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Legs haven’t been treating me well. Well, my muscles in general. But this last week or two has been significantly worse than usual.

Before referring me to a rheumatologist, my doctor wanted to go ahead with some of the blood tests that they might want to do anyway, so getting a CK level and antinuclear antibody test (among others, which I’m not quite sure of) done tomorrow.

Might help in figuring out quite a few things. Also might not.

We’ll have to see. Should know by Wednesday what’s up, at least with these particular tests.

Super appreciate the response. Unfortunately, they’re not available where I live and buying from Amazon would be incredibly expensive with import duties and what have you.

Still, thanks for the recommendation!

Edit: Deleted by creator or whatever it usually says.

I’m tired.

This link should work.

I didn’t realize that reddit formats the link completely differently when you “share” from its shitty app.

My bad, and sorry about that. Should work now.

You’re better off buying a cheap USB optical drive, re-ripping those CDs, and transcoding the files to something like Opus, which offers comparable quality to 320kbps MP3 files at lower bitrates (which also means smaller file sizes).

Or you can just “download” the FLAC versions, transcode those, and delete them after.

Also, kind of funny how this was posted just after someone complained about the same thing in the audio engineering subreddit.

Lol, so they’re going to be training their AI on… AI generated content? The uptick in that shit on reddit has made it more annoying than usual.

That and all the confidently incorrect shit on the site… Not to mention the constant in-jokes. I’m just imagining a chatbot responding to something about how to deal with grief with “I also choose this man’s dead wife!”

Can’t see how this could possibly go wrong.

A few weeks ago, I bought a new external HDD for backups and whatnot. Since I already have a few, I needed to move shit around and between drives so that I have at least some redundancy.

This also required some formatting native Linux filesystems (mix between btrfs and ext4) because I can’t use NTFS as a reliable backup for my Linux shit. I mean, I can, but it’s slow and none of the shit I’m backing up needs to be readable by a Windows machine.

Still, I keep one NTFS drive for backed up Windows images in case I need to return my laptop for whatever reason.

Yeah, so cut to today. Going through my drives because I’m having a hardware issue (battery) and might need to send it back in. I’m sure you know the rest of this. Blah blah, lost the Windows images, blah blah.

Apparently Windows is tied to hardware keys, so reinstalling it with their Media Creation Tool should work fine because the license key is already there. But now I’m going to be seesawing between OS backups and restores for the next day just to make a new backup of Windows.

Honestly, this probably needed to happen. It’s reminded to to do a full image backup of my current system, which I’d forgotten to do (it’s not super necessary, since I tend to often reinstall a fresh system anyway, but still).

Oh, also I’m having chest pains again, which is fun. (I’ve been checked and my heart and lungs are okay. Had this same issue a couple of weeks ago. Turned out to be either muscular or anxiety or both. One probably made the other worse.)

Just going to quickly shill for The Amelia Project as well. Really fantastic little show.

Annoying and painful. Too much to go into, but basically, my muscles seem to have a vendetta against me.

Also, I think my psych meds aren’t working right anymore. I’m beginning to experience anxieties that I haven’t had for well over a decade. Something’s off. Need to figure that shit out.

Otherwise, all is good, I guess. I think I’ve come to also realize why metal calms me the fuck down. Like, for a lot of people it’s energetic, but it brings me peace.

Didn’t really know why until I posted that Power Rangers theme on here yesterday. Went and listened to a few cartoon themes from the stuff I watched when I first fell in love with TV and especially animation. Half of them are straight up fucking metal. SWAT Kats (which had two equally badass themes), Biker Mice From Mars, etc.

I would rent SWAT Kats and Power Rangers on VHS as if they were fucking core foods I couldn’t survive without.

I think that’s why it brings me comfort. Psychologically, it’s kind of the first music genre I have associated with enjoyable experiences.

I don’t know, man.

Weird. Brains are just fucking weird.

Lol, I forgot how busy this instance can be because I blocked both of the news communities last year (and I think one or two others, but I can’t remember which and don’t care enough to look) and set up keyword filters in my app to never see posts with certain words or phrases in their title.

Thanks to that, the majority of my experience isn’t particularly negative. Admittedly, there’s a lot less content, but I don’t really care all that much.

It’s also for Debian Stable/Testing users who only have ESR in their repos.

You can set up APT pinning and pull it from Sid, but I prefer not to fuck with official repos other than Backports. Even then, only if I really need to.

