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Not op but have used an IP to cook pasta. I could absolutely see the appeal.

Ultimately I use the stove top but that’s for 2 main reasons:

1 Being UK based, I have electric kettles and enough power in the sockets to drive them. Combined with a gas stove that means quick meals are quicker.

2 The IP will fully cook the pasta and easily overcook it, I prefer pasta underdone if anything.

Stove top just grants more flexibility for doneness for various thicknesses of pasta at the cost of another pan.

So if 1&2 don’t apply to you give it a shot.

That’s a shame. Their pressure cooker and air frier are pretty good £/performance. I’m usually using one or the other to make a main/side. I even ferment doughs and yogurts in the IP.

I’ve not found a glass jug comparable to the .5L Pyrex measuring jug. Maybe its a psychological thing, but I’m happy to abuse pyrex in a way I won’t other glass products. The shallow-wide 1L jugs seem to have pouring issues no matter who makes them.