So, too, will the next one be but every generation has to try it for themselves. AGI might have some potential some day, but that’s a long long way off. Might as well be science fiction.

Other disciplines are affected differently, but I constantly play with image and text generation and they are all some flavor of garbage. There are some areas where AI can excel but they are mostly professional tools and not profession replacements.

I think OpenAI (or some part of it) is a non-profit. But corporate fuckery means it can largely be funded by for profit companies which then turn around and profit from that relationship. Corporate law is so weak and laxly enforced that’s it’s a bit of a joke unfortunately.

I agree that AI has an important role to play in the future, but it’s a lot more limited in the current form than a lot of people want to believe. I’m writing a tool that leverages AI as a sort of auto-DM for roleplaying, but AI hasn’t written a line of code in it because the output is garbage. And frankly I find the fun and value of the tool comes from the other humans you play with, not the AI itself. The output just isn’t that good.

Mass produced garbage is still mass produced garbage. As you point out AIs aren’t human and while that removes the limitations of the flesh (including limitations that we might want there - no human ever says oops, I made a child porn), it imposes limitations of the machine. AI output isn’t that good at anything practical. It writes garbage code that even if you manage to get it working, the business manager or whoever isn’t capable of seeing the flaws in it. The art is devoid of any sort of soul and almost always has glaring flaws that require actual humans to identify and fix.

We are about to be inundated with AI produced garbage, sure, but that only proves the lie that shady internet sites and social media have always been a cesspool of shitty, unreliable content, and connecting with hundreds of thousands of faceless strangers was never a good idea. Hopefully we’ll come up with (or go back to) solutions that don’t treat the problem as simply one of volume.

Any company replacing humans with AI is going to regret it. AI just isn’t that good and probably won’t ever be, at least in it’s current form. It’s all an illusion and is destined to go the way of Bitcoin, which is to say it will shoot up meteorically and seem like the answer to all kinds of problems, and then the reality will sink in and it will slowly fade to obscurity and irrelevance. That doesn’t help anyone affected today, of course.

Look, I fucking hate HP so don’t take this as supporting them in any way, but I don’t think what you’re describing is possible. The tower is nothing more than a bunch of mounting points to attach hardware made by other manufacturers. They don’t make motherboards or chips. They could maybe have a deal for a custom branded bios maybe with certain settings locked down. They could have some shitware installed in windows, but none of that would have an impact before windows loaded.

I just don’t see how what you’re describing is possible even if they wanted to. It would be a major scandal and everyone would’ve heard about it. Remember the Sony rootkit CDs?

It took 11 years to go from the development of the transistor to the integrated circuit. We went from there to the 286 in about 25 years. This is an exciting development, but I’m probably not going to live to see it in my home computer.

Collateral damage in a just war. Don’t patronize restaurants that charge for the restroom and you’re in the clear there, while also being on the morally correct side of history.

If a business wanted to charge me to change a baby’s diaper in the bathroom, I’d just do it right on the table or whatever in the middle of everyone. Let’s see how your business does when everyone is seeing and smelling that business. I hope it’s a restaurant.

I don’t think this will work. Anything that pops up while I’m trying to do something else quickly becomes associated with frustration rather than curiosity. That’s really the reason clippy became such a joke. No one ever wanted it, it just showed up like a creepy neighbor watching from across the yard for an excuse to invite themselves over.

Not the person you were talking to, but I used my computer for browsing, development and a few steam games. I’m not trying to do rocket science. You know what seemed to fuck up my system? The system/software updater. Maybe the graphics drivers, but maybe not. That’s pretty basic bitch level Linux.

That said, Chromebooks are fine for the demographic you are taking about, and those are Linux.

It’s critical to note, as you point out, that until you know what the goal is you can’t say whether they are winning or losing.

I think it’s mainly businesses and not users who will keep using it without support.

As for the other I switched to Linux, but I can’t seem to keep it running. I currently have no computer until I get another distro onto a bootable USB. Fortunately my /home partition seems fine but my root partition broke. It would start in recovery mode but not otherwise. Tried fixing it and now it’s broke worse.

