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Ah yeah, location probably makes a big difference. Cost of Living is waaaay lower here, but so is median income so 🤷‍♂️

Please refrain from name calling on Beehaw. Our one rule is “Be(e) Nice” and I’d like to ask you to reconsider how you are engaging in this discussion.

This comment, and others in the thread below, are not engaging in the spirit of this instance. If you have questions about why someone has formatted their post the way they have, you can ask them without insulting the user. I’ll be removing any further comments that engage in this manner.

So, I live in Alabama and I’m not sure where any of these numbers are coming from. I agree with you in principle - that it’s unreasonable to tell people “you just need to move” - but for me has more to do with the fact that most folks that are most affected by these types of laws are already struggling, and job hunting in another state is difficult.

But moving just one state in any direction from Alabama still puts you in either: Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, or Florida. And housing prices aren’t dramatically higher in any of those states with the exceptions of metro Atlanta or possible the coastal or metro areas of Florida, or Nashville. Median housing price in MS is actually lower than in Alabama, somehow. And as for the cost of moving, most folks that would struggle with a move aren’t going to be hiring movers, they’ll be renting a Uhaul (about $400 one way) and getting friends/family to help them load and unload it.

That’s not to say that moving to another state is easy or even feasible for a lot of folks, especially folks that are already on the margins. I was just a little confused by the numbers in your post, lol.

There’s no need to be rude.

I’m not asking people not to circumvent paywalls. In fact, if you reread my comment, I recommended the user leave an archive link, which is a method of bypassing paywalls that doesn’t involve posting the full contents of the article to this site.

We’ve started asking users not to do this. No issues with posting an archive link, though.

We’ve started asking folks to post archive links if they want to help folks get around a paywall, as there’s some question about Beehaw’s legal liability if we’re posting the full article on the site.

There have been some questions about the quality of the source posted in this topic - Mediabiasfactcheck.com has them at a “Poor” factual reporting level. There are, however, a few more reliable sources reporting on this, such as this article in the New Republic

Maybe? But it doesn’t quite feel right. Not sure how to explain it, though. It’s more that my ability to be attracted to someone is pretty malleable if I like them?

I wasn’t going to comment on this because I’ve been in a monogamous relationship for 15 years at this point, but one thing I noticed in the comments is really interesting to me.

Pretty much everybody is saying they know they’re attracted to someone physically/sexually right away, and that was not my experience when I was dating regularly. Maybe I’m odd, but I always found that most of the time I would get to know a person first and then I would start to notice things about them that I found attractive and kind of mold my way of thinking and looking at them around those things that I was attracted to in them. Sure, there were exceptions, there are people out there where I was just like - damn everything about that person is hot (my wife being one of those) - but I dated women with a wide variety of physical features and really the only commonality was that I liked being around them. The physical stuff was secondary (although still important) for me.

It isn’t, but I think this probably fits. Enshittification is when a company provides useful, good services to gain users, then once those users are locked in they start degrading those service or removing features to cut costs, right? That seems like a pretty close analogy to what’s going on here, I’d think.

Better than last week, so far. I made a decision earlier in the week to try something that I’ve been wanted to do and pitched a cowriting project to my sister, who was really enthusiastic about the idea. We’ve both struggled to write in the past, I think we both have a hard time getting stuck on details. I feel like there’s a real chance that having a writing partner will help us both push through those times when we get stuck on a word or phrase or detail, because we tend to obsess about different things.

Also, she’s better at punctuation than me, which is good because my approach to commas is usually just to sort of sprinkle them liberally wherever I would naturally pause. I know that isn’t right but so far it’s a habit I haven’t been able to break.

Ha, thank you. I didn’t realize we’d been around two years already…

FWIW, the native lemmy UI also calls it the account’s cake day, so it seems like that carried over.

Hey @Scary_le_Poo, I know we don’t have this in the rules anywhere on the site - there’s some ongoing discussion among the mods about how to handle things like this, but I’d like to encourage you to use something like an archive link if you’re going to post an alternative way to access an article, rather than copying the full text of an article into a comment.