This, basically.

Up until yesterday, I was doing better, but last two days have been weird.

It’d be nice if I get a full week of “chill” at some point. Well, “chill” as in “good vibes”, not the weather that some of you in the northern hemisphere are dealing with (although, it’s surprisingly cold where I am today, despite it being the middle of summer).

Also, I’m sick of searching for headphones. Like legitimately tired of it. I don’t need perfect, but I need a good compromise between comfort and sound that I can vibe with, which seems to be fucking impossible for me. Probably because of sensory issues, but also because everyone hears shit differently, so reviews are generally pointless.

Edit, 11 hours later: Lol, I feel okay now. Think I just woke up to a bunch of bullshit. Gonna go watch some Sonic Prime and hopefully get a decent rest after that.

I don’t think my brain likes me much these days.

Admittedly, it used to like me a lot less, but for some reason I’m feeling a lot of shit that I haven’t felt in a very long time.

It doesn’t help that I have less physical and mental energy to deal with it than I used to, but I suppose the benefit of that is that I can’t really muster up much of a reaction beyond “just… go fuck yourself” (to my negative emotions, not to any actual people).

Also, lol. Found out about a month ago that my psychiatrist just kind of fucked off, got married, left the country, sold her practice, and decided to tell literally none of her patients. Not even a simple email. “Irresponsible and dangerous” is an absolute understatement. I’m just lucky I had no particular attachment to her.

Although, apparently she told some colleagues like the day or week before, which is… something?

I didn’t like her much, but she gave me my candy and now I have to find a new Willy Wonka.

Not many super choices, but maybe I’ll find a decent confectioner. Have recs from my therapist (who’s probably the most understanding person I’ve ever met and fucking fantastic at her job because of it), but might just take a look at this psych who took over the practice out of curiosity and just for funsies.

So, earlier than expected appointments I’m guessing it’ll be for me. Yay. (Actually, I don’t mind the earlier appointment with therapist, but psychiatrists are a different beast for me.)

Reddit’s always had a toxicity problem (see: Ellen Pao), but there was definitely a shift in 2015. It lines up with the political divide, but I think it was just a symptom of a larger problem. Because of a certain subreddit, a lot of new people were introduced to reddit. When they finally released an official app (lol, or rather they stole it and rebranded it as their own), there was a massive influx of users.

I’m not all “reddit was better when there were fewer users” because it wasn’t. But there was a cultural shift when it became much more widely promoted by app stores and all. It got users from all kinds of backgrounds, but it also got… I don’t know. Different. Maybe oversaturated, which kind of made it difficult to find more quality content.

The only good thing about reddit toward the end of my original time with it (I’ve been browsing lately, but not much because the app fucking sucks*) was niche communities, some funny content creators, and some NSFW subs (some of which have been absolutely gutted, if not banned entirely, since the incident).

A lot of those subs are irreplaceable. There’s just too much previous content and a mass of users that won’t ever migrate to something like Lemmy. Niche communities can still be kind of successful here due to inherently less users, but it still lacks diversity because those niche subs still had a really healthy dose of active users, which often exceeded the amount of users subscribed to some popular Lemmy communities.

A lot of them started turning to shit earlier, but they were manageable with filters and what have you. Plus the good mods were really good. Some left, some stayed, but the divide kind of fucked a lot of subs.

* Technically, there are other apps you can still use on Android without needing a paid subscription (eg. RedReader, Stealth, patching with Revanced), but they can be a bit finicky sometimes. Although, so can the official one, so it doesn’t make much of a difference.

Oh, yeah. I’ve generally figured out how to pace myself. Occasionally might forget a bit and overextend, but it’s mostly “okay”.

Actually came across spoon theory years ago, before all this, and found it useful to explain other things (mainly sensory overload).

Oh, and don’t worry! I didn’t think you were saying that at all. Lol, like I said, you got the “fun” one.

I just sometimes like to get that euphoria thing out of the way because it’s something that even people with bipolar might not realize.

For a long time I was very “iffy” about my diagnosis because “how can I be hypomanic if I’m not feeling happy” was an all too common question that made me doubt things until my therapist really shone a light on the whole sitch.

Anyway, I appreciate the good words and advice! I hope you’ve found medication now that works for you, and while I know it’s not within your control, I hope you manage to enjoy the bits of energy your body is capable of mustering up.

Lol, I appreciate that!

