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I also go to great lengths to say LLMs vs. AI.

But, I also spent most of my career in the “mainstream press,” and reporters can be surprisingly blasé about what technology means if that isn’t their beat. I’ve had to spike a story or two about new police tech that includes zero quotes from anyone outside the PD and their vendor. I’ve held an order of magnitude more so they could be fixed ahead of publication.

And this was 15-20 years ago, when newsrooms employed people with more than three years of experience. I heavily curate my news diet on an ongoing basis, as outlets can go down the shitter in a matter of weeks with buyouts.

What we get today from many supposedly reliable outlets is not helpful to society.

Pretty much why people stay in abusive relationships.

Lying on an S-1 isn’t an FTC problem; it’s an SEC one.

The latter is really my goal. I’m not one to be content to sit and bitch, but sometimes, so much piles up that it’s either that or another trip to the ward.

From the "no matter how bad you think it is, it's worse" department.

I’m facing this as well across the board, not just where a CS degree is expected. I started off in CS, then a year in discovered I liked working at my school paper enough to drop out after hitting managing ed and having no one left to learn from because the J-school had been gutted in the '80s … in 2000.

So, no degree. Which now means no job. Not even interviews. I never had any pure development titles that AI would pick up on, so the coding I’ve done also doesn’t count. Your basic bottom-of-the-barrel “and then we were able to lay off half the team” automation that then got me pushed out for providing a useful but unrequested solution that made me a threat.

I determine my needs and then choose my tools, so sure, I’ll get back up to speed in Python for a visualization project, but I’m not going to spend a couple of weeks trying to retain things with zero goal.

This is one of the more scathing pieces to come out on Ars about Reddit. As the site did not respond to inquiries, all that was available to report on was profoundly negative statements that Advance is unlikely to enjoy seeing.

I at least have a parking spot where no one cares. The cops know I’m here, and as I don’t cause an issue, they’re on my side. Which is pretty amazing. I’m not traveling the country; this was a necessary choice.

I’m a vandweller, not a #vanlifer. I saw what was coming with the next round of rent hikes and made the call. I already knew I couldn’t keep my cat, but the new rent meant no food, and at that point, you really have to think about things. So years of thinking tiny house turned into where I now live. Is it great? No. Is it worse than a $1,500 apartment? Well, I have to take a shit at the gym.

I already told the real-property world to fuck off by buying a van and living in it. The problem is the extant debt.

1 and 2 are viable … in certain situations. Had they left resin codes off anything else, things would look different. But once you get to “other” and believe that’s going anywhere other than a landfill, that’s an education problem.

That’s fair, and part of my issue, to be honest. Let’s say I score an $80K job tomorrow that completely aligns … then I’m not worried about buying food, but Trump could still destroy the country this year. Climate change gave Austin the sort of Phoenix summer I flew out the morning after high school graduation to avoid ever facing again, and we’re apparently hell-bent on seeing where Atwood didn’t go far enough.

I’ve done some consulting. That introduced different client-interaction problems that led to abandoning that.

I can, in fact, do marketing, and do it with a smile (I’ve a few decades of doing so, in fact … just unpaid). I have to believe the product stands out in a positive, unique way that benefits customers.

“They’re resin codes. Why would anyone associate three arrows forming a triangle with recycling? It’s not our fault consumers see any resemblance.”

