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South Africa is .za from Zuid-Africa, the dutch term for the country

Statistically it used to be like Arkansas but it’s improved a lot these past few years. Still a long way to go though, I don’t think I’d ever move there as it stands

That’s because they were led by the rich landowners.

Maybe I should target him for ‘improperly applied hair dye’

I used to live in a fairly Republican area of the country and you’re 100% correct. It’s not something people watch, it’s just that fox is always in the background. bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, the country club, it’s the default TV channel wherever you go. If you ask to change the channel people look at you like you’ve gone insane.

last year

not to downplay the events as tragic as they are but the headline made me think this happened like, yesterday.

It’s not just deciding the candidates. It’s a lot less of a vote in an election (like a primary) and more of a neighborhood meeting. People give speeches, express support or disdain, and try to convince other people to support their candidate. I believe they still vote at the end, but it’s not like an election where voting is the only thing you do. It’s different depending on the state, but that’s how it generally works in Iowa.

Edit; also important to note that caucus has different meanings depending on where it happens. I.e. if it happens in Congress then it’s a meeting of peers with similar backgrounds who then vote or decide on policy positions.

As we all know, 90% of gamblers go home before making it big

Not even mean, borderline conspiratorial in terms of fake stuff. I guess people have been “burned” a lot by fake stuff in the past, but even when something’s fake they bring out every pitchfork available. It’s like they don’t understand the concept of entertainment. Not everything has to be real to be entertaining.

I think I’ve seen more internet rioting over fake stuff than I have over genuinely bad things.

Maybe, but im not really the community leadership type of person

Why are redditors like this?
I made a post on r/civ (Civilization games subreddit) showing a really funky shaped randomly generated river I saw and most comments were fine but one guy was *convinced* that I went through the comparatively monumental effort of opening the map editor and changing the river for karma, as opposed to just starting the game and taking a screenshot. And just to top it off another guy saw the fact that my scout unit was in the far north of the map and went on an obscenely condescending diatribe about how "ackshually" I should be placing my units in the far south of the map because that way I can explore better and whatever the hell. Dude did not stop for *one second* to consider that maybe the scout that was in the far north was exploring the cool river and that I didn't waste any production points on him because I got him for free from a tribal village... God every time I go on that website (because let's be honest not a whole lot of good communities here for what I'm interested in) I get excited to share something super innocent and then some total loser has to come and ruin it all.

When the idea of beehaw leaving the fediverse comes up I see a few users from outside of beehaw get pretty upset about it. I wonder if this is some kind of FOMO reaction? Just food for thought.

Is this not a forum? I’m confused on whatever definition you’re going for where private conversations make something a forum. What is this then?

Lived in Japan in the Kanto plain area (out of Tokyo) between 2014 - 2017 and this was always my worst nightmare. Hope as many people got to safety / high ground as possible.

for a human moment to bridge the political divide

Of all the people to try to bridge a divide with… yeah, not buying it here either.

I searched for “counter strike surf” and the first result was about the origin of the idiom “with all the bells and whistles.”

Much search engine.

For teens it almost certainly was. The “no phone policy” of many American high schools was implemented long before the iPhone. And yeah, texts may have been 10c each but that wasn’t your 10c ;)

Sure, but do comedians do multiple netflix specials filled with mocking one group of people? I’d say his material is pretty trash if he has to stoop to this repeatedly.

I was in 12th grade and I remember my English teacher was weirdly prophetic about it. He told us that it would be the worst pandemic in decades, and this was before the US had its first case. Looking back, he was the only teacher I had who mentioned anything about it

Is this the same Tesla plant that has no caution stripes because Elon hates yellow and black? Or the one that violated EPA regulations? Not surprised in the slightest

Not a lawyer but it’s amazing that what looks to be an attorney for Virginia is working so hard to dismantle freedom of the press, a foundation of US law (yes I know it’s not part of international laws in other countries but it’s still incredibly ironic)

Surprised they kept him alive. Although this is the Moscow times so I honestly would not be surprised if he’s not even alive.

The US’s twenty years in Afghanistan should have taught the rest of the world the “forever wars” don’t work.

But I suppose not.