Having kind of a rough week with wrestling with identity stuff. Things are generally good for me, but I just keep having these questions about myself coming up and I can’t seem to just drop it. Not sure where any of it is going, or if it’s going anywhere, but I’m getting kind of tired of it tbh…

Hey. While I sympathize with the sentiment here, this kind of drive by, low effort content isn’t really the vibe we’re trying to cultivate on Beehaw, and I’ve noticed that this kind of comment seems to be the primary way you’re engaging with our instance. We’re not asking folks to write an essay every time you want to comments, but we would like for commenters to try and add to the discussion rather than just creating noise that doesn’t really contribute to the conversation. In the future, please try to put a little more effort into your comments, even if it’s just to explain your feelings with more detail in a way that will contribute to the conversation around the topic at hand. Also, please remember our primary guideline: Be(e) nice.

Hi skeptomatic, Beehaw Technology mod here. To be clear, this community is not only for the uncritical admiration technological development or the tech sector. It is a community for discussion of Technology in general, which will likely include discussion of the effects of technology on society. Those topics very well may include discussions of how and when those technologies, the environment they are developed in, or the systems they enable are harmful to human flourishing.

You are absolutely welcome to defend generative AI as a useful or positive development - I personally think it’s a really interesting technology with some major potential (although I think we’re probably in a hype cycle and it’s being applied in all kinds of ways that don’t really make sense), but I also recognize that there are potential social pitfalls in it’s development and deployment. Those ideas are worth discussing in a kind, civil manner.

Lastly, when you comment here on Beehaw, please remember our rule: Be(e) Nice.

Alien Weaponry! They’re a Maori metal band and a lot of their songs are written/sung in Maori.

Hatupatu and Kai Tangata are two of their songs that I really enjoyed.

I think one of the community mods from another community on beehaw is Kiwi so they might be familiar with some others as well.

Looks like the show had a 52 metacritic score and lost about half its viewers over the course of the first season. I don’t think you need to look much further than that to wonder why the second season was canceled.

Honestly it’s kind of hard to know how to respond to this.

We recognize that “I was just joking” isn’t a universal defense, otherwise people wouldn’t have had an issue with minstrel shows. But as a society we’ve come to recognize that humor can be persuasive and can inform people’s beliefs about what others are like. It’s similar to how sites like 4chan that started out with cultures that were drenched in ironic racism eventually were just actually racist.

Dude, “from the data he provided” is a screenshot of a concert video from Nov 9, 1998 in Stockholm Sweden which (based on a quick search and look through their website) the “REMVideoArchive” site/channel you linked hasn’t uploaded. Neither was an official channel, the one you linked says in their about section that they’re a fansite that archives R.E.M. footage. Don’t accuse somebody of impersonating someone or stealing their work when you have zero evidence of it, that’s absolutely wild that you would do that.

I don’t know why you’re trying to start drama.

The Vice article was a news article that was reporting on this leak, but it didn’t name any names and didn’t link to the leaked database. The post in question also wasn’t a beehaw post, it was a federated post from lemmy.ml. Maybe I’m misunderstanding how federation works, but I would expect lemmy.ml’s mods to handle moderating those posts.

And, frankly, I’m not sure I disagree with the screenshot you posted elsewhere in this thread. I don’t think it was wrong for a person to leak the IronMarch forum database a few years ago, which exposed a bunch of Atomwaffen members in the US and neo-nazis elsewhere, and I’m not sure I think it’s wrong for someone to have leaked this db either.

This isn’t “it’s okay to dox people you disagree with” or calling people with different political opinions nazis. These are actual nazis.

Hi @satan@r.nf, please remember Beehaw’s primary founding principal when commenting here: Be(e) Nice.

It is possible to disagree with someone without using abusive language. If you think they are wrong, attack their arguments (civilly), not the person.

Hi, can you clarify what you mean or provide a source? I’m not away of any widespread examples of this but it could be that I’m misunderstanding or misremembering.

Hey, !technology mod here. We mostly get tech news and articles, but personally I have no issues with questions or self posts that promote discussion. Some communities do have more guidelines about how and what to post but !technology is fairly lax as long as the post is tech related and not spammy.

All that to say, please feel welcome to post your question there and see what folks recommend.

Hi @Leafeytea - I’ve removed this comment because a lot of folks are reading it as threatening toward Meta employees. I don’t want to assume that’s your intention, though. If you’d like, shoot me a DM or reply here and I will restore the comment if you would like to edit it to clarify what you meant.

Mod tools weren’t a priority the last time we heard anything from the Lemmy devs about it. It’s possible that has changed since then but I doubt it.

We have had a few people from beehaw working on contributing some things, but from what I have gathered (as someone who isn’t a software engineer) the lemmy codebase is very difficult to work with.