How do people look at American society and think “this is something to aspire to be fully involved in”?
I'm at wit's end. I'm three months into a job search like the 30-month one I went through starting four years ago, and things proceed apace. I've gotten zero interviews despite 20 years of experience, and even finding things I think I could stand is a fucking tall ask. I've always been of the mindset that if you have a good product, shockingly little marketing is required. And that investing in the product is going to have a far larger ROI than blowing money on trying to convince people your product is better than it is. Just fucking, you know, *make it better*. Which is what I've always done. Whether it's a redesign or significantly better editing than the audience is used to, or infographics for stories that no one is going to comprehend from text analysis. Or, process improvement that makes employees lives better even though it may challenge the necessity of salaried positions. I cannot and will not subscribe to this notion that lying to people for pay is an ethical career. During my one stint in marketing, I got to the point of feeling physically ill that I was making the best money in my life to write saccharine copy about products we internally mocked our customers for buying. I honestly don't know how I can find a job that makes life worth living at this point, which is less than ideal when ideation is always on the menu (I last got out of a psych ward in late January, and all they had to offer is "you need to stop wanting what you want."). I don't understand why I would want to be alive to be able to pay off debt accrued because society has already discarded me as useless. I swear to fucking god, I cannot handle being told again that I'm wrong to have the ethics and goals in life that I do. If these do not align with the positions advertised, then the logical choice is simply removing myself from this clusterfuck. I have provable results from things I've done that did align, so why does saving companies six and seven figures several times by teaching myself what I needed to to accomplish my goals over the course of my career make me a bad hire? I've rarely worked for competent managers, so I'm generally needed to actually get improvements done. I don't care about my title, and I've topped out at $48K, so it's not like I'm looking for $150K ... but I don't like selling myself through insipid, meaningless prose just because it's what others want to hear. What is the point of even being alive when everyone is telling me I'm wrong to want to accomplish things that improve the lives of people other than shareholders? They sure as fuck don't need the money. I do, but I don't count because I've not already rolled over and begged to suck at the teat of immoral people who care nothing for the rest of the world, let alone the people without whom they'd have no product in the first place.

I didn’t have a choice when I started looking into 5G as primary internet … home was not available at my address but business was for whatever reason. “Very Good” signal tends to get me about 200Mbps, with “Excellent” hitting 400Mbps peaks.

I rarely break 1GB/month given how often I’m on WiFi, and I don’t stream anything on my phone (purchased music collection works just fine). I get that’s not how we’re encouraged to use phones, but it suits my needs.

I’m on T-Mobile via an MVNO for $204/year all-in (Mint, 5GB/month) and have 5G Business Internet through them for the flat $50. Combine that with being exclusively on solar power, and it’s cute to hear when the local utilities go down.

Is it as fast as fixed internet? No. Is that relevant 95% of the time? Also no.

Let me see if I can drag this dead horse into the conversation …

I’ve never met with success trying to find a partner. They show up at the oddest of times, pretty much exactly when I’ve given up. And, to that end, I’ve been on one “successful” date, inasmuch as we lived together for a few months. But she turned out to be what I needed to get used to cohabitation again ahead of meeting my first wife.

I’ve been fully and inescapably in love twice. Once in 1998, and the other in 2009. In both cases, not only was hooking up not the goal; it was actively against either the situation or what had been agreed to. This oddly provides something of a comfortable situation to be oneself without artifice.

The 1998 story is a whole bunch of random shit had to happen just so for me to end up meeting her (she was nominally my boss for nine days while I designed my first newspaper pages). She did not want to hire me and was forced to take me on by the ed-chief, who rightly pointed out she needed staff, and that as a school paper, that meant bringing on people with zero experience.

She continued to be my boss, but that was really sort of a moot point by the time we put the paper to bed, had a 2 a.m. dinner with the rest of the production team and went home together. Nine days. She had her place, I had mine, and it was immediately clear we were overpaying for housing as a result.

Now, if 1998 required all of these specific things to come together, that was amateur hour. That was just upbringing and specific timing on being edited for a news story by the EIC because the news ed was at lunch. It was the end of a call he took as I left, where I heard only one side (this was a landline call) that included “yes, we are looking for designers.” I turned around from the door after hearing that and mentioned I might be interested.

I have no doubt that without the social aspects I found myself thrust into, I would not have ended up in journalism. In under two weeks, I had a circle of friends, a girlfriend and a calling.

Now, as I said, amateur hour.

The second wife, that’s where everything really comes to bear. It requires everything from the first chick I fucked to I-5 freezing from Ashland to Tacoma. Oh, and about five years, as I initially reached out to her before getting serious with my first wife. She wanted nothing to do with me and sort of told me to go find my own kink adventure. “I really have no interest in teaching anyone.”

So there I was, crashing on a friend’s sofa ahead of the holidays, trying to find work and maybe a little fun on the side. I started talking with this ex without knowing I’d already contacted her (different OKCupid account on her end) and been shot down. I’d worn out my two-week estimate for saying with him several exits back, and our conflicting definitions of “out this weekend” led to a chain of events.

I had one night of the unexpected two covered with a former coworker, but there was one glaring hole ahead of getting up to Tacoma so my lesbian ex could fuck me and then abruptly leave to admit all that had happened to her wife. She’d already played this game once before, driving down to Medford, getting a hotel room and then … crying and driving back. But her sister worked for Marriott, so I had the room with neither of us paying … I just needed to cover Saturday night.