I live in Washington State, home of Amazon, and id wager more here hate bezos than anybody else on this list

Joy Division? Highly recommend a listen. They were a small-time post-punk / gothic rock band from England formed in 1976, and their popularity exploded in 1980. They only made 2 albums before the lead singer committed suicide, and I think the second album came out shortly before his death. They were fairly popular during their short time. Lots of major bands in that genre and outside that genre can trace their inspiration to Joy Division. They pretty much changed “punk” and “working class” music forever.

New Order was formed by the remaining members of Joy Division and slowly transition to becoming more synth pop. You’ve probably heard their hit single “Blue Monday,” which has almost 200M views on youtube. They were pretty much pioneers in the genre and the same that I said with Joy Division is the same with New Order. Lots and lots of bands sprung up in New Order’s wake.

Hate the RRHOF with a passion. Sure they’ve given recognition to a few good acts that were overlooked in the past, but so many talented and amazing individuals and bands have just been entirely overlooked. I know they can only induct a few a year and you gotta wait a really long time to be inducted, but there are a lot of bands and people who have gone decades without being recognized by that organization.

My personal gripe is over Joy Division / New Order. Joy Division basically founded post-punk, gothic rock, etc. and New Order went on to become legends in the Synthpop scene in the wake of Ian’s death. Eligible since 2004.

The only good thing I’ve seen come out of it was when Yes reunited to play Roundabout back in 2017. That performance is gold.

Snapchat and Instagram are in a traffic jam for third place, with the ephemeral messaging app used by 60% of respondents and opened every day by 58%.

Interesting. When I was in high school 6 years ago everybody had snapchat, and most people had instagram. And I mean everybody. Everybody I knew had me as a friend on snapchat and your clique was whose snapchat group chat you were in.

He made an erroneous claim in one of his videos that the main reason for people enlisting to WW2 from the US were because the Nazis had “hot and sexy bodies”

if you think Israel is an apartheid state or Ukraine is a nazi state, consider blocking me.

Source: your bio.

Doing a lot of putting your head in the sand lately, have we?

Holy shit dude that’s crazy

Then they can just say that.

See, my issue (not the person you’re talking to but the person who sparked this conversation) was with the original commenters generalization.

I get you. I really do. But when you get rid of all the fluff and just say “people laugh at you, you’re hurt, you’re fragile,” it has implications that go way beyond Elon Musk. That’s the issue. If they had bothered to specify the stuff you did then maybe I wouldn’t be upset by it, but they deliberately chose not to. Just like the people you don’t like deliberately chose to buy that car.

I hate clothes shopping so much (semi-rant)
I just hate how it's the only retail space left that never bothers to organize things beyond men's sections, women's sections, and the dreaded kids' section. I had to go shopping today to get long sleeve black shirts for my job (long story). All I needed were like 3 larges that were black. That's it! But it took me well over an hour because of how much of a nightmare it is. I even had to go to another store down the road because the first one I tried was just a maze. What I can't get over is how even the consumer big box stores don't bother to organize shit. You get men's, women's, kids' sections like stated previously and that's like it? There's been times where I wanted to grab some jeans but I had to dart around the store because there just wasn't a centralized jean section. It's like if I went to a sporting goods store to buy a tennis racket but the tennis rackets were divided into 3 separate corners of the store. Just... why? And the worst part is I have yet to go to a place where the sizes were actually organized beyond thrift stores. Oh you need a large? Be prepared to sift through 10 mediums and 14 smalls before getting there, and sometimes your large might not even be there but you just spent 10 minutes of your life searching. I'm not kidding when I say this, I once went to **Value Village** which is a big box thrift store and got jeans that fit me in less than 10 minutes because the jean racks were all in one place (!) and organized in ascending order of waist size (!!). But heaven forbid JCPenney or Kohl's or Target or Old Navy or any of the other stores for "regular people" do this. I ended up finding the shirts I needed at Old Navy but they weren't even the type of fabric I wanted. Apparently we're in the season now where 90% of men's section tops are heavy jackets or graphic tees. (hate graphic tees btw, just wanted to say that). And don't even get me *started* on jeans. I'm quite a tall fella and so I need to buy jeans from stores' "Big & Tall" sections (Big & Tall the retail chain doesn't even exist where I live), but their "Big & Tall" sections only ever have the "big." I once went to every clothes store in my area that I could think of and *none* had an "average" waist size pair of black pants that I also needed for my job that were also tall. They just had big waist sizes that were also like 40 inches down. And then let's say you finally find the stuff you're looking for, now you gotta wait in line and when you finally get to the checkout they ask if you want to register for their account... then their credit card... then do you *really* not want an account... then they ask if you want a coupon... and then you finally get to pay for your stuff. To use the sporting goods analogy again, I don't remember Dick's Sporting Goods asking me all that BS just to buy exercise equipment... The shirt thing has actually gotten to the point where I usually order my shirts from LL Bean online because they don't shrink much in the wash and they always fit. Only downside is they take like 2 weeks to ship and only come in solid colors, so I had to go in person for shopping because I needed these shirts by tomorrow. /rant. Anybody else struggle with this to such a degree? If you know any retail chains in the west coast US that aren't Value Village and aren't a total maze to navigate then please drop them down below. edit: to drive home the first point about organization, if I go to buy a baseball bat then most sports stores will have a **Baseball Section** but it's like if those stores had a "Stick and Ball Game section" that also included Cricket bats among the baseball bats.

