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Ok, enough with all the stabbing.

If anyone feels even a little bit stabby, go get some help.

Well, let’s just say I don’t want a repeat of last week.

Yeah, I get it.

But I reckon the real tax cheats.- sorry, I mean tax minimisation! - aren’t the ones putting cash through pokies. They are using companies, discretionary trusts etc and various tax jurisdictions to avoid -oops! I mean minimise!- tax.

Whatever happened as a result of the Pandora Papers? Nothing. Because it’s basically all legal and the way the rich evade - oops! I mean minimise!- tax.

Good on all those stores and staff that helped protect people, hide them and keep them safe.

Sadly, now they’re going to be closed while the investigation goes on. Hope they get some support.

It’s kinda weird none of the news are mentioning what the jersey is that he’s wearing.

The most description I’ve heard is he had a green and gold shirt

Also was he going full kit wanker?

I was a backer of strong laws, up until the rugby case study, or fiasco. Now I think it doesn’t matter.

Rugby was popular, and not covered under anti-siphoning rules. Fox paid millions, and put it behind their paywall.

Now, after several years, nobody gives a shit about rugby, the Fruit & Nut Wallabies are a joke, and rugby has reversed course and now has games on FTA.

Other sports have taken note.

We have such a small population (market size) with so many sports (products) that making it only available via pay to watch is a very dangerous game (price sensitive).

I know that the whole cashless gaming is supposedly targeting tax cheats blah blah,.

But the whole cashless thing is making me twitch.

You are further distancing money from a physical/logical good to an abstract thing that doesn’t really mean anything.

The move away from cash to cashless is having the same effect.

Paying $15 when you only have a $20 in your wallet to last you to payday is a lot different to just tapping your card for those new shoes, or another $500 of ‘points’ to flush through a pokie.

idk, maybe I’m an old guy barking at the moon, but something feels really off. I think I’m going to pull out $500 in cash, and use that to pay for everything and see if it changes my perspective.

Let’s say a picture of you or I was used for scam ads.

What do you reckon the chances would be of the cops or Commonwealth prosecutors ever giving a shit about it and even initially starting a case against a corporate giant like Meta?

Yet, they did it for Twiggy. Even though it was a waste of money and time.

Now, I guess,.he gets to use all that and start a private lawsuit. Which you or I could never afford against Meta…

First post. Woohoo!

And I’m making zero progress in going to bed later and waking up later…

An extra hour of sleep is great.

We should put the clocks back every week!

It’s very freaky. Rain means growth of the bushland, and then when we get a dry spell that’s all fuel for bushfires.

I have friends in Sydney, not in outer suburbs, and there are 2 levels of warnings where they will just abandon their homes. There are fire/wind projections that show they would have 10 minutes to get out. If they were told at the point of ignition.

Our top level of fire danger is now Catastrophic. It basically means gtfo, and if you can’t, well lol good luck. The level below that is now only Extreme.

I guess what I’m saying in a roundabout fashion is that rain is a problem, then drought is a problem, then fire is a problem.

Dammit people have things a lot tougher than I have any right to bitch about anything.

I hope everyone stays safe and happy 😊

I guess it all depends where it’s falling. 200mm might be nothing in a tropical climate during monsoon season, but catastrophic in a desert climate.

Good luck with your wet willy willys over in Florida.

relocating entire towns to higher ground

I’ve sometimes wondered about that. Sure the costs would be big, but it might pay off in the long run.

Bahahhahahhaa, who am I kidding? What politician or party cares about the long run. They don’t care about anything but the next election.

So, how about that weather?

“Transport for NSW took the rare step of warning drivers statewide to avoid non-essential travel.”

Take care out there, people!

Starting the week with a day off should happen every week.

Happy Easter!

May the bunny bring all your favourite things!

Actually, maybe it was only a last week thing. Nothing in Aldi, and Colesworth were showing as unavailable.

Found them yesterday, though the price is fairly steep compared to normal.

I can outlast you supermarkets!! Cabbage isn’t that great anyways!

I’m kinda pissed off that there’s no cabbage to be found anywhere. 😠

Reminder that bottleo’s are closed on friday, and any other places can only serve alcohol from midday to 10pm.

I think I can make it 😋

I can guarantee rain tomorrow.

Washing the car today.

TBF, we are a pretty shitty species,.and we might wipe ourselves out. So they can probably just sit back and wait a while…

Maybe the cool, peaceful hippie aliens could come down and talk some sense into everyone. Yeah, nah, that wouldn’t work, we’d start a war with them too as soon as they started talking about anything that might decrease someone’s money or power.

Ugh! What a disaster!

But, I just keep looking at the beautiful blue sky. It seems so long ago since we had that!

Sure, I’ll give a funny ad a plug.

I have nfi if ubershare is available in Australia, and have no reason to ever use it.

It’s all in good fun, bro

Where can I buy the thong rack?

He's passed EVERY test. He's more Aussie than anyone I know!

Proactive Policing, yeah, mate, I’ve seen that movie.

It’s an OK movie, but the required suspension of disbelief is too much for me. It’s just too far from reality for me to get into.

Wait, WHAT?

Government legislated forced cost recovery and profits.

It’s the future!

Oh, you mean like Telstra VoLTE compatible devices? Where only devices sold by Telstra are officially supported?

“If you didn’t buy your device from Telstra, you’ll need to get technical assistance to see if you can enable VoLTE on your compatible device”.

My last whinge on this topic.

In the Android world, you could improve security and effectively extend the life of the phone by installing a 3rd party ROM, eg LineageOS. Depending on the community and skills of interested developers, this could continue being updated and even included upgrades to new Android versions with new features for years after the manufacturer abandoned it.

But some phones have proprietary implementations for VoLTE and VoWiFi. Eg on my Samsung phone,.which will soon stop receiving Samsung updates, everything on any AOSP based ROM works except VoLTE and VoWiFi.

So, this effectively makes these 3rd party OS’s useless. You won’t be able to take or make calls.

I’m not happy about that, and make make sure my next phone purchase will have VoLTE etc available on AOSP

I was talking about plans, so I meant the plans with 5G will usually cost more.

Cheapy plans/providers are usually 4G only. But with the relatively short range for 5g, unless heaps of 5g towers/access points are added, a lot of people won’t notice any difference except maybe battery drain.

Maybe the Telcos will add 5g access points to all their customers routers. Maybe the NBN could add it to their modems. There’s been talk about adding it to power poles and street lights lol. Of course, anything out of a town or city will be pretty unlikely to get 5g.

The other thing that pisses me off about 5G is that the higher speeds are only over very short distances. So unless you’re close to a tower or they start rolling out a heap more towers, most people won’t get any benefit over 4g

I know where I live, and where the tower is, I can’t get 5g.

I find it even funnier when some providers offer 5g plans capped at 100mbps, which is the same speed as their 4g plans

And don’t forget 5g uses more battery than 4g, so unless you need the speed, turn it off and just use 4g.

I’ve got no use for 5g unless I was going to use it instead of NBN. And it doesn’t beat fiber or HFC as far as I can tell… either in price or performance.

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