And so, as one does, I reached out to the chick who was engaging me because I mentioned on my profile that I still slept with a stuffed animal. “Fancy a visitor?”

She can likely better explain what compelled her to say yes, but she did. She lived on the coast and was thus a logical stop for the night while I enjoyed the unfrozen 101 on my way up. She did want to know one thing: Did I contact her specifically to fuck her? Because that wasn’t going to fly. And no, at that time, I did not.

The problem was readily apparent upon walking into her kitchen. Oh, she didn’t realize it yet, but I looked at the magnets on her fridge, just a glance, and what was immediately core-of-my-being was “this is not the last time I’m going to be in this room.”

And this was absurd, because I was introduced to her kids as “an old friend.” But as one does, we watched both Labyrinth and The Neverending Story, part of the way through which she, having made sure I was not there for sex, said, “You know you can touch me, right?” Which isn’t as dirty as it sounds and also totally out of character for her.

So I timidly grabbed her hand, and at this point, all was lost. It was like touching a part of me and thus quite weird. She had the same reaction, which would in a week be somewhat of a bad time for her then-boyfirend who’d come down for the holidays.

But it wasn’t settled yet. That would take getting up to Tacoma and having a six-hour call in which it became clear I was going back to Oregon.

So, dating? Yeah, that can be rough, but I prefer skipping that whole bit and just waking up next to someone who was apparently just waiting for me to show up.

I don’t get podcasts. Like, I’ve tried, several times over the years, but I’d really rather read something in five minutes than hear it dragged out for an hour.

So “where” I get my podcasts is already question-begging. I was pointed to one last week where the intro was all about things “everyone” experiences … getting the kids to school, what fast-food place to go to, arguing with the spouse about decor, usw. None of these applies to me, so I saw no reason to listen to the meat of the thing.

Don’t assume your audience is like you. Sure, some people may get warm fuzzies that others have experienced the hell of deciding to pop out a kid, but distilling the human experience to having kids and all that comes with that is going to turn off a lot of people. We know it’s hell. That’s why some of us noped the fuck out.

I have been dealing with this for 24 years. Ideation happens for me when there are no plausible steps I can take to improve my situation, and by extension, I lose interest in things that usually make me happy because they aren’t distracting enough to get me off the treadmill.

The only thing that helps at these times is the actions of others to bring me back (if temporarily) to feeling like I’m not cut off from society.

For once, things are finally looking up.

Saturday: Went out to trivia with people from a newly formed local Discord. (first social outing in months) Sunday: Very stimulating conversation with a woman in Canada for 10 hours. Too bad I’m in Texas. Monday: Truck runs again! Loose nut on the lug to the starter motor in the end. Tuesday: First shower in weeks, all laundry done, some shit cleared out of the van. Wednesday: Plugged in at the makerspace and realized I’ve not really been above 50% battery in weeks. Today: Main computer working at the space after reseating literally everything. It’s a beast after living with an entry-level Surface Pro 7 for months.

Now if I could find a job …

From the (middle of the) story: *The reason CES was so packed with random “AI”-branded products was that sticking those two letters to a new company is seen as something of a talisman, a ritual to bring back the (VC) rainy season.*

It’s always good to keep one’s shill detector up on Ars vis-a-vis Reddit given the ownership situation. I’ve so far not seen anything that rises to that level, including here, because of the audience. If you’re on Ars and don’t know what Reddit is, this story isn’t going to be of interest and thus is not going to push you to try using Reddit.

That said, this story only seems relevant to the minuscule-if-at-all-extant sliver of Ars readers who know what Reddit is and haven’t been using it only because they’ve been waiting to hear what paid apps look like eight months after the whole fiasco started. That’s not a demographic I’ve ever seen represented in the comments.

When 23andme was first announced, all I read was Startup Offers Access to Inevitable Security Breach Involving DNA.

From the sidebar on the home page: As a news aggregator and a social media outlet, with a focus on being a safe and accepting space, we strive to create a positive social impact.

This is a set of goals with inherent tension.