Anybody else here dislike how beehaw is becoming a bit of a hub for the israel-palestine talk?
I don't wanna dive super deep into this, but ever since the news broke it feels like this place has become a hub for shit-flinging from literally everybody about the topic. Sure, I've seen *some* nuanced opinions and some people attempting to have a normal human conversation, but I just dislike people using this particular instance as the "place to be" to continue this endless flame war. Isn't this counter to the goals of the instance? How many of us come here to argue like children about geopolitics? Plus, a *lot* of the people I've seen pointlessly arguing about this have accounts from other instances... I've even seen one person post on their beehaw account, get flak for it, then switch to kbin for no reason. And at the risk of sounding too conspiratorial, something definitely seems off about a lot of these comments. Maybe it's how a lot just seem to be infodumping. I dunno. It's only been a few days. Maybe it'll simmer down. But I don't like the direction this is going. Edit: I'm not recommending we censor political discussion, however in this particular instance I would say it's wise to take a step back and think about what we say to each other

I totally forgot how terrible a non-ad-free YouTube experience is
So I've been using youtube ad blockers since pretty much when ad blocker extensions were first available. Lately though I've been getting hit more and more with these messages that YT was sending out every 5 or so videos telling me that adblockers aren't allowed. No problem, just gotta wait 5 seconds to x it out and then close my video. The straw that broke the camel's back though was when instead of a close-able pop-up, they just posted it in front of a video and wouldn't let me watch *anything* until I disabled my adblocker. So I disabled it and... wow. It's just so, so, trash. 2 ads before a video plus midrolls and every video ever. I tried listening to a playlist of songs and was getting a midroll ad every single time. Imagine trying to just listen to music for 3 minutes and getting interrupted by a commercial for a chevy silverado! Half the ads were for youtube premium and they specifically mentioned that it would get rid of all the ads. It just felt so damn predatory. I couldn't enjoy anything that wasn't already demonetized. And you know I'm fine with ads I guess. I could live with an ad before every video, but the fact that I was getting upwards of 5 ads in a 10 minute video was just plain absurd. I also hate that youtube got rid of the yellow markers to show you when an ad was coming up, so now it's just out of nowhere and always interrupts a key part of the video. E: I've been on Firefox for over a year.

How much does your culture value consistent tone in a movie?
So I recently rewatched Snowpiercer, a dystopian movie from 2013 directed by Bong Joon-Ho. Although it's one of my favorite movies, I see complaints about tone problems in that movie which I do think are valid. It doesn't have a dystopian thriller tone all the way through. It changes. And this got me thinking, maybe caring about tone is a culture thing? Keep in mind Bong Joon-Ho also directed Parasite (2019) which starts off as a dark comedy before rapidly shifting into a thriller / horror movie. I'm also reminded of some of the Indian cinema I've seen, where a movie might have drama, comedy, romance, sad scenes, and action and be received perfectly well by Indian audiences. So I'm curious, people from non western countries especially, how well are tonal shifts received by your general audiences? Do people care less about the Avengers quips and one liners so much?

