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A bit of everything, really. The old route just narrows down into one lane coming to the Anzac bridge. And there’s the fact that there’s a westconnex exit there too now. So it’s one hell of a bottleneck. There’s also the signage. The new tunnel that connects Iron Cove with Anzac is free, but the signage doesn’t reflect that. So that caused a few people to stick to the old route which didn’t help the situation.

I think Garfield was incorrect in his hate towards Mondays. If there is a day of the week that should be dreaded and despised then I believe it should be Tuesday. There’s nothing wrong with the day itself, of course, it is merely the fact that Tuesday is the second day of the workweek. On Monday you’re still rested from the weekend and prepared for what the day throws at you. And at the end of the day you would find yourself in the state of pyrrhic victory, it wasn’t easy, but we got through it.

And then Tuesday rolls around. You wake up with the memories of the previous day still fresh in your mind and you realise that yesterday was nothing compared to what today might bring. This is when the workweek descent is truly most pronounced. This is where the darkness is the closest. This is where you catch the glimpse of the void staring back.

And Wednesday? Idk, fine I guess

It’s all fun and games until the trains get affected

Overall, a pretty good critique of the Sydney Metro project.