Even in my less comfortable moments, I try to keep things just a tiny bit entertaining. Even if only for my own wellbeing (otherwise I’d probably lose what’s left of my mind, honestly).

I have some significant fatigue issues as well, though I’m still trying to find the cause (after six years of blood tests and doctors’ appointments, still nothing, though I’ll probably be seeing other specialists at some point to make sure).

It’a both “good” because I’m apparently healthy, but also very frustrating because I have no concrete answers as to why I can’t leave my house more than once a week without crashing right into the ground. It’s actually closer to somewhere around twice a month.

Not like I had too much energy before, but the last six years have been… exhausting. Having to plan out just how and when I can do something like watch a movie (at home because theaters are waaaaay too much) without crashing is tiresome on its own.

As for the hypomania, you got the “fun” one! Lol, not that it’s good, but different people have different experiences. Some don’t often get a euphoric high, but rather just excessive mind-racing, which can exacerbate some issues (particularly anxiety disorders and sensory overload). That’s generally what happens with me.

Really depends on the person. Some get the euphoria, some get just pure irritation/anxiety due to excessive mental energy. Some even get both.

Lol, if I’m being honest, trying to make sense of it is usually pointless. Just have to deal with it if/when it rears its strange little head.


As a longtime mental health connoisseur, I must say that hypomania really pairs quite well with OCD. 9 out of 10 psychiatrists agree that it’s quite the experience. The odd one out is just being contrarian for the sake of it.

Christ, I need a fucking break from my mind.

That and the country I live in is falling apart, although none of this is really new. The brain fucking with me and the country falling apart. Both have been going on for decades.

It’s all a giant farce, honestly, where the only real option at this point is to laugh at the absurdity of it all.

So I watched the original BBC Ghosts a few weeks ago.

Then made the terrible mistake of watching the American one as soon as I was finished. Bad idea, since the original was too fresh in my mind.

Gave it some time, and now giving it a shot.

Turns out it’s pretty fun, actually. I don’t like some of the straight character swaps, and obviously there’s a little retreading here and there, but it’s not that bad.

I still prefer the humor of the original and feel much more of a connection with those ghosts, but find the two main (living) characters (especially the husband) waaaaaay more likeable in the American one. Probably helps that I like Rose McIver in general.

One thing I don’t like is that the American one seems to not be able to just use context clues. Instead, it has to say things out loud. Like, I don’t want to spoil either show, but with the original, there was more mystery and you’d figure out the reason for this or that just from observing or learning with the characters instead of being told something outright.

Also don’t like how it seems to ruin the mystery of another major aspect regarding the nature of the ghosts. Like they want to explain everything when not everything needs an explanation.

Still, it’s funny and I’m enjoying it for the most part.

Other than that, not exactly a “show/movie”, but UEFA Women’s Nations League is finishing up the group stages tonight, so hopefully that should be fun.

Edit: Yeah, Nations League was pretty entertaining tonight. Gotta feel bad for England (although they really weren’t their best throughout the tournament). My girl Bronzey knocks in that last minute header spectacularly, knowing that it’s the goal they need. Meanwhile, on the other side of the North Sea, the Netherlands somehow find it in them to pull some late drama of their own against Belgium and top the group on goal difference.

(Honestly, Netherlands absolutely deserves the spot, but it was still so disheartening for England.)

Was okay. Brain said “lol, fuck you” and it got progressively shit.

But at least I’ve found some decent distractions, so that’s something.

I’m in favor.

It might not get as much traction as the gaming one, but there are a lot of times when I want to just talk about watching something in general without having to create a thread for it specifically (so I end up never discussing it).

I think it’d be nice.

Gives room for general discussion without being the only person to create a post about a show/movie, seeing it get about 5 upvotes at most and maybe having one or two comments in reply.

Also, people get nervous about making posts and tend to be more comfortable commenting. It’s like that even on the other site. Less pressure, maybe. But it makes the general “What are you watching/reading/playing?” threads more active because more people feel comfortable contributing like that.

Was okay-ish.

OCD and other issues have decided to make things complicated.

I think I’ll play a few games or watch some TV or read a comic or something to keep myself a little sane. Dig into something that can occupy my time.

Dude, Gargoyles got fucking dark. It had some comedy, but its overarching narrative was straight up tragedy in the theatrical sense.

