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One of the best surprise endings to this show I've seen so far. Fucking brilliant!

The corruption and income inequality, in this country, disgusts me.

Thank you for being an active (i.e. moderator) part of the Beehaw project. It means a lot to me considering what you are going through.

When I was going through the toughest part of my life (I’ll spare everyone the details), a friend of mine said to me: “This too shall pass”. At the time, I felt like their statement was trite and dismissive.

Once I made it out into the other side of that shit, I realized that this was one of the best things that was said to me.

What you are going through is temporary. You will overcome this. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

…stop conflating Zionism with Judaism…

Well, that’s the rub. Lighting candles or throwing water onto people’s foreheads isn’t Judaism nor Christianity.

I believe that very many people, who claim to be either Jewish or Christian, do not have the fundamental knowledge of their own faith traditions. To be even more specific, they have no clue what the core of their faith tradition teaches.

I’ve been studying academic biblical scholarship for around thirty years, so that is why I can speak to this issue. I could go on and on about this subject matter and I may make some in-depth posts about it in the future.

The world will be a better place the day after every serious news media organization leaves twitter and tells all their journalists they cannot use it as anything other than an original source to what a specific public figure has to say.


I’ve been with Beeper since beta testing and use it with Discord. iMessage works fine for me btw. If anyone wants an invite, then I’d be happy to give you one.

We have copyright laws that this site must abide by. Please, in the future, post archive links instead of copy/pasting entire news articles. Thank you.

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.

  • Oscar Wilde

I haven’t seen a single bit of advertisement for the last 15 years.

Same…weird how most people don’t know about ad blocking strategies.

I’m sorry that you had to go through what you did. I left Christianity behind over 20 years ago for various reasons. I’ve since just been happy embracing the ineffable.

I’ve had iMacs and iPhones ONLY (no MacBooks) for 16 years with no problems.

I switched from Windows to Apple back in 2008…I have never regretted it.

From now on, please, just post an archive link instead of copy/pasting the entire article. There are copyright laws that we must follow here. Thanks.

…I don’t see that happening before revolt does.

This has come to my mind many times. I have this gut feeling that a large portion of our population will just come to the end of their rope with nothing to lose. I believe that a massive civilian uprising could begin to dismantle civilization as we know it. It could get ugly here.

About five years ago, I tried to make my way through One Pixel Wealth. It was so disheartening that it took me several months to get to the end. My mind and emotions were so taxed by the experience.

I believe that J.R.R. Tolkien warned us, through his books, about ‘diseased dragons laying on mountains of gold’. The, roughly, 400 Americans (representing the ‘1%’) aren’t human.

I don’t know where America is headed, but this country I live in is in despair and need of great reform.

late-stage capitalism

I haven’t heard about this. Would you mind explaining?

BTW, my brother lives in Portland Oregon. I was able to visit him last year and was impressed by downtown and the shore.

…behave want too nice away from Lemmy?

^^^ Brand new sentence!

We are discussing moving Beehaw off of the Lemmy platform, yes.

Would the Beehaw community be interested in some pay-it-forward action?
Currently, we have [$6,500.91 in our hopper]( It just seems weird having all of those, mostly, unused funds sitting there doing nothing. I just wanted to start the conversation about the possibility of paying-it-forward in some capacity. For example, a certain percentage of monthly contributions could go to a charity. What are your thoughts?

Some days I just have to unplug and spend the entire time outdoors.

Interesting! What, precisely, have psychedelics healed him from?

The obsession with numbers (the more the better) is a major blinding effect in societies driven by hierarchical cultures.

So true!

Back in the day I used IRC but prefer Signal and Matrix now. I, also, use an email client.

Way back then, how did you spend your time while having a satisfying bowel movement?

Is it possible to have some communities be exclusive to Beehaw users?

I’m, fairly, certain the answer is no.

In response to your second paragraph, we are better than holding our heads above water. We have been planning/discussing solutions for months…we will come up with a way out of this predicament…it’s only temporary.

I’m sure that’s a difficult, unpleasant, and often thankless task.

It is!

Where are these discussions happening?

They’ve happened here a couple of times on Beehaw. I suspect that there will be more of these discussions, here at Beehaw, in the future.