I can pretty much guarantee that on beehaw at least, at least one mod will look at any report. As far as what the mod action would be, I think it would depend on the situation. For misinformation that is deceptive and harmful in some way, we have and likely would continue to remove it. For something that is not intending to be deceptive and/or isn’t actively harmful, I think I would be more inclined to leave it up and leave it to the community to hash out in the comments. For example, I’d be likely to remove disinfo about Covid vaccines or conspiracy theories about 5g or something, but I probably wouldn’t remove a post just because somebody called Linux an OS instead of “GNU plus Linux” or something. But that’s just how I would tend to treat this sort of thing. For most mod actions that aren’t straightforward, we tend to try and discuss them and get multiple perspectives.

The unfortunate reality of headlines is that, frequently, the author of the article has little or no control over them. Generally an editor will be writing a headline for maximum punch and clickability, and very frequently you will find articles with deceptive or clickbait-y headlines where the article is much better quality.

Hi - Beehaw mod here - we very much give a shit. We try to stay on top of things as much as we can, but we’re all volunteers with lots of other things going on, and !Technology is our most active community. If you see something that you feel needs attention, please report it with an explanation in the report reason so that we can take a look at it. We don’t always take action, but we always look at and evaluate user reports.

Hi, if you see any examples of this, please report them. I can’t promise that we’ll always take action, but we do try to. The mods here are all volunteers and don’t always have the ability to pick up on this type of thing - we rely on reports to draw our attention to things that might need action on our part.

Another difficulty is that Lemmy offers a very limited set of tools when it comes to something like this. I can’t tag or flair an article as having a deceptive headline - there’s no tag/flair feature. Mods can’t edit post titles, and we can’t even sticky a comment within a post; only posts can be stickied. Our only tools are commenting or messaging the OP asking them to change the title (and if it’s a federated post there no guarantee that the edit would federate in a reasonable amount of time, if ever) or remove the post. Often when we get reports there is already a good discussion in the comments about why the headline is bad, and personally I am always reluctant to remove posts that have good, ongoing discussion in them (as long as no one is being harmed anyway).

In the end of the day I agree that we should moderate titles more. I think we ought to moderate a few things more closely. But Beehaw’s mods are just normal users who, in their spare time, do their best to try and keep things nice. In particular, !Technology is our largest and most active community, and it is essentially impossible for us to stay on top of every post and evaluate it for accuracy, even if we might like to.

Sorry for the early morning ramble. I’m not disagreeing at all with your comment, just trying to give some perspective on why it might be a bigger ask than you realize.

I think you might need to take a break and cool off. You’re all over this thread getting way too heated for a discussion about a search engine. Please keep in mind Beehaw’s guiding principal and Be Nice.

Hi @ripcord, we have one rule on Beehaw - “Be(e) nice”. In the future, please be respectful of other users when posting in Beehaw communities. Thanks!

I’m removing this comment. Your link isn’t relevant to the discussion, Prop 8 was an attempt to ban gay marriage in a state where it was currently legal.

Further attempts to debate human rights will be met with a permanent ban.

TBH, unless you got extraordinarily lucky (or had the right connections to get somebody to push your NFTs) you probably would have wound up losing money. “Gas” fees on the Etherium blockchain can get really high, and I found this article that has some really good numbers on median prices for NFT sales. For the time period their data came from (a random week during the NFT gold rush) about %30 of artists sold for prices low enough that they were likely to barely break even or possibly lose money on fees. Virtually no artists made any appreciable money on NFTs even during the biggest hype periods.

Behold, the Media Matters report that was attributed as the source in the CNN article.

I understand wanting to know what evidence someone has for an argument, but when the source is attributed in the posted article then demands for proof come across as sealioning which is very much discouraged on Beehaw.

For those that don’t feel like reading that Media Matters report, the account in question was openly and explicitly neo-nazi, and Media Matters has screenshots of a number of posts with memes praising Hitler, Holocaust denial, and “great replacement” memes. There’s also a meme that just says “It’s okay to be a national socialist” which seems about as pro-Nazi as something could possibly get.

General Megathread for Elon Musk Nonsense and Twitter News
Hey folks - The seemingly never-ending flood of Musk/Twitter news and commentary is getting to some of our users (and some of the mods, too), so we've decided to create a general Megathread for all things related to Elon Musk and X/Twitter. This thread will be a general Musk catch-all, so we're including news about Musk acting the fool as related to *any* of his companies (SpaceX, Tesla, Boring). News about those companies that don't involve Elon can be posted outside this thread.