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SBC also voted to affirm the explusions of two churches, including Saddleback Church, which was founded by highly respected author Rick Warren and is one of the largest baptist churches in the country. They claim nearly 25,000 people in weekly attendance. And Warren’s books, including “The Purpose-Driven Life,” are used all over, including in my then-relatively liberal Lutheran church. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saddleback_Church

They were expelled because a woman acted as a youth pastor.

Wow. That’s like kicking the Yankees out of MLB because the league thinks that players should be able to have long hair.

The social media provider must “verify, using a commercially reasonable method” the person’s identity and the relationship to the minor.

You cam do that through credit card probably.

So interesting, because we tried an air fryer (not a dedicated one, but a toaster oven with air fryer capability) and found that we just got stale food that took forever to cool. The Instant Pot is great for cooking beans, caseroles, soups, yogurt, boiling eggs, and creating other awesome, gloppy foods that my Midwestern sensibilities liked. We don’t use ours a ton, but I’m glad we have it.

Instant Brands will continue operating as usual during the bankruptcy process with help from $132.5 million in new financing.

It’s Chapter 11 reorganization, not a liquidation. I think they’re big enough that they’re not going to go anywhere, but they have to adopt a new, much smaller, business model, since pressure cookers aren’t as cool as they were 5 years ago.

This is a bigger deal. These federal charges are way more serious than what he’s facing in New York.

He was processed in New York, too. I’m going to guess that he’s going to go through this process at least once more (in Georgia). I don’t think he’ll need to be fingerprinted and processed again if there are other federal charges while these are pending, but charges related to Jan. 6 might change his bail or conditions of release.

No mugshot “because the president is recognizable.” I guess that’s a thing, though I’ve never heard of it being used before.

Meh. (1) trump will have a very special incarceration, probably some form of isolation so that he is protected. (2) I think there will probably be secret service protection (could you imagine that assignment!). (3) he signed the First Step Act, which actually reduced federal incarceration by quite a bit

Of course, the other way Trump differs from any normal person who committed these offenses is that the normal person would be awaiting their trial from behind bars instead of posting on social media and holding rallies.

Meh, probably not. Most non-violent offenders, even in the federal system, are released on bail (or a similar form of supervised release) prior to trial. No chance of reoffending since he’d not have access to new classified info. No real flight risk ((1) because he’s too much of a narcissist, (2) because he’s easily tracked).

My guess? 250 devs 200 administrative folks (secretaries, hr, accounting, etc) 50 executive level 1500 marketing and communications and sales folks