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Have you ever done a shoey?

I’ve showed my arse to plenty of people, but I’ve never drunk from a grotty shoe, not sure I ever would.

FYI; I love these kinds of stories. Stupid, harmless and makes people smile.

I can’t wait to not be able to access this on my shitty fucking FTTN.

If you can lay in the street drunk and keep your job as a politician, you can definitely ride a horse in swimmers, can’t believe this even made the news.

It’s become a day/weekend for bogan flag waves to get drunk and annoy the shit out of everyone.

It’s the only long weekend I stay home and don’t go camping due to ever increasing fuckwits.

The entire idea of Australia Day means nothing to me anymore.

I’m not hugely active, but I’ll do my best if I see spam or off topic posts.

I used to mod on Reddit, but it all I really did was remove and block spammers, happy to do that here too.

Oh for fuck sake, teens do stupid thing, we all did stupid things as teens without thinking about the consequences, get a grip.

Wrong and wrong…

If you really think there’s no different between 15 and 18, then give a 15yr old alcohol, give them a licence and let them vote.

They’re a kid that a group of Nazi fuckwits marched past and they reacted with a Nazi salute, that it.

It’s not that simple.

My father in-law works in the prison system, we keep that quiet, my wife uses her mother’s name, having her dads face and name released to the public, could put my family in danger.

It could be the same for this cop.

I’m in two minds.

Mind 45%; could it result in the person and/or their family being targeted?

Mind 55%; yeeeah fuck that guy, double fucking standards, do the crime, so the time/public humiliation.

Are you for real that analogy?

You’re effectively saying the driver knew the child was there and intentionally drove over them.

Are they allowed to be run over

The language you’re using is just ridiculous.

The article is very lacking in details, but I will say I’m not taking blame away from the driver, it’s not even clear if the driver was family.

I’m responding to the fact OP decided to add an opinion to the article, I don’t agree cars on beaches is the issue here, especially on an island that’s world famous for driving on the beach.

Who said anything remotely like that?

I’m saying the incident could happen anywhere with lack of supervision.

Reads like a child supervision issue to me; why are you mixing seperate issues?

You could argue that, if you replaced soft sand with carpark or paddock, the kid would likely be dead.

You don’t accidentally chop down 300 trees in the middle of the night, let alone without a single person seeing or hearing a thing.

I don’t understand; why do this? If someone gains a “better” view, then isn’t it blindingly obvious who cut them down?

Oh no, I happen to be old enough to have bought a house before the crazy got super crazy, is that the secret, time?

Fuck me, did the same search, it’s real and depressing.

If the bot is taking clicks away from the ABC; that’s not a good thing.

Hey ABC, why would I know what other banks login pages look like?

I’ve ditched Spotify a few times, purely for financial reasons since I’m already paying for YouTube Music, I always get frustrated and re-subscribe.

With Spotify I can switch between my car, my phone, my desktop, my loungeroom, my shed, anywhere I’m signed into Spotify, without having to start the song or playlist again. I’ve read YouTube Music working on this and it might be enough to get me to switch.

I don’t care who else uses Spotify.

YouTube Music doesn’t have a dedicated Android TV app, there’s no background playback on either of my media players and I don’t care for video clips.

You can also see all upcoming songs, and rearrange/remove them if desired, with Spotify. Maybe I’m not understanding your 3rd paragraph.

Yeah nah buddy.

I only have YouTube Premium/Red because it came free with Play Music, then they killed that and we all jumped to Spotify because it was/is so much better and kept our subscription just for ad-free YouTube.

If they seperate YouTube from YouTube Music, YouTube Music would die in seconds. The app sucks, having it linked to YouTube sucks, they know this.

Got the same bullshit email, total dick move by Google and I’ll be cancelling. It’s just pure greed.

I’m be exploring the ad blocking and/or VPN options.

Google need to separate YouTube and Music.

This might be a very rare case if you’ve had the issue with different providers.

I 4x4 a lot, in regional NSW, and find that my pre-loaded Google maps show almost every single trail we’re on vs my friends with Apple or factory maps.

Either way, my comment was just tongue in cheek, do you remember the stories of Apple Map directing people into the ocean? 🤣