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“Why hasn’t anyone designed a building like this before?”


I guess China is no stranger to the high inflation more risk-averse economic environment.

Took me a year and 150 applications and 10 interviews to find the job that I wanted. I wouldn’t want to wish the stress of job seeking on anyone.

You make a decent point, but the disconnect between people paying for content and the money going to the people who contributed effort to it is getting wider and wider.

Popular shows that people subscribed for get axed after 1 season or moved to another service. All the work people did for Warner Brothers’ Batgirl gets thrown in the trash so that WB can get a tax write-off, before any movie watcher can even give a cent to them in support.

The point is big studios make so much year after year that pirating their stuff doesn’t make a dent in whether the people they hire get paid accordingly.

Many scene groups actually purchased the games and cracked them, I’ve read NFOs that say “buy the game, we did too”.

People recording in movie theatres have to either sneak into the theatre or buy a ticket themselves.

Someone scanning a book to post online had to have bought it or borrowed it.

Yes some games are cracks of illegitimate obtained leaked copies or other unscrupulous methods.

I have played pirated games in the past but my Steam library has thousands of dollars worth of games I bought, many of which I wouldn’t have if I weren’t interested in these type of games to begin had pirating games not been possible.

Sure, the opportunity cost from piracy’s “lost sales” to the publisher/licensor is non-zero. But how many sales that would have happened varies greatly on the perceived value vs. price of the product, and how available it is. If it’s not in stores anymore and can only be bought from scalpers on eBay, the publisher cough Nintendo cough doesn’t see that money anyway vs. pirating it.

Some countries have a blank media fee on writable casettes, discs and hard drives that are paid to music and movie studios for this purpose.

RentlartoChat@beehaw.orgHow is Interrail?

I did an EU Rail pass trip (same as Interrail but for people outside EU), because I love taking the train. Visited 9 countries in 3 weeks, spending 120 hours of my trip on a train or transferring. I had a lot of fun.

Every train system is a little different, fare structure is a bit different here and there. In Germany it’s easy to get around without paying extra, in France you’ll have to pay extra often. Italy it’s a small fee but you have to pay it for every reservation.

You can get used to sleeping on a train, and if you’re young enough then some NightJet 3 seater coach cabins aren’t too bad. But be careful of overdoing it; at the end of the 3 weeks I was so tired I took the wrong train from København, Denmark and ended up in Nykøbing Falster at 2AM.

Wherever you go, be mindful that cost of staying varies wildly too, especially if you’re coming from Romania. Switzerland was expensive as hell for a young and broke traveler like me.

Including the plane ticket, rail ticket and reservation fees, hostel fees, food, beer and a couple souvenirs, I spent 4000 CAD over the 3 weeks, which works out to 200 CAD a day. This was in late spring 2022.

Be aware of the weather of where you’re visiting, this is true of any international trip but if you will be travelling far across various European climates it’s extra important to remember.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Last weekend I built a new PC which I collected parts over 6 months when I could afford them, and today I replaced all my burnt out light bulbs! My room is a lot brighter now!

I don’t know how likely it is (seems unlikely as it was coordinated until Monday), but if they can maintain strikes through to Christmas, then it would have a major effect. People ordering a week before will not get it in time.

That’s a great mindset to have. Life kicks everyone in the ass at certain points, but the will to continue forward has to come from you.

I raise my glass of milk to you and your new life.

On vacation from work for a few days… really needed it (if you can see my IP you’d know where at).

I wonder if it will be anything like the Rogers outage in Canada. A bad software maintenance update made their infrastructure malfunction and so many people were offline from a few days to a week.

You only get crazy things like this when a very famous artist gets taken too soon…

Good luck to Mr. Musk, the bank ain’t gonna give up my money without a fight.

The Paris Metro example is fine as they create new lines and upgrade existing ones.

The idea with the union is that any organization will have a difficult time slowly replacing workers with robots other than waiting for people to retire. It will either have to fire all or major portions of the unionized workplace to put in scabs or robots, or not at all.

And $1/yr today could easily be $10/yr next year and $100/yr after that… all depending on what the Musky Man feels like on that day.

Yeah I remember that’s how it was, but with the phasing out of #### after your username idk if they still have unclaimed accounts.

RentlartoChat@beehaw.orgPizza, people

That definitely sucks. I was lucky that there were salad bars at my dining hall and a burrito place nearby.

RentlartoChat@beehaw.orgPizza, people

First month of university, there was pizza in the dining hall. Had it every day for dinner for a month, sometimes twice in a day it was so delicious. At (October) Thanksgiving I was the heaviest I’ve ever been gaining 20 pounds, with visible flabbiness in my waist that wasn’t there before.

Consciously told myself to stop that entirely, and start eating vegetables. Was back to my previous weight by that Christmas.

It’s been so long since proper new Starcraft content (not including the basic remaster) I am almost at the point where I might take a wallet-sucking lootbox and microtransaction infested nightmare of a mobile app game if it means new lore for Starcraft, over nothing.

Now releasing Overwatch 3, exclusively on GamePass! New features (…Actually no new features because we cancelled them all after discontinuing Overwatch 2)!

Talk about bad geopolitical takes. I had to endure a hell of a lot this last weekend at the (Canadian) Thanksgiving dinner table.

I agree with your point overall in terms of AI not actually learning (I’d describe it as optimizing).