As one of the moderators of !usnews and someone who started in print journalism in the '90s, I can assure you this is not a new problem even without the impact portion. There are a varying number of steps from assigning a story to having it be aggregated on Beehaw, none of which we have any control over (nor, I can safely say, would any of us want to), and readers always want more “good” news regardless of platform.

If some of our news communities are upsetting you, removing those from your default feed is likely your best option.

We had this beautiful decade wherein we didn’t have to worry about things. Which came to an abrupt close with 9/11.

I’m not someone who believes it was an inside job, but holy shit, did it provide the opportunity to consolidate power and expand what the state does. What’s really alarming is that the party of limited government chose to turn us into a surveillance state.

I’ve spent more of my adult life in Oregon than anywhere else. But not Portland. Ashland, Coos Bay, Medford. I was the news editor in Ashland 20 years ago, and I ended up at the Medford Mail-Tribune in 2014, which required the publisher getting involved because my ouster in Ashland was political.

Late-stage capitalism follows this. It is essentially the first attempt at enshittification. What people are coming to realize is what already happened to journalism. Quality is unimportant. As such, gutting the editorial staff is business, as no one else has a press.

Brass tacks, it’s about making sure a product or service is just convincing enough to keep an audience. So, pay less each year until you lose readers. And then stop and view that as cost of doing business.

All this will do is push standard users into more expensive machines. Which, well, yeah, that’s the point.

I mean, 16GB? Is anyone who’s aware of RAM needs on a workstation accepting that in the first place? I’d love to run a poll and see who’s running less than 32. 16 was luxurious 15 years ago.

What you don’t want to do is throw your ex-wife into the mix as the world slowly crumbles around you.
I'm at the limit of survival, which is not ideal. By this, I mean I have no income, no financial support, and my van doesn't start. This last bit turbocharges the first. If I can't shower, I can't go into an interview. And so, my ex shows up, as she always does. She moved back to Oregon and discovered that *where* one is at does not assist *what* one wants. So she's in Texas now, needing to be useful in some way that her increasingly shitty job cannot provide. Which puts us on the same path for the first time since meeting 14 years ago. There was a lot of throat-clearing on the call last night before we realized we'd found our own paths to the same place. I don't know what this means ... I don't think regaling y'all with details is particularly helpful, but she has energy I don't to throw at my family, who's given up on me because I see late-stage capitalism for what it is. Given prior art that would necessitate a trigger warning, I can't see being part of the machinery that tells us to obey. But what's so absurd is the person who may be my biggest exponent is also the person who crushed me and turned me into who I am. It's like Stockholm Syndrome on steroids.

I had no idea the entirety of Max Headroom was available to stream off the Internet Archive! Oddly enough, searching on there for “max headroom” doesn’t return any results, so I’d never have stumbled across it by looking.

The only thing that’s changed about artists and people in power is that we now know a lot more about their beliefs and personal lives than we used to. One thing that hasn’t changed is that everybody has skeletons in their closet and is the hero in their own story.

As such, and given that I don’t seek out salacious details about people I’ll never meet, so long as their irrelevant-to-the-content/product personal views don’t filter into what they produce, I tend to be unaware of anything else about them.

There are of course exceptions, with Musk being at the top of the list. But as I’m not in an income bracket that would let me avail myself of any of his products, it’s still largely irrelevant.

And the further back you go in someone’s history to find dirt, the more likely they’ve changed. I’d hate to be judged now by some of my early columns in college when I was in my edgy atheist libertarian raver phase, so I’m inclined to give others a pass on adolescent musings.

With more recent stuff, as people let more of their personality into their crafted public personas, it’s not all that difficult to deduce whether their worldview is going to be offensive. But commerce overall is not about whether I’d enjoy grabbing a beer with someone so much as whether their product fulfills a need.

Seems other battery research is trying to reduce lithium use, whereas this solution requires more by replacing rather ubiquitous graphite…

Interacting with ChatGPT (or any LLM chatbot) without a goal is akin to buying a tool you have no projects for. And just as a hammer can’t provide plans for a grotto, chatbots can’t really talk me into there being a reason to chat.

I’d also be curious to train a local model on my past work, but it feels like it might keep my attention for a bit and then I’d run out of transformative ideas. At this point, I know this is the inescapable future, but I’m swinging wildly between thinking we’re going to find huge advantages and, well, apologist item descriptions.