I’m a very technical person. Expecting people to move to Linux because they don’t want or have TPM2.0 is not going to work.

Impending? I think the issue is there has been a humanitarian crisis there for decades and no one has done jack shit.

I have this issue on iphone and I hate every keyboard on iphone. I assume it’s apple’s fault, somehow, because keyboards are so much worse than when I was on Android. I like the rest of it, but the keyboards drive me nuts.

Absolutely. There is only a single depiction of Homer and I agree that unless you specifically ask for a race bent Homer it shouldn’t do this. I was just pointing out that you can’t draw the line at “identifiable character” because clearly that’s also a problem. Maybe there is a better place to draw the line, or maybe it’s going to be problematic regardless of where is drawn, including not doing anything at all.

I would say if you can’t do it right just do nothing at all, except as a white guy in a white biased world, that’s self-serving. I’m not the right person to say it’s fine to just let it be.

I agree with you, but there is a lot of gray area. What about Spider-man? 95% of the pictures it ingests are probably Peter Parker so it would have a strong bias towards making him white when there are several ethnicities that might apply. What about Katniss Everdeen? Is she explicitly white in the book or is she just white because she’s played by a white actress? I truly don’t know so maybe that is a bad example. What about Santa? What about Jesus? Of all characters, Jesus absolutely shouldn’t be white but I’ll bet the vast majority of AI depicts him that way.

I’m not disagreeing with you so much as I’m pointing out the line isn’t really all that clear. I don’t like this ham-handed way of going about it, but I agree with and support the goal of making sure the output isn’t white biased just because preserved history tends to be.

Are you talking about the static city scape that scrolls while occasionally showing still ads every once in a while? That doesn’t feel like the same thing at all. Of course I haven’t used my Roku since I hooked up a PS5 so maybe they’ve made it worse.

This is corporate politics. Most likely there are no good guys. So just grab a bucket of popcorn and watch the fireworks.

It’s not crazy. There are multiple blacklists that largely but not completely overlap. Sometimes program A works best on site B and program Y works on site Z. Or at least historically this has been the case.

Obviously a new game is afoot.

My “secret” is I’m fine defederating with fb or any other larger player because nerds are all I really want to socialize with anyway. Those of us here would lose nothing by fb joining and defederating.

Success might eventually breed a monster but let’s cross that bridge when we come to it like we are doing with Google and FB etc. by seeking alternatives.

Plus, I’m not sure a monster in the fediverse is nearly as bad a thing when you can easily jump to a different provider.

I dressed up as Darth Vader and took my kids out. It was popular. I had several kids assure me they were on the side of the Empire. Then when they got past me, they were like, “I’m really a Jedi,” and run away. It was a good time other than I was completely blind. I couldn’t have chased those little younglings down if I’d wanted.

Anyway what were we talking about? Broke dipshits who chose irrelevance when they had the option of being rich and silent? Meh.

Bad timing. Yo can’t sell the piddly little shit when Russia already bought the Maralago motherhood.

I’m not sure from the tone of your post whether you are trying to agree or disagree with my conclusion because it reads slightly argumentative, but I assure you I agree with you 100% and think this supports my point perfectly so maybe I’m misreading the tone. I upvoted you either way for being right in your points whether you come to the same conclusion as me or not.

Your position is that a wealthy man deliberately burned 22 billion dollars to destroy microblogging? That he’s intelligent enough to plan and execute this perfectly, but too dumb to think of a better way to spend 22 billion on himself?

I think this theory falls apart on examination, to say nothing of Occam’s Razor which argues heavily in favor of sheer incompetence.

That fits perfectly with my plan to keep subscribing until the actors get a good contact and then drop Netflix.

Guns. Only guns are protected in perpetuity. I’m by and large a pro gun person, but the reasonable ideas that get attacked because 2A means the right to be a dangerous idiot with a gun is absolutely sacrosanct makes me anti-2A. Don’t take all the guns away, just allow sanity to prevail.

Of course the last thing I fucking want to see is a constitutional convention that could potentially fix it. That shit show would be utterly unhinged.