has beehaw gotten more argumentative as of late?
When I first joined this community I saw it as a respite from reddit where I was free to chill with people without being constantly expected to debate or defend arguments or anything. Just a forum where people are nice. Lately though it seems every active comment section is filled to the brim with, to be frank, obnoxious people who want nothing more than to fight with you about everything you say. I think they're known as "debate bros." I'm not saying debate shouldn't be happening but to be honest it's disappointing seeing it be the only thing occurring. I've tried contributing in other fashions but have been met multiple times with people trying to start arguments with me about things or get me to defend "points" that I didn't make. This in particular has been very annoying. I've reported every instance of this due to it not contributing but I feel as if that's not helping. I like talking to people I disagree with. I like conversing with differing opinions. But I feel alone in that this isn't the only thing I want to do on a forum. Again, I'm not trying to definitively say we shouldn't debate at all, but just pointing out how prevalent it seems to be. Id like to just converse with people without being expected to make and defend points. I feel like that's a major thing we should've left on Reddit. If people want to debate then they can do that. I just dislike that it appears to become the base-level expectation for the instance.

I walked past a bonafide video store the other day and had a double take
So I was on a walk to my town's downtown, and along the way I spotted this really low-key retail store with 1950s architecture with just 1 car parked in a parking lot that could only fit 3 cars. It had the world's smallest logo but I could barely read "video store" and I had to double take. Like it makes sense that some still exist in the world in the day of streaming and online rentals, but it was still kind of weird seeing a store dedicated solely to DVDs and Blu-Ray. Like, that's the kind of thing you see in the discount section at Walmart. I did some digging and found their website, and it kind of makes sense that they're profitable. Their website apparently lists all their videos that are in stock, and almost *none* of them are good or well known movies. I'm sitting here scrolling through their catalogue and I can recognize *maybe* two movies out of a good hundred or so. In the "new releases" category the newest released blu-ray is a movie called "Cross of Iron," which was apparently a German WW2 drama from 1977, released on blu-ray in 2011. Yeah... pretty new. I definitely recognize some of the names of these movies. Roger Moore is in one, so is Christopher Lee. Neil Patrick Harris is in a christmas made-for-tv movie from 1998. I'm just so bewildered that not only does a DVD/blu-ray *only* store exist, it only sells niche poorly-reviewed movies. There's no way a company like that is staying in business unless it's a front or unless these blu-rays cost way less than I think they do.

I hope in the future we don’t have to clean so many things
I know a lot of people have big dreams for the future but personally I just wish we get more things that are self-cleaning. Imagine not having to make the bed. Imagine clothes that you only need to clean once a month. I hate that so much of adult life is spent cleaning over and over again, and that even when you deep clean you know you're gonna have to do it all again. It sound so childish but I feel like I'd have so much more free time

(vent) god I hate customers
I've said it before on beehaw but I work pizza delivery. You'd think it would be an easy job, just drive around and drop off pizzas and enjoy music, but holy shit the amount of pure hatred I've gotten from customers over the dumbest little thing is just insane. I had a guy call me, a white-male, a racial slur because we have a $5 delivery fee. I've had people scream swears at me because I forgot their food, or call back demanding I get fired for it. And then I went on reddit to vent about it on my company's subreddit. I know reddit is normally pretty toxic but there's really no "pizza delivery" analogue that I can find on beehaw or lemmy in general, and there's just so much hate and vitriol on that subreddit that I can't even bother opening it. Customers telling me that I should "find a new job" or "quit working entirely" because they can't stop being mean about food. Not only is it just pizza, it's fast food! My company is even globally known for giving people free refunds on a whim so I just don't understand why they would hate me so much for venting about my job?? Do people not like being reminded that people like me go through so much shit on a day-to-day basis? It's so fucking insane to me that it's just a commonly accepted thing to be told to "get over it" after being called a slur for something that's not even my problem. 99% of the time when an order is fucked up it's not even my fault? I just delivery them! I really want to understand why people are SO rude about pizza delivery but I Just can't! I've never in my life even considered cussing out a food service worker but these people are just doing it like its their job! For anybody that says it, I'd have quit by now if I wasn't making so much money. You try making $16/hr + upwards of $100 in tips a day (yay US tipping culture). I've got so much money now I don't really have a whole lot to do with it, compared to my last jobs at least. (I also desperately want to scream back at these people so much but I know I can't do that. I know my manager's got my back but if I do it in the store I'll most likely be fired.)