I settled in for “oh, it’s this kind of pretentious writing” from the lede and was not disappointed. But then, I can end up there in my own writing sometimes if I’m really piqued about the topic.

That was the initial plan in the Third Reich as well.

With a fair amount of system integration (no wake word available) missing, of course. Which rather sounds like a feature.

Well, this is about 40 years too late, but I’m queer
I posted a few days ago about trying to figure out transphobia. I loved the responses and have rather voraciously read things and watched videos not necessarily suggested here, but we all start somewhere. What became increasingly clear (oh, that's not accidental wording, and yes, I'll give you a moment) was this tremendous hatred. It was unsettling, and it hurt ME. Should it have? Well, I don't want to unpack my entire life, and y'all might get bored. I just was never part of the movement because, well, it never directly affected me. It was always just to the side of things. The lesbian I "lost my virginity to," my raver days disappointing boys, my two butch wives, the femme I recovered from those with. I was able to see humour and irony, but somehow ... I couldn't quite get here. But my god. You start hearing what was said before the '90s about the "homosexual agenda," and it's the sort of thing that made me wish I weren't in a van so I could puke. It's just so facially wrong. Just so ... how was this ever a thing? I don't remember the last time doing research was viscerally damaging. I'm sorry that I didn't get y'all before. I had the whole "white guy dating women" thing, when no one realized I didn't ever date or marry straight chicks. I mean, maybe the short hair as a constant should have been a red flag, but, you know, tits, vag, whatever. I liked to consider myself an exponent of what was then called the GBLT community in college. I ran into a columnist I'd run at a rave. I was always -- always -- just this side of accepting that I wasn't covering them, I was covering us. And I'm sorry. I didn't feel the label was needed. But as I've finally gone down the rabbit hole of hell we encounter, I'm sorry I wasn't here for everyone who figured this out long ago, and I was not more forcefully supportive. Because I had that chance, and I didn't take it. I failed you, and I failed myself. I might have killed people by my coverage choices. I don't think I did, but I don't really know. But please accept that I will do what I can going forward. No one needs to feel unloved for who they are. I am not in a position to solve things these days, but I would like to see what I can do in the future. This includes a role as an advocate for the queer community. I have been told I'm good at writing, and I am trying to find my role and tribe. For now, I have finally landed. I just hope it wasn't at Sky Harbor and I have to drive.

Really beginner question: How is the trans community a threat to anyone?
Probably best to start with a trigger warning, as I will be covering molestation. Sadly, not the sort where moles are just doing their duties. [YouTube just served me this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAMM3l156Oo). (very much a trans-friendly link) And I was basically left wondering who the hell feels threatened by others being themselves. I hope this will not come across as inappropriate from a nominally cishet male. My background is hopefully not normal. At the age of 6, I was repeatedly involved in anal sex with a neighbour (his idea). Not to be outdone, a female cousin six years my elder babysitting me a year later introduced me to kinks that one should not know at 7 but would later inform my relationship choices in a less-than-ideal manner. That would take another 23 years, but my first real relationship, in college, was with a woman whom I like to claim I lost my virginity to (so as to avoid having to bring any of this up) that I also ended up in discussions with about being a sperm donor for her and her wife years later. After her, my year as a raver started. One learns very quickly not to assume a goddamn thing about anyone's sexuality or gender identity in that environment. It took two years in college to get to the point that I'd slept with more women than men, and just a few years ago, I started talking with a guy who I had to ask "are we flirting?" when our conversations felt more like what I was used to on intentional dates. Hence "nominally." So I have always been somewhat in orbit of the queer community without ever considering myself part of it. Indeed, a big reason I chose Beehaw was because inclusivity is just the sort of thing one should engage in. But this video was a maddening experience (I mean, I totally agree with the presenter), given that I don't see who's threatened by the existence of the trans community. Unless you're pinning me down and forcing me to do things I don't want to do, what you do in your life is not my concern. I again apologise for what is likely a very basic question, but I just don't get this. There are so many things to be concerned about in the world, and my god, I thought we'd gotten past petty shit like othering people. How my second wife was proudly bi and somewhat racist (first wife, same deal, minus the racism) was a confusing juxtaposition, but I was in a bit too deep by the time that became apparent. After that divorce, I ended up with a coworker I didn't even realise was a lesbian (she'd say I turned her bi), so straight is simply not normal to me. How is this a standard assumption, and how the existence of trans people are an existential threat is baffling, unless we take the view that straight people have more kids, which is what capitalism needs to forever feed the growth beast. Is it as simple at that? I'm going through some stuff currently that makes me ill-equipped to dive down the research rabbit hole, so I'm reaching out here in the hope of understanding without spending several hours getting angry.

