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As I said, I only know of beehaw as well. No personal attacks, but also nowhere near 50-50 sentinment.

I do not visit worldnews. This description fits to both /r/europe and /r/de.

And regarding lemmy, maybe on other instances, but I’m only on beehaw.

It’s crazy. On reddit, it’s 90%

Let’s ignore how many people israel has killed, they need to kill more, and let’s also go ahead an label everyone who says “too much” a hamas supporter

Then you go here and it’s again 90%

Let’s not even call hamas terrorist, more like freedom-fighters with some friendly rape and friendly fire thrown in.

Picard S1 was great. But then it was a character driven sci-fi drama that just happened to play in the Star Trek universe, while later seasons were essentially Star Trek. And I don’t like Star Trek (nor Wars for that matter).

Which is why me and people like me don’t care much what our relatives use :D

I think the majority of us also don’t want to play tech support.

As someone with box mods: Huh, you know weird flutes.

There is no context and nothing specific, as the headline makes it seem.

Politico.eu got bought by Axel Springer, Germany’s Fox News, 2 years ago.

It’s sadly far wider-spread, it’s why I left the broader fediverse, returned to Reddit, and joined beehaw directly without subscribing to any external communities.

While not everyone agrees, it’s not as if the description of Russia as a fascist state is completely pejorative, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascism#Post-Soviet_Russia and the linked Ruscism article.

edit: Second link

Do you have a link? That would actually be more interesting because it would mean they’d have had advanced knowledge. Which raises “how” and “who”.

As was mentioned, these were very high shorts, implying a far higher confidence than mere rumors.

See, that’s another “no”, but then I read just as convincing “yes” posts, and I just don’t care enough to make my own research, so I have Schrödinger’s lightning network ;)

But any way, it would have to be mentioned in a serious sticker.

I avoid visiting fascist sites, I had enough of that when I selfhosted, and before I blocked hexbear, and saw the cheerleading for civilians being bombed in Ukraine. But good to know they are not totally lost.

Hamas may have profited from Oct. 7 assault with informed trading — study
Referencing the Study [Trading on Terror?](https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=4652027) which is freely downloadable.

An ad? Or a really creepy short film? I have no idea what they were smoking back then, but it must have been great ;) Found it [on Reddit](https://old.reddit.com/r/sciencefiction/comments/18aivcy/had_this_picture_on_my_computer_for_years_anybody/kby34wu/)

Not even a mention of lightning? I have no idea if it works as I’ve been hearing both yes and no for several years, but writing such an article without mentioning what at least theoretically would be the solution just seems bad.

It’s a reference to the fascists on hexbear and their friends, who all call themselves left and make up a large part of Lemmy. For them, left is anything that’s anti-USA.

Is Reacher S02 out now?

Didn’t even start yet, it’s under my “upcoming” subheading ;)

There are a lot of people/instances/admins on lemmy who love everything authoritarian fascist Putin does, but call themselves left.

Yeah, exactly. But fascist instances like lemmy.ml ban you for such outrageous statements.

Love, Death & Robots

Some episodes fall flat, but there are a lot of really cool shorts in that series.


Amazing show, watched it twice, once by myself and then later again with my wife.

Currently, we are rewatching Continuum. It’s decent, but not as good as I remember. There are quite some writing issues and logic sometimes goes out the window.

We watched 3 episodes of “The Old Man”, but stopped because it was too much of an action show. We might check out “Blue Eye Samurai” on Netflix, a bunch of people on a Metal Discord were loving it and the trailer seems okay.

Upcoming shows that we plan to watch once their respective seasons are done:

  • Invincible, we will wait till the whole season is out, as it’s weirdly split.
  • Vigil is returning for Season 2, typical slow British crime drama mystery show, with tons of well-known people because there are only like 50 or so British actors doing these shows ;)
  • Fargo, slightly comedic seasonal crime drama anthology, is returning for a 5th season. The last 4 were amazing, so I have high hopes for this one as well.
  • Slow Horses, an off beat spy drama about bad spies. Not a comedy, though it has its moments. 3rd seasons of a show that is very much character driven.
  • For All Mankind S04, we only recently started watching it. The series feels a bit aimless, but has very strong acting and characters, which carries the often weak writing.
  • Reacher S02 is easy watching, funny and over the top action.