I’m just so exhausted by my coworker and I don’t know what to do
I'm sorry if this doesn't fit but I don't know where else to talk about this. For context, I work for an unnamed global pizza chain restaurant as a delivery driver (there, I narrowed it down to like three options lol). At our store delivery drivers usually do basic inside tasks like dishes, boxing pizzas, taking orders on the phone, window washing, etc. when we aren't out on the road. I've been working there for a little under 6 months part-time and overall I've been enjoying it but lately I've been hating it more and more because of just one person. Usually she works nights and I work mornings, but because our shifts got switched around, we've been working the same shift more often than not, so I get to interact with her more. Basically, whenever she's around me she is literally *not* positive. Has nothing nice to say. She's always either overly critical of me or just generally has a terrible mood whenever I'm around. I know I've been working 6 months but I'm still a part-time worker so it's taken me a little bit to catch up on a few minor aspects of the job, and I'm still learning a lot of things (we have a lot of responsibilities), in part because the manager who trained me did a really bad job of it. I feel like it's natural to make mistakes but every time I make a mistake around her it gets exacerbated to an extreme amount. For example just today I was doing the dishes the way I've been taught and the way everybody else I know does it, yet she said I missed a spot on 2 of the like 20 tubs that just dried and gave them back to me. Instead of just going "you missed a spot" or saying "here's the way I do them," it was "you're doing them wrong and you're the reason we keep getting complaints from the pizzamakers about dirty dishes." I was baffled because I'd never heard a complaint from them about it, and I didn't hear one from my 6 managers or from the general manager. I'm fine with criticism but it's just that none of it ever seems to be constructive. For another example, a few weeks ago we were having a conversation about how we handle the hotbags when we're delivering. Me and another driver said we like to have the pizza in the bag until the customer opens the door, while she and another driver like to pull it out of the bag before knocking. It's all personal preference and not really specified in the employee handbook, but she still made it out like me and my coworker were *wrong* and the way we did it was *stupid.* There was one time I had a brain fart and forgot to cut pizzas like 4 times in a row, and my actual manager came out and said "it's cool I've done that before" and made sure I cut them right while I was all embarrassed. I felt so much better after that one than a multitude of what this coworker does. And before anybody asks, she's a coworker. Same level as me, about 1 year more experienced. Not a manager. It's so crazy to me that she's such a perfectionist too because whenever she closes we usually end up with food fights at 2 am or a bunch of dishes stacked into a pyramid. Usual teenager shenanigans. But when I'm working around her, she pushes me harder than the damn general manager pushes me, and its *his* wage on the line when we aren't working the best we can. And it sucks too because I don't see her do this to anybody else. She's got seniority over like 5 of my other coworkers but she gets along fine with them. We've even got a new guy who's only been working for 2 weeks and I see her and him laughing and joking around a bunch. I have a feeling that she just wants really hard to be a manager, because she posts "PSAs" in our group chat just like the managers do when she sees something done wrong, and always complains about some of my slower coworkers behind our back. Apparently the slowest coworker by metrics is moving to another store soon and she told me and said it was "good" and that "maybe we'll get somebody faster." I personally don't really give a shit who we get as a driver as long as it's somebody nice to talk to. If we're overloaded as a store that seems to me more like a problem with management than it is with individual drivers. I know I'm not at work to make friends, just get paid, but it would be nice not to have such a mentally draining experience at work. It's not only mentally draining to be constantly critiqued by somebody who appears to be trying really hard to be promoted, but to hear her talk shit about people in the workplace like a middle schooler. She even called a customer "a fucking dumb idiot" for ordering ranch packets (which come with salads) instead of ranch dip cups (which come with pizza), which to me just seems so overblown. I don't want to be friends with everybody but I'd at least like to be positive, you know? I've got coworkers who come back from being stiffed on a delivery or come back from a delivery of 20 pizzas and 10 sides who aren't nearly as pissed off about it as she is. We have a shift together tomorrow. Me for 6 hours and her closing the store. I just want to call in sick because I just don't look forward to whatever mean thing she has to say. sorry for the really long post, I just had a lot to get off my chest. TL;DR: my coworker is overbearing and always on my ass about stuff even though she's not a manager. She's not like this with other coworkers and she pushes me to be a perfectionist despite regular mistakes on her end when she closes the store. I can't just ignore her because even when ignoring her, her negativity seeps in.