Thinking about the direction of Beehaw
Over the years I’ve been trying to encapsulate, as simply as possible, what Beehaw interactions would look like ideally. I kept coming back to all of my personal memories having holiday meals (Thanksgiving and Christmas for example) with very close family and friends. Thinking back through decades of these meetings, I cannot remember anything but everyone being kind and charitable in action as well as speech. Many pages of very thoughtful and reasonable philosophic explanations have been written, on our sidebar, about the behavioral expectations of Beehaw. Let’s go back to the holiday meals for a moment and imagine having an **open** invitation for **anyone** to join. What do you think the outcomes would be? This is the problem that our endeavor is experiencing. The open nature of ActivityPub (allowing anyone to join our table) is defeating our purpose. The administrators, moderators and community members have been thinking about this for several months. I, personally, believe that we all will come to a comfortable consensus moving forward.

It just started! Check back in a few months :P

Roughly a year ago, I was in the market for a major vehicle upgrade since my 2008 Prius was showing its age. I, really, wanted to be able to get a fully electric vehicle. However, I live in a rural area and there just isn’t enough charging stations to make it practical yet. So, I got a 2022 Toyota Prius (Hybrid) AWD. I’m very happy with this vehicle and it has all the modern bells and whistles as most EVs do.

By the time I’m in the market again for another vehicle, I have a feeling that there will be enough charging stations to finally get an EV. The BYD HAN looks amazing and I’m happy that this company has an easier price point.

In your second sentence, please remove/change the ‘r’ word. It is considered a slur and is not nice. Thanks.

Recent and perplexing ordeal with YouTube
I worked for many years (hundreds of hours) locating, remastering and uploading content for a fan-based YouTube channel named 'R.E.M. Archive'. I did 99% of the work and was happy to do this for the huge fan base. I believe the channel existed for about 6 years or so. I had to use the Wayback Machine in order to find an example [screenshot]( of a video description. A few weeks ago, I checked the email address associated with the channel and found [this email from YouTube]( I followed a link, provided in that email, to fill out an appeal form. I, simply, stated that I'd be willing to make any/all adjustments to make the channel compliant with their policy. And [this was the response]( I received. I'm not even mad. I will not fight them. This is utter horse shit.

I believe that John Oliver, and the other writers/producers of this show, have done a wonderful job here. I don't believe that they had anything to gain and, more than likely, have a lot to lose by standing up for truth.

What can you tell me about Bluesky?
I just received my invite code today and took a quick look around the app. Like Mastodon I **do not** prefer microblogging platforms. And that's all I know about Bluesky. So, what can you tell me about this project?

Where will we all be(e) next year?
In this post I am speaking as a Beehaw fanatic and **not** as an admin. That is why it is placed in the chat community. To be clear, I am not speaking on behalf of the Beehaw admin team nor the community as a whole. Currently, we have $5,430 that is in our collective purse to be used to further this endeavor. When I take a step back, and look at that amount of money, I am humbled. That is hope…it is an expression of where we want to go and what we want to preserve. You may be wondering where we are with the testing of alternative platforms and any other considerations. The testing phase, as far as I can tell, is over. We are, I believe, in a stage of digesting all of it. And, I have a feeling, that we are holding out hope that there could be other options we haven’t encountered yet. I appreciate the patience of everyone involved and I don’t want to make a hasty decision. Thankfully, we have had persons such as [PenguinCoder]( to rescue us from the huge Reddit exodus and all the technical problems associated with the Lemmy software platform that we rely on right now. There have been whispers that [PenguinCoder]( could be working on a new platform for the Beehaw project. Thank you all for grabbing onto our northern star, be(e) nice, and running with it.

uBlock Origin VS YouTube’s Anti-Adblock
I came across the [stickied weekly thread]( at uBlock Origin's sub-Reddit. **WARNING**: It's a long and complicated read. The TL;DR takeaway is thus (especially for those who use Firefox): 1. Click the uBlock Origin icon on Firefox's menu bar 2. You'll see a three-gear icon at the bottom right. Click this to open the dashboard. 3. Click the "Purge all caches" button at the top. 4. Click the "Update now" button at the top. **Note**: You may have to do this several times per day since YouTube keeps changing their anti-adblock scripts. However, the diligent work, from all the volunteers at uBlock Origin, have been able to keep pace. I haven't seen any ads NOR any anti-adblock warnings in the past 48 hours.

Revisiting YouTube’s Anti-Ad blocker Message
The original post I made about this is [here]( At first, I implemented the uBlock Origin method, recommended by [](, and it seemed to work at first. Today, I got another Anti-Ad blocker message and decided to try the method described by []( and, again, this seemed to work at first. Later today, neither of these methods work when trying to use YouTube itself. The redirect methods, probably, work fine if you are NOT using YouTube itself. Does anyone else have another solution?

This just appeared on my screen when visiting YouTube. Yes, I use Ublock Origin. However, what is all of this about? Will I be banned from YouTube if I don't comply?