What were your wedding processionals/recessionals and why?
I was just running through these, and, I think they're rather illuminating. First wedding: Processional: Andres Segovia - Recuerdos de la Alhambra *a track I associate with family ski trips* Recessional: The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony *let's not talk about the implications* It should be noted that our vows were "for as long as it works." Second round: Processional (and this was truly brilliant): Harry Belafonte - Hole in the Bucket (careful what you first fuck to) Recessional: [Chihiro Onitsuka - Innocence](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fE7Evs4q5uw) *a track I looked up after an ad from Applied Materials*

Grab your favourite beverage; this is a long piece, but it provides a fair amount of insight on the pre-Thanksgiving imbroglio.

RSS feed for series finales?
With the *House of The Dragon* trailer release and a "next summer" timeframe ... I don't remember S1 at this point but don't remember it being so good as to be worth a full rewatch. Which got me to searching for the title. There are a lot of shows at this point that air so infrequently, it would be nice to just get an RSS notification when any TV show airs its finale. Best I can find is RSS feeds of torrents, which I specifically don't need. I found one that claimed to be what I was looking for but turned out to be rumours about shows ending. Ideal notifications would be "The last episode of X just went live. Here's the link to X's IMDB page." I know there are things from years ago I wasn't willing to commit to that may be worth going back to, but that's a different sort of search.

We just wanted to remind you that you used to have a cat
When so much shit gets thrown at you that you have to rehome a pet, it's so nice to be reminded on Black Friday that you still don't have that pet, but here are some deals you can't fucking use.

At a certain point in living in a van, grousing about the state of things gives way to “wait a tick, persuasive researched prose is my wheelhouse; how do I find a paid advocacy role?”
And one runs into the sorts of search shenanigans that bedevils any job query. So, having cleared with an admin posting this *in no mod capacity whatsoever*, I wanted to see what suggestions y'all have. The logical fit at this point, as I'm adding solar to my van this weekend, is green energy and climate (part of the van is Austin's summer reminding me of growing up in Phoenix this year). We will not discuss the fuel economy of my stepvan. However, time is critical for a lot of what are called "left-leaning" causes (my preferred term: "human rights"), and I could be effective if not as up to speed in other fields. I have a face for radio and a voice for print, and self-sales is not my strong suit, so influencer is not a viable path; I'm looking for orgs that have the reach and need news analysis at the editorial-board level. Hell of a needle to thread, but one that actually seems likely in this political climate. I'm used to copyeditor wages and recognition, so I'm not looking for fame or fortune. But I am looking for a path forward that gets me out of debt within a few years and have a couple of decades under my belt, so intern wages won't work. And any org worth working for would expect to pay more for experience as part of their ethos. So, direct orgs y'all have experience with? Actually useful job boards (80,000 Hours seems more toward the governance side, and I think I'm too far left of the Overton window to truly enjoy that)? Good subreddits? I've got the clips; I just need to know whom to put them in front of.

YouTube once again ahead of uBO on Firefox; fiddling with the extension settings not working this time and DDG search is useless … anyone got ideas?
Pretty much the subject line. uBO has successfully blocked the nag screen enough times that I can't play anything at this point. No preview loads, and the play button serves no function. I'd really prefer not to have to find content on YT, copy the URL and use Piped/Invidious, but this ongoing escalation is steeling my resolve to screw Google.

Sharing here because of the post from 14 hours ago. In my case, I thought I could survive a few weeks on a Surface with a fresh Windows install because I'd been planning to sell it. Now that it's turning into my daily driver with no real end in sight (and with all my thumb drives packed away), I have Yet Another Flash Drive™ arriving this evening so I can go back to KDE precisely because of this sort of bullshit.