It was Shakespearean in some of that tragedy, honestly, to the extent that there are quite a few references to Shakespeare’s works in the show (one of the main characters being named Puck, having the Weird Sisters and Macbeth as actual living characters in the story, etc.).

So take all that, the massive sense of grief felt by each of the main characters, the psychological manipulation that Xanatos loves to engage in, Demona’s dark (and sometimes quite horrifying) sorcery, and just the general sense of these being literal monsters who look like demons in a world that fears them, and you have a great setup for horror.

That plus the curse of being turned to stone every day. I imagine it’s not particularly pleasant either. Doing that in live-action? There’s no way to make that not horrific.

If any '90s Disney animated series could fit within the horror genre, it’s Gargoyles. It’s already halfway there. Well, the first two seasons, at least. Third one was basically a different show with most of the original team having zero involvement and wasn’t even intended to exist but Disney thought they’d milk the franchise (and failed miserably).

I honestly couldn’t see a live-action adaptation being at all faithful if didn’t have elements of horror.

Plus, James Wan did the Aquaman movies, so it’s not like he’s restricted to super dark horror elements. It’s just something these two tend to prefer.

And quite a lot of their stuff leans into the psychological element of horror (rather than just focusing on the jumpy scary bits), which is what I’d expect the focus to be when it comes to Gargoyles.

Only other person I could see doing the show justice is Guillermo del Toro.

Draaaaaaaiiined the fuck out. Too much shit in one week. For most people, it wouldn’t be a lot, but I have significant fatigue issues and it’s just been too much.

Need to just have some calm and take this week to recover what little energy I can usually muster up. So a major break it is. Keep things light for a while.

Otherwise, generally fine… ish.

Personal opinion here, they should keep the rotation for all correspondents. They all shined in their own way (although we barely got to see Dulce because of the strike and Ronny didn’t get to host at all, since he was scheduled for mid-June after it had begun).

However, if I had to pick one, after watching them all, I have the slimmest of preferences:

First pick: Desi Lydic. By a slim margin, but still. I enjoyed her as the host and she wasn’t afraid to just let it all out (I know there are a bunch of writers, but the hosts were given a fair amount of control to focus on things important to them during their hosting week, especially their last day).

Second pick: difficult one here for a single reason… Jordan Klepper is fantastic and my initial choice, but if he takes on the hosting role, his “Fingers the Pulse” segment will be gone which would be a huge loss (although it would guarantee him a bit of physical safety). I think he’s better in the field, even though I really liked him as host.

So, since Jordan is out for that reason, second pick is a very close Roy Wood Jr.

Other than that, I enjoyed Sarah Silverman and Hasan Minhaj, but Silverman really feels like a guest because she doesn’t have the same rapport with the correspondents. That could change, but I don’t see it working longterm.

I also enjoyed some of the rest, but some just felt… off.

Franken was okay, but the “look, we can be friends” thing with bringing Lindsay Graham on as his first guest wasn’t a great look. Leguizamo was surprisingly entertaining as well, but doesn’t feel like a permanent thing.

No one else really caught my attention.

It’s unfortunate Roy doesn’t want to do it unless he gets the permanent gig, but understandable and I can respect his decision, especially if he’s not happy there.

They are getting residuals from the US, but the problem now is defining “subscriber”.

The residuals come if “20% of the subscriber base watches something within the first three months of its release”.

As the article I linked gets into, this is more complicated because certain streamers not only keep their subscriber base private (which they can still do, but they’ll have to give writers info, probably under NDA), but several also offer their streaming services as bundles with unrelated things (Prime Video with regular Prime subscription, Apple TV+ with Apple One, etc.).

So someone could be “subscribed” to Amazon Prime Video, but because it’s bundled in with the normal “online shopping” Amazon Prime, they have inflated numbers of Prime Video subscribers because not everyone with Prime cares about the streaming part of it all.

Figuring that shit out is going to be the main issue with regard to streamers.

Severance is one of the best new shows I’ve watched in the last two or three years.

Apple is actually kind of killing it.

The Afterparty is pretty fun as well. Didn’t know how they’d pull off a second season, but I enjoyed it (even if it wasn’t as fun as the first). Having a small portion of the season basically being an excuse to shit on crypto and Reddit made it pretty funny.

Also, casting was on point as usual. Getting Jared from Silicon Valley to play a dead cryptobro was a great choice.

I understand some of the negative reception to this, especially from users of other instances, but I also understand the reasoning here.