looking at the mod log is definitely sobering
I've found this site to be a lot better than the alien site, but having looked at the mod log just now I'm still seeing a lot of comments that remind me of the very reasons I left that site. Big ups to the mods and admins for keeping the site clean of that trash though

USB battery bank recommendations?
In need of a rechargeable battery bank I can keep in my car and use to charge my phone. My car is a little older and has one of those cigarette lighter things. Only problem is it doesn't *charge* the phone, it just keeps it from dying, which is inconvenient for my current setup. Looking for good ones for the price, and hopefully ones that won't explode or anything like that. edit: It's complicated to explain but with the position of the only spot I can put my phone holder due to a myriad of issues with my car, the wire would have to go over the steering wheel or over my lap or on the dash and with each one of those options it comes with its own problems that make me uncomfortable. With the way my job is, I need to constantly get back in and out of my car so I'd like if the wire weren't in the way. I figure if I have a battery bank in the door pocket or something, I can just unplug the wire and stuff it back into the door. while I appreciate people trying to help, this is also why i dislike asking tech questions on the internet. :/ Only two people actually answered the question

Anybody else wishing this summer would just go by quicker?
Obviously this only applies to people in the northern hemisphere, but I guess anybody in the south can just go off their past anecdotes. Where I live it usually rains from August to December, then snows in January, then rains again from February to mid-May. Right now we've been getting highs of 75F (~23C) (yes, go ahead and laugh Arizonans) and I've just been dying inside. I have my fan constantly on and my car's A/C is on literally the coldest temperature. I love the rain here and it hasn't rained for an actual month. We had *one* (!) overcast day in the past like 3 weeks. I just really wanna wake up to rain and 45F (~7C) again. I know I've only got a month and a half til that starts to become a reality, but it's just passing by so slowly. It doesn't help that I'm pretty far north, so the sun has been setting around 8:30 PM with last light as late as 9:30, and then rising at like 5 in the morning. Honestly my favorite time of year is when I get home from work and the sun has already set.

How to access reddit posts in subreddits taking part in the blackout (guide)
Hi, I noticed a few users here complaining about an inability to see useful posts and comments because the subreddit they're on is participating in the blackout. I'd like people to know that you *still can* by accessing the *cached* version of the page courtesy of Google. If you notice the result you want to see is participating in the blackout, you can back out of reddit and go back to the search results. Next to the result you want to view, click the three dots in the bottom right. In the pop-up, click the arrow in the top right. Then, click "Cached." It'll then take you to a full page showing a cached version of the reddit post as well as some comments. You won't be able to comment or vote, but you can still read whatever it is you needed to read.

Privacy-focused alternatives to duckduckgo (ddg)?
I've been using DuckDuckGo for a few months now and to be honest I'm kind of disappointed. I really appreciate the privacy concerns and the lack of tracking software. It got really annoying how Google would "recommend" things that it thought I was interested in when I wasn't interested in them, that kind of thing. But on the other hand, I've been starting to get really frustrated at just how hard it is to search for anything. You have to be *really* specific, especially if it's something niche or if you don't fully know the right terms to ask for. At least with Google, if you weren't completely correct about a topic, it could at least parse what hobby or activity you were trying to ask about and bring up things related to that. But with DDG, I've found it doesn't even really try in that regard. Plus it's frankly really dumb how it uses *Apple Maps* as opposed to, I dunno? OSM? I honestly prefer Google Maps despite my dislike of the search engine so the usage of Apple Maps is really offputting. Now, before you say anything, going in I knew it wouldn't be as easy to search for things as on Google, but I'm pretty experienced with the internet and I didn't think it would be a problem. But even being hyper-specific yields surprisingly little results if it's something niche. Even wording it like you would on a University library search engine doesn't seem to work as good as I might expect. I'm open to considering more mainstream options too like Bing if it's better than I remember it being. edit: I should've mentioned, I'm not necessarily saying I want to make a full switch just yet to any daily driver situation, I'd just like some recommendations for when DDG is being DDG and not giving me any relevant results.