When it finally implodes, all that’s left is artifice
I don't expect this to be widely appealing as A) psilocybin use is involved, and much as I hate to perpetuate the before/after dichotomy, no one's blowing smoke there and B) I'm going to sound full of myself and bitter because of things like my first college editorial taking first nationally from Columbia when I had no such intent and sitting in a car listening to the AME/News bitch with the staff about Woodward at an SND convention because of the ownership of my first paper that also led to me changing A1 of *The Washington Post* in April 2003 after a linen meal across K Street earlier in the evening. Who the hell do I think I am? Someone wooed by metros less than a year into my career who instead took being unexpectedly poached to be second in command of a small daily a few months later. I like to start at the top. So when people like to take issue with how I need more skills after not saving Gannett $3-4 million a year because my bosses would lose their jobs from the efficiencies I found, it's difficult to know precisely what hue of acerbic sarcasm this calls for. Right, a coding class. How, exactly, did I already produce an automated workflow wherein the rollout would be seven figures? Semaphore? On a sociological level, it's been fascinating to watch as people are increasingly ready to widen the net of "other." I was told this month that not being able to lift 80 pounds for eight hours a day makes me a cripple on account of two back surgeries, and ideas are now like assholes: you've never gotten paid more for having one. Fascination does not so much pay the bills. And as my purchasing power has only trended down since starting in fucking ***SMALL-TOWN JOURNALISM***, I assure you, things are worse than you think. This much should be noted about the job market without much dissent: * experience is a liability, not an asset If this does not apply to you, let me be blunt: *You are participating in a different economy than I am.* We have a caste system. You can buy your way up in ours, but skill is no longer legal tender. If the system is working for you, the only way to change your mind about it working for everyone else you presume it simply must be is new data. As someone with some skill in conveying new data in a compelling way, here I am. Let's start at the top: Do I sound like what you think of when you envision a homeless person? I live in an unfinished 8'x16' cargo area of a 2000 Freightliner MT45 with less than 150K miles. I think the disconnect here is you lead (as a verb, it keeps standard spelling) with the van, and the framing is done. Lucky fucking bastards; I'm still working on the framing. Anyway, I've posted all over at large about sending out 1,000 resumes and cover letters over the course of 30 months, punctuated by one reply, a few suicide attempts and even more detox adventures. AI is not coming for our jobs yet, but there's not much need when experience round-files you. Yes, this is federally illegal age discrimination past 40, but I'm sure I have better ways to address things down the line. But let's step back to shroom trips 1, 1A and 4. Respectively, ruminations resolved with requisite exploded brain diagram; being found worthy of a mystical experience with the warning of "you can't live life the way you have been afterward" which of course while part of the ineffable entity communication seemed too cliche to take too seriously; and the 72-hour integration of something that left me suicidal to start for practical reasons instead of emotional. And let's please not start with my ability to accurately use "suicidal." I have the data points from being the son of Arizona's foremost adolescent-suicide-prevention expert for a couple of years (TV interviews at home and such), whose reaction to my first, after a few days to get back to the states was "well, I thought something like this might be coming." So, I was warned, I acceded, and here we are, in a van astride a drainage ditch. Look at how many things are meant to bind you from choices. * Kids. Gotta have kids. So that your job can keep getting worse but you need it because I guess some third or fourth generation would cure cancer if there were still a shot of that many generations. * Housing. Austin apartments never go month to month. You're essentially locked in with a huge exit fee outside of three weeks a year. And let's face it ... I was born after 1975 and didn't intend to enter the housing market on account of the transient nature of my career until at least 2012, so, yeah ... hedge funds kinda made that a moot point. What's not on this list? **Jobs.** The fact that it's not should be a neon fucking arrow, in that truly tacky combo of seafoam and not-quite-pink-enough of places trying to come across as vintage but are a visual affront. You're expected to put up with the state of the job market because you have no choice. Tied as a parent and homeowner so that you just have to take whatever's next. No house yet? No worries! Each year's rent increase will ensure you never escape the cycle! The government doesn't care about you or your family. The current state of the two-party system guarantees that; we all experience what D.C.'s plates mention: taxation without representation. Income tax is absurd when the government works for corporations. In Texas especially, it matters not if anyone at the local level cares about me; it'll get thrown out at the state or federal level ... sometimes with a new state-level ban! At least there's no state income tax? Domestic climate migration is already happening. If you are projecting land values ignoring that and climate change figures, I hope you enjoy the lesson about ignoring relevant data because you don't like it. If any given intelligence operation really hasn't stirred the pot enough, blowing up the fractious Near East is a classic. The layperson isn't supposed to learn anything, just be really angry for any number of reasons that resonates. It's difficult to come up with a conflict that elicits such tribalism among sometimes strange bedfellows. If you're trying to get back to your former caste, hope you have friends who are hiring. Otherwise, maybe stop othering those one tick ahead of you. Because it gets bad from here, and you're going to want friends. There's ignorance by opportunity and ignorance by deed. And choosing to write off all tales of difficulty because the plural of anecdote is not "data" regardless of frequency is the latter. Don't be the person who waits to understand you're next ... at some point.