I wonder if the alleged leftists of Lemmy will keep cheering to this.

Indeed. I haven’t seen him in anything since, love it.

I know what you mean, but FWIW: You probably mean “move fast and break things”. “Fail fast” is usually about not hiding/carrying with you potentially bad errors, and instead “fail fast” when you know there’s an issue. It’s an important tool for reliability.

An unrealistic example: Better to fail fast and not start the car at all when there’s abnormal voltage fluctuations, then explode while driving ;)

Which is why it really sucks. Now people remember that number, keep repeating it, and essentially he has become a fake news peddler. Good job, Al.

I doubt it pays much better, the issue might be partially the distribution, but mainly that they are too cheap.

I came across a post on instagram that says that Al Yankovic’s 80 million stream on playlist only netted him enough money to buy a sandwich.

It was hyperbole, unless his sandwich costs 200-300k. Which is the reason why his statement was very questionable.

Was supposed to get my shoe inserts today, which I’d then be supposed to use instead of crutches. They didn’t arrive. No deliveries on Saturday, so still crutches until Monday. Yay.

The huge amount of coffee and tea I drink (supplemented on the weekend by cola with alcohol) is why I really love those professional teeth cleanings :D

SELECT emotion FROM feeling WHERE happyness > 10

Got two more Unna’s boot (zinc oxide and calamine gauze bandage) applications and cooling my foot with frozen peas (recommended by the orthopedic doctor). X-Ray showed a small infection in the dorsum of the foot, and I got prescribed shoe inlays, which will be done on the 1st of December. Once I have those, I can finally get rid of the crutches.

My dancing class has to be canceled for obvious reasons, and our teacher said we can just start the advanced course over (we only had 2 of 8 lessons) next year, and if I can make it also come to the last class of the beginner course late December, just to get a bit back into dancing.

No exercise this year, and I’ll have to see how it goes next year. Fun.

If it helps even more: The AI in question is a 46 cm long, 300 g heavy, blue, plushie penis named after Australia’s “biggest walking dick” Scott Morrison: Scomo, and active in an Aussie cooking stream.

AI safety is currently, in all articles I read, used as “guard rails that heavily limit what the AI can do, no matter what kind of system prompt you use”. What are you thinking of?

No, it’s “the user is able to control what the AI does”, the fish is just a very clear and easy example of that. And the big corporations are all moving away from user control, there was even a big article about how I think the MS AI was broken because… you could circumvent the built-in guardrails. Maybe you and the others here want to live in an Apple walled garden corporate controlled world of AI. I don’t.

Edit: Maybe this is not clear for everyone, but if you think a bit further, imagine you have an AI in your RPG, like Tyranny, where you play a bad guy. You can’t use the AI for anything slavery related, because Slavery bad, mmkay? And AI safety says there’s no such thing as fantasy.


Best results so far were with a pie where it just warned about possibly burning yourself.

I don’t really care, but I find it highly entertaining :D It’s like trash TV for technology fans (and as text, which makes it even better) :D

Using it and getting told that you need to ask the Fish for consent before using it as a flesh light.

And that is with a system prompt full of telling the bot that it’s all fantasy.

edit: And “legal” is not relevant when talking about what OpenAI specifically does for AI safety for their models.

Eh, not sure I agree. Seems to also have been between too little and too much AI safety, and I strongly feel like there’s already too much AI safety.

I was confused about that as his Wikipedia page didn’t show anything that bad, but didn’t want to get into that :D

Had something like this back in university. “We all did equal work on this project”. Professor: “So the better grade for CWagner and one less for the others because I don’t believe any of you” ;)

[See also twitter](https://twitter.com/openai/status/1727206187077370115): > We have reached an agreement in principle for Sam Altman to return to OpenAI as CEO with a new initial board of Bret Taylor (Chair), Larry Summers, and Adam D'Angelo. > We are collaborating to figure out the details. Thank you so much for your patience through this. Seems like the person running the simulation had enough and loaded the earlier quicksave.

