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One of the craziest and most surreal things I’ve seen in person

Who’s talking to the workers these days lol. I’m ordering ahead through the app to get the discounts on offer, stack Maccas points to redeem free food and to be in an out of the joint as quick as possible.

The Four Corners ep on this was super interesting https://youtu.be/BN-C5oh_X5M

Wow, not much else to say other than that’s pretty awesome! I’m sure the advertisers on channel 7 are cheering too lol

Although they didn’t come up with the win it’s has been great following the Matildas during this run. Looking forward to them hopefully carrying on this momentum into future matches!

Sounds like a gronk. Also, if you're choosing to fly Malaysia, you're really taking a big gamble nowadays - that airline can't catch a break

“The Matildas have beaten France 7-6 in a dramatic sudden-death penalty shootout in Brisbane, with Mackenzie Arnold and Courtnee Vine the heroes.”

"Consultancy firm EY did not tell the New South Wales government it was conducting work for Santos before being awarded a $67,375 contract to inform a policy statement that greenlit the gas giant’s Narrabri development."

- In short: A proposed undersea electricity project connecting Tasmania to the mainland is under threat due to increasing costs, with Tasmania's government flagging it wants to renegotiate the terms of the deal - What's next? Tasmania's premier says he has spoken to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, and discussions about alternative funding are continuing

Plans by the federal government for Australia to generate more than four-fifths of its power from renewable sources by 2030 are coming under pressure amid claims the country is way off track. **Key points:** - There are increasing suggestions Australia will fall short of its 2030 renewable power target of 82 per cent - Analysts predict Australia's share of renewable energy is on track to be about 60 per cent at the current rate of progress - The forecasts come amid mounting opposition to projects such as transmission lines in some parts of Australia

“A 5.6-magnitude earthquake has struck southern Western Australia early on Sunday, with more than 1500 residents rattled awake by the event. The quake hit north-east of Gnowangerup, a small town between Katanning and Albany on the state’s south coast, about 5.34am with homes as far away as Perth feeling tremors.”

“Platypuses have been confirmed living in waterways near urban areas in Sydney's northern fringe for the first time since 1998. **Key points:** - The discovery confirms DNA and anecdotal evidence of platypus sightings in north-west Sydney - Council is running information sessions this month to educate residents about living with the monotremes - Pollution and habitat loss are big threats to the population, a researcher says”

“The manner in which Professor Attila Brungs was appointed to his $1 million-a-year role as vice-chancellor at UNSW Sydney, and the alleged retaliation against executives who raised concerns about the process, has been referred to the New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption by the state’s outgoing Tertiary Education minister.”

Is this the prequel to Silo? (I joke but please no spoilers for those who have read the books!)

How many Everyday Rewards points can I get if I rent/buy? Will there be weekly boosters?

Just listening to Josh Earl’s brilliant 100% Hits Vol. Pod podcast this morning (link to that is here: https://open.spotify.com/show/7iWBbmY9EbLAwLZLVYLf9u?si=6dfLxjtvRm-Oxs28LjxiWA) and this classic was the final song that he and Lizzy Hoo discuss. Banger.

Cool cool cool … or maybe warm warm warm is more appropriate 😔

But now I can’t blame the onions when I’m crying at the Woolworths checkout seeing how much my groceries were for the week

Oh yeah no exactly haha I’d hate to hear me calling in sick impacted everyone in Sydney because my manager and team couldn’t pick up the slack while I was out

Happy to volunteer. Keen to be on Lemmy.world to help encourage the migration from Reddit and I’ve already setup a few communities of my interest.