Don’t know if ditching ActivityPub entirely is a great idea, but I do get why. Perhaps a whitelist on another ActivityPub service would be a better option, although I’m struggling to think of any (other than kbin) which exist in this kind of form.

So, my only curiosity is which alternative platforms?

There aren’t many in this particular form (social news/link aggregation), as far as I’m aware. Most others are traditional forums, microblogging, and general social networks.

And moving to something new, potentially in alpha/beta, with an equally or just as small dev team may end up just being a horizontal jump out of the frying pan and into the fire, with eventually similar issues when it comes to tools and capabilities of the platform.

Basically, are we looking at something new entirely in terms of UX or something familiar? And are we looking at something centralized or using some other federated service?

Lol, reading that “censorship” section alone tells you all you need to know about the author there.

Literally hammering 1984 quotes like they love to do (dude, if Mozilla has the same kind of power as the Party, I must be chilling under a rock somewhere). Even has one of their sections called “Cucking to Manifest V3”.

Back to the “censorship”:

They want to algorithmically decide which content is allowed to be posted, and which isn’t. This is especially relevant in the context of the fake pandemic, during which the whole world has been enslaved exactly thanks to the propagation of the “factual voices” over the so-called “disinformation”. The “disinformation” here includes mentioning the factual harm done by COVID vaccines or even proven alternative treatments for COVID itself. So, Mozilla supports a world where people are harmed without being able to defend themselves.

Yeah, sorry. No. People with this little regard for reality shouldn’t be taken seriously when presenting arguments.

This whole screed is aimed at a very particular brand of user that looooooves to pretend they’re all “facts”, when it’s just emotional outrage over perceived slights. Same ones who complained about DDG when they tried to deal with Russian propaganda links showing up too often.

It’s all very conspiratorial, as is expected, yet offers no real answers because conspiracies very rarely have any.

Also, have to lol at the SystemD shit showing up at the end there as well.

if you don’t have “many” crushes, but how much is a normal amount?

As someone who’s aro, one is too many.

In all seriousness, I agree with you. Seems mostly vague and a lot is pretty common for “alloromantic” people (is that the right term? I haven’t paid much attention to any of that lately, so I’m probably out of the loop). But I could be missing it because I don’t relate much and now probably sound like one of those people who says “demisexual is how most people are” and most who fit into that category can pretty much immediately say, “no, not really”.

I think the biggest example in there that seems to be more “concrete” than the others is the bit about only ever having romantic feelings for friends or people you’re otherwise close with.

That one makes sense to me as a “predictor” of what might be “demiromantic”. Not drawn to people for any reason other than friendship, and then feeling like something more, whereas other people might be drawn to someone else purely for romantic reasons.

I’ve actually sometimes wondered about this label before but never really found a way to define or apply it in the simple way that I can with demisexuality.

Romance seems a bit more nebulous than sexuality. Like, physiologically speaking. Certain things happen with sexual attraction. I guess when it comes to brain chemicals, things happen with romantic attraction as well, but I’m not certain they’re as easy to identify as boing and sploosh.

Huh. Didn’t know about that one. Thanks for mentioning it!

it is the best option on Android currently since Bromite is almost always a Chromium version behind whatever is current.

Right now Bromite is unmaintained and has been for a long time. I shudder to think how many versions it’s behind.

If you want a FOSS Chromium-based Android browser, use Mulch. It gets updates fairly quickly and serves much of the same purpose that Bromite did, while actually having a (very slightly) larger dev team.

Edit: Oops. Didn’t realize that Mulch doesn’t have a content blocker. Someone else mentioned Cromite (which does have a built-in content blocker), so that might be a good option as well.

Vivaldi, though it’s source available rather than fully open source. It’s mostly the frontend JavaScript (I think?) code which is proprietary.

Apparently, if you know enough to understand it, you can technically work out what all the proprietary code is and does because it’s all fairly simple stuff and separate from the Chromium base (which they make available on their site), although distributing it would be against their ToS (I guess it’s technically reverse engineering, which is also against their ToS).

It’s been a very long time and I can’t actually confirm that for the current release, but it was at least true a few years ago when someone who knew far more about programming than me mentioned it on their forums. I think some people took a look at it and found some basic theming stuff, but nothing nefarious.

They have a fairly solid privacy policy last I checked. They also have no intention of sticking with Google’s v3 plans.