OpenAI: Gathered Articles from the last few hours (or a Mini-Mega-Thread)
We had a thread about [OpenAI Staff Threaten to Quit Unless Board Resigns](https://www.wired.com/story/openai-staff-walk-protest-sam-altman/), but I thought I might as well add it again. Especially because of this part: > Remarkably, the letter’s signees include Ilya Sutskever, the company’s chief scientist and a member of its board, who has been blamed for coordinating the boardroom coup against Altman in the first place. Okay then. I think we are in a simulation, someone quick saved, and is now experimenting what the outcomes of random decisions are. A minor piece of information was that [OpenAI Approached Anthropic About Merger](https://archive.is/RCQnv), and The Atlkantic has a slightly longer look and speculation what’s going on [Inside the Chaos at OpenAI](https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2023/11/sam-altman-open-ai-chatgpt-chaos/676050/). With Ilya’s recent turn around, there’s apparently also the option of Altman coming back [Sam Altman is still trying to return as OpenAI CEO](https://www.theverge.com/2023/11/20/23969586/sam-altman-plotting-return-open-ai-microsoft), something even MS would apparently be okay with, at least publically. Business Analysis blog Stratechery posted some analysis on [OpenAI’s Misalignment and Microsoft’s Gain](https://stratechery.com/2023/openais-misalignment-and-microsofts-gain/). Loving it, this is like SubredditDrama, but without having any actual chance of affecting me (I don’t believe in AGI coming out of LLMs), and on a global scale.

Well, this escalated quickly. So is this the end, or will the mods create an OpenAI megathread? ;)

Recommendations for beginner winter running clothes?
2 1/2 weeks ago, I started going for short (25-40 minutes) daily morning runs. Right now the temperature is mostly 10C or higher, so I can just wear shorts and a t-shirt. One day it was below 8, felt a bit cold, and so I got a functional (=plastic) sport long sleeve. That works well, and I can even wear a t-shirt under it if it gets colder (tested it, currently too warm, but I'll probably do that for 6c and lower). Cleaning is easy, I just take it in the shower with me. But now I'm worried about it getting colder, not running, getting out of the routine and not starting again. What does one get for temperatures around 0 or slightly below, that's also cleanable and dryable for the next day, that preferably also doesn't break the bank? Edit: just to clarify, mainly looking for pants, but will happily take top recommendations as well. edit2: Just wanted to say thank you to everyone here :) I got a merino beanie and a running windbreaker with a neck-protection. I’ll get running tights if I start feeling the need for them.

[Original article in German](https://www.tagesschau.de/ausland/asien/ard-team-angegriffen-100.html) While not clear from this article, the German one mentions > According to the team, the soldiers were probably settlers from the area who have now been called up as reservists. They were travelling in a private vehicle and were wearing civilian headgear.

> During the revolt — known as the Maji Maji Rebellion — between 200,000 and 300,000 Indigenous people were murdered, as German troops systematically wiped out villages and fields, experts say. > Germany’s long-standing commitment to historical remembrance has centred around the atrocities it committed during World War II, specifically the slaughter of six million Jews and other minorities during the Holocaust. While I had heard about the genocide in Namibia, I don’t think my history lessons (which mainly center around WWII and the surroundings, including the holocaust) ever mentioned such a slaughter in Tanzania. (edit: They were also 20 years ago, if you are German and younger, feel free to tell me if anything changed) Wikipedia (German links are far more detailed if you speak it): * [Maji Maji Rebellion (Tanzania)](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maji_Maji_Rebellion) ([German](https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maji-Maji-Aufstand)) * [Herero and Namaqua genocide (Namibia)](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herero_and_Namaqua_genocide) ([German](https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/V%C3%B6lkermord_an_den_Herero_und_Nama))

Thought this was interesting. Partially because of raised prices, but apparently mainly because of tax enforcement. > The shift follows the deployment of 1,400 paramilitary-trained field officers by the Kenya Revenue Authority

I’m an accidental DBA, but I still never quite got the hate for ORMs. I thought this article does a good job explaining the issue, and why they aren’t so bad.