why I ended up leaving Reddit today
I know you all who have been here longer than 3 days are probably sick of the whole "leaving reddit" post trend here, but I figured this would be a good thing to talk about because I didn't really see it mentioned too much. A lot of people have spoken on here about poor moderation, the whole API debacle, a sort of downward cycle in terms of content quality etc. Plus, when I did bring these things up on my now-deleted reddit account, people mostly resorted to the whole "You hate capitalism yet you exist in it" argument. I also wrote a sort of summary for this in my application, so whoever read my application doesn't really need to read this. I basically said the same shit just shorter. But for me it was just because people got kinda mean? What I mean is that over the past 4 years (probably accentuated by the pandemic), it felt less and less like a place where you could just *talk* to somebody. With every post I made, it felt like I was in a competition not just in terms of karma but in terms of making something that pleased as many people as possible. Every title needed to be *perfect* for the grammar people, every fact needed to be *perfect* for the fact people, everything needed to be as apolitical as possible. And even with all of these unwritten rules, I came to realize that there really are just two types of posts or comments on reddit. There's jokes, and then there's debates. Jokes ended up being a little more lenient in terms of unwritten rules so I think that's why there's so fucking many of them on reddit and it's almost unavoidable to escape the pit of sarcasm in reddit comment sections. But with debates, it felt like with every comment I made, people came in expecting me to either agree with them or refute a point they made. And if I didn't make "a point," I wasn't contributing. I couldn't just go "Yeah I like Metal Gear Solid V, too," I had to go "Yeah I like Metal Gear Solid V, too, and the guy you're responding to is a fucking moron for not doing so," or "No, you're a dumbass, MGS4 is way better." I remember one time I joined into a conversation and somebody actually replied bullying me for not "contributing" and for posting useless comments, as if I were somehow wasting their time by not trying to argue with them. And what's even worse is people just don't seem to know how to be nice about it? Obviously with the internet, people are going to bully you at some point but on reddit it was just *all. the. time.* Every post I made, every comment I made there was somebody who didn't like it and felt the need to tell me about it by insulting me or my family or my cat. *Everyone* was mean. It felt truly impossible to disagree with a person on reddit without insulting them, because that was the culture that was accepted there. While I don't use TikTok, I ended up stumbling upon this series of them by way of YouTube Shorts called ["Average Redditor..." by The Slappable Jerk]( and I really think they perfectly encapsulate what it's like to browse reddit, and I hate that it took me so long to realize that's what my experience was like. I kept watching them and going "Nah, nobody's like that," but then the more I used reddit the more I realized "Yeah, it's kind of everybody including myself." As you can see in the video I linked, the guy is either joking or debating and he's not nice about either one, and frankly that's kind of how every single one of my reddit experiences has been so far. I can't really remember the last time anybody has been nice to me on reddit. Maybe that's my fault and my brain is suppressing me from realizing it, but I do think it's a problem inherent in the system if I'm seeing other people doing it to each other also. I got banned from reddit as a whole a week ago for reporting a guy for calling me a "spastic loser" after getting angry when another guy got angry for me not reading some deeper meanings in his 1 sentence post. I think that whole really weird run-on sentence should tell you all you need to know about my reddit experience these past few years. Funnily enough despite it breaking the subreddit's rules against insults, it was "report abuse." I ended up hearing about Lemmy while browsing today and I deleted my account just now. I saw probably a couple dozen posts at most. It seems kinda slow here. But you know what I didn't see *at all?* People fighting. Calling each other names. Insulting each other. I saw debates and arguments but I straight up didn't see the same kind of debates and arguments that I saw on reddit. On Reddit I could probably go 3 or 4 posts without that happening, but even posts of 12 comments will always have rude jerks on them. Now I'm still new here, and I have heard that there are toxic and xenophobic instances of Lemmy that are on massive blocklists, but Beehaw so far has been nothing short of just plain joyful. It's so wonderful to see people online *just. talking.* to each other. And while I see people swearing (I did it myself in this post), it really just haven't seen it directed at other users on here. On reddit it seems like there's such a big culture of if you're gonna insult somebody you go for the deepest-cut insult possible. On here I just haven't seen that. TL;DR: People on reddit are mean. Beehaw (and some other instances of Lemmy I signed up for) are *far* from that. /rant