The only thing I don’t like is they run a daily user count check by pinging their servers. They’ve made it so that there are no IDs, anonymized or otherwise, but it’s still a bit of a black mark on an otherwise decent piece of software.

From what I understand about BG3, it’s the CPU that’s causing issues later in the game. Not yours in particular (I’m running a 2600X as well!), but CPUs in general.

I’ll have to find the Digital Foundry article, but if I recall, even some 13th gen Intel and current Ryzen chips have been experiencing issues.

Seems very much like an optimization thing for the third act of Baldur’s Gate in particular.

As for whether or not you should upgrade, I think it depends on what you want out of it.

I’ve got almost identical specs to you, except I’m running the original RTX 2060 instead of the RX 580.

I’ve also been considering an upgrade, but I kind of just stick with Nvidia (their availability where I live is much higher than AMD GPUs, and they’re somehow more affordable which is very strange) and I’m noticing more and more GPUs requiring larger PSUs which I’m in no hurry to swap out just yet.

Also the VRAM thing because of absolutely terrible optimization we’ve seen recently, but that’s more of an Nvidia issue than AMD.

But if you feel you’re in need of an upgrade for whatever reason, I’d say go ahead. It’s sometimes better to spend the money you have while you can than waiting on something better (as long as you have some left over, otherwise priorities should maybe be a bit different).

Meh. Could be better, but it’s not all that terrible.

Tired as usual, but that’s normal and not going to change, so it’s not super relevant anymore.

Women’s World Cup was a welcome distraction, but now I have to find something else that I can occupy myself with. Maybe I should just watch the NWSL. I just find American accents weird when it comes to football commentary.

Most of the other leagues only kick off sometime next month. Difficult to find official streams/broadcasters where I live, but I’ve at least found some (kind of surprised that NWSL is just straight up free on the official site for everyone living outside the US and Canada).

Not interested in video games. Maybe when Starfield’s out I’ll have something to do in that medium, but nothing right now is grabbing me and I’m honestly bored of gaming in general.

Same. It’s super interesting and I wasn’t fully aware of it either.

I knew some things changed, but I didn’t realize how exactly or the extent of it.

Okay. Fucking tired as shit, although that’s not something that can be changed much considering complicated personal nonsense.

World Cup is going great. Having some fun with that. (As long as I ignore all social media and avoid going to “alien logo discussion site”, which I made the mistake of doing today… shiver)

Today’s game became a fucking roller coaster in the last ten minutes. Supported both teams and would have been fine if either won, but my slightly preferred team won, so I’m good.

Speaking of football, I decided to finally watch Ted Lasso. It was nice to have a show with some heart that doesn’t embrace this bullshit cynicism so much else does (well, new animated Superman show also helps, thankfully).

Finale near wrecked me, but in a good way, and I actually just feel like I’ve done myself a good service simply by watching it.

Also, Hannah Waddingham is super awesome. I urge everyone to watch her appearance on QI (particularly the XL/extended version), because she was fucking hilarious and that’s what initially spurred my interest in actually watching the show after sitting on it for so long (was a bit behind on QI as well).

Welp. This should be fun. Depending on who holds out (I'm almost certain it's Netflix), this could go on for the rest of year. More info as well from Variety: https://variety.com/2023/biz/news/sag-aftra-double-strike-wga-amptp-1235669492/ Found this pretty funny: > The only previous “double strike” — involving both actors and writers — came in 1960, **when the Screen Actors Guild was led by Ronald Reagan**. In that strike, both the writers and actors were wrestling with compensation issues arising from the dawn of television. Together, they won residuals for TV reruns and for broadcast of films on TV, and established the first pension and welfare plan.

Seems like casting is going full steam ahead. See [https://beehaw.org/post/1071220](this post) for more info on some of the other casting announced earlier. I'm glad he's also sticking with the lesser known characters. I hope it doesn't get too bloated with heroes, but I feel like a lot of these are going to be cameos to set up future appearances (mainly Guy for *Lanterns* and Hawgirl for... something).

Looks like we're finally getting Fillion as a Green Lantern, but not as Hal Jordan. I think Guy Gardner is a great role for him as an older Lantern who maybe acts as a mentor for Hal or John in *Lanterns*. Guess we'll have to wait and see. Also cool to see a new Hawkgirl.

Corenswet has been the go-to fancast for ages now, so I'm not surprised. Brosnahan seems like a great choice for Lois as well. Curious to see who Gunn picks for Lex.