However, I will say that inferring from what is not said is a tricky one to apply generally, which you do in your reply by jumping to conclusions as follows:

The fact that they refused to reply hints that the reply would be against their best interests, either lying in a liable way or saying the truth and potentially ruining their investment.

This is dangerous, can be used disingenuously and I discourage using it in our discourse.

Getting the money from being paid to influence for Dubai is probably pretty cool for them.

This is right! There’s a large group of artists that are making a living not by making things that use creative thought and artistic vision but for the soul-sucking sake of profitability. Think promotional flyer design, ad video filming, stock images and footage for corporate use.

These are the first places that AI will come for before any actual storylines/narratives that would require creativity can be consistently generate. So the bulk of what AI is replacing is the boring regurgitation work before the actual creative work.

Therefore, what’s really preventing creatives from pursuing what they love is not AI mimicking their work, but a society that rewards mindless profit-making bullshit than creativity.

They would want full control over the software and enforce their vision of having you pay forever to lease their shit.

Two consecutive 4-day work weeks for people in BC, Canada. Our Thanksgiving is next week, very much looking forward to it.

So to condense it:

<- What people feel

-> What I feel

^ What people want

v What I want

The author of this opinion has a point, and that artist not getting ownership of works involving AI image generation is a consequence, but I like that it also discourages big studios from taking AI generated mishmash as a drop-in replacement for human produced artwork. If they used it some video generation program at this moment to replace strikers, there are grounds that the studios have no ownership of it.

Anyways, I think copyright law should be fully torn down and rebuilt to reasonable levels, so AI may be a good catalyst to achieve this vision of mine.

I don’t want to sign in to my browser, simple as that. I tried Firefox maybe 5 years ago and I simply liked it better.

Chrome’s manifest V3 announcement means I’m sticking with Firefox.

I am very sorry you had to go through such a terrible experience.

It is my sincerest hope that you will be able to find a workable solution to this problem, from Lemmy or elsewhere.

I am (and have been) okay with admins taking any action necessary to accomplish the goals of the Beehaw project. So removing image hosting, implementing lemmy-safety, restricting federation severely, do whatever you need.

And please, also do whatever you need to care for yourself, including if it means needing to take a break from the site.

I don’t this is an extreme take. Lots of Lemmy users would be sad to see Beehaw leave even if the reasons for leaving are understandable to them.

For me, the value of Beehaw was that there was a place on the internet where people could converse with mutual understanding and without judgement. I think such a space still exists here, but has faded a little when mixed in the context that Lemmy as a whole has gotten a bit more combative and falling into the same ragebait kind of traps Reddit conversations tended to go.

Through Beehaw I also became more knowledgeable in the LGBTQ+, disability, neurodivergence and feminism spaces, just by reading the posts and only occasionally adding a comment seeking better understanding, to which my questions were answered openly and honestly. I don’t want Beehaw to grow just for the sake of growing, but having Beehaw around I think will help internet users at large be able to learn about and sympathize with these causes simply by being there.

I’ll admit the wording of the post made me react as if these potential changes were imminent. I will respect any decision the admin team makes, and I encourage you to continue to stick to the core ideas of Beehaw to which you’ve written extensively about, while being able to balance your own lives and mental health.

The idea I’ll throw in the ring is to introduce one of the Automod programs (example), which can help keep the designated safe-space communities more tightly moderated, and address some of the issues of moderation granularity. For example, a user/instance whitelist could be instated as to who can post to the protected communities, with all other comments removed. An application process can be instituted to add to the whitelist.

I’m a big proponent of federation and the Lemmyverse. While it would be sad for me to see Beehaw leave ActivityPub, I’ve always said that the admin team should do what they think is best for themselves and Beehaw and I will respect such decisions.

I probably wouldn’t make a new account on another service because that would require a new app on my phone, but I’m OK with that if the idea of Beehaw prospers in another space.

@PenguinCoder @admin If I may suggest something on Lemmy as a stopgap measure, Beehaw can enlist the help of one of the AutoMod programs of Lemmy, so that any comment not on an approved user or instance list are removed on the specific “safe-space” communities. It might take some testing/tinkering but this may give you some of the granularity in moderation that has been requested.

Your conduct here is indicative of why you might not have been accepted into Beehaw or had mod action taken against you. I can understand your frustration, but federation (as it is right now) is a two-way street: The servers share posts, but users are expected to behave according to the rules of the server they are posting to.

You are capable of not posting in Beehaw, and you are welcome to block Beehaw communities as you wish, if you don’t like Beehaw’s rules, mods, or expectations we have on your behaviour.

5 million bees fall off truck on Guelph Line in Burlington, Ontario
cross-posted from: > Archive link: Looks like the trucking company lost some bees' knees today.

In a video by, Alec goes into a deep dive into the simplicity of his particular model, its shortcomings and variety of data logging tests in an attempt to fix them. TL,DW: Very simple, cheap and ingenious design, with one compressor loop between the fridge and freezer in series. However, its temperature sensor is wonky and so the fridge is more affected by how long the compressor operates than the actual temperature itself. There is a signficant temperature differential between the top and bottom, fans on the exterior or interior could help but with the faulty sensor only made matters worse. With the controller replaced with a proper temp control unit the fridge functioned much better.

Hot damn, in just over a week. Data from Made in GIMP. Thank you [Chris](, [alyaza](, [Gaywallet]( again for making such a nice place and managing this explosion in popularity, to the mods and other people keeping it operating, and lastly to everyone joining, [contributing](, posting and commenting and be(e)ing friendly!