Not quite there yet ... from left on surface, 5G internet, WireGuard router, pihole on a Zero W and 4x4 N95 HTPC, plus 1080p projector. When a computer that size (actually smaller, since I don't need a SATA bay) can outperform my tower, though ... [This photo](https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/CvcqX85m7TkTkbAbZGrsth.png) of Meteor Lake shows 16GB of LPDDR5X on the package. AMD's looking to kill the low-midrange GPU in the next couple of generations of APUs, with Intel attempting to reach parity. And all of this in a fraction of the power envelope of a midrange gaming rig. Maybe it's next-quarter-itis dominating the tech press, but these developments feel like they deserve a bit more attention given that all signs point to gaming 4x4 PCs with a wall wart in the next two years. This actually makes Intel's exit from the NUC space somewhat surprising, but they've been shedding products pretty consistently and this may just be a part of that. I'm in the situation of having a 5-year-old gaming rig that's still going strong (caveat: I'm a factory/city-builder gamer so an RX 6600 works fine for me at 4K60), and moving into a stepvan in the next couple of weeks and therefore suddenly very aware of power draw, so all of this may be more exciting to me than the average bear, as I could see finally upgrading on account of a dead component in the next couple of years. Yet there's still that part of me from college that wants to keep abreast of the latest developments, and as I've watched now six desktop Intel generations hit benchmarks since I was the lucky winner of an 8086K, there's been nothing that really draws a line in the sand and says "this will be the clear new minimum target." Intel starting over at 1st gen for Meteor Lake shows they see this finally changing. It honestly could have happened anywhere from introduction of E-cores to the seeming destination of Rentable Units, which have finally popped up outside of MLID. I've seen nothing about what AMD's disaggregated endpoint looks like, even though I'm definitely looking to Strix Halo as where I may be able to ditch the ITX sandwich tower completely. Couple this with swapping out my TV for a native 1080p mini projector (a "maybe" suggestion that turned into having to try one at $40, and wow!), and I could be gaming in a van in fucking style with essentially zero dedicated hardware space in just a couple years! Anyway, in situations like this, I've found that I may have inadequate sources, so I thought I'd see if anyone had suggestions.

[Archive link](https://ghostarchive.org/archive/ANfAz)

Thus ending our long national nightmare of accidentally opening things in WordPad on a fresh install.

Whose voice is yours? (spoiler: Mine’s Ronald D. Moore in AP Style)
I just had a Discord moment where a throwaway line was highlighted as high art, and I looked at what I'd dashed off and was like, "Oh, my Picard voice. Not generally useful outside of editorial writing."

More "for the children" invasive bullshit. Less privacy and more government intrusion is not what voters want out of bipartisanship. I'm somewhat heartened by what happened with SOPA, but the ongoing attempts to remove constitutional protections "because it's the internet" are not a sign that things are going in the right direction.

"Now that we've killed your industry, it's time to move on." Meta is threatening the world with the reintroduction of seeking out news sources instead of using a feeding tube.

It's always good to remember that the people most pissed off about the clusterfuck corporate media has become are journalists who want to go out and commit journalism but are considered too expensive.

Ten years ago, this would have been far more exciting news. However, given the quality issues Asus has been having for several years, this is not the company that should be picking up the baton. I'd have preferred to see ASRock, given their portfolio of NUC-alikes.

Ah, yes ... the ol' "I don't fully own the FTC, so they're biased" gambit. Anyone remember when regulatory capture wasn't a part of daily life in every sector? I'm only 44, so I don't.

When’s the last time you went on a real vacation?
I'm at 17 years. I've traveled to fulfill obligations since, but the last time I planned PTO to go somewhere and relax with no set agenda was 2006.

That mom-and-pop Seattle operation just can't catch a break.