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I am a person in Australia.

My main lemmy client is ! and

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You can exclude channels from dearrow, do that with him

In Victoria we didn’t ban plastic, we made it so corps had to charge you for them. Really stupid.

The go “back to where you came from” argument is very stupid considering they came from Britain

More than a few

Well, I’m C , I think it should be on the day we became a nation but it really doesn’t matter to me much.

I would say do it on the day we became a nation, like every other country does. I can’t remember the exact date but it’s early January

I haven’t noticed it. People are much nicer than on reddit. However I don’t look at politics communitys (because they think the world is the USA) so that could be it.

  1. I know, next time it’ll be small
  2. Yeah it is nice, but remember that the flag goes under art (but fighting with the rainbow is fine)
  3. Ok cool. Are you gonna make it on the flag or somewhere else?

We are allowing stuff like the fuck spez and blahaj so I think the rainbow is fine cos it’s not massive

ok i will keep the rainbow but no gurantees for other people ive told them to in matrix tho

3 stars are now done

with template:

without template:

i agree, but i didnt make canvas, only the project for the huge flag. The canvas time will probably be exteneded so it gets filled in.

an Australia flag is being made on (lemmys r/place)
we are making an Australian flag in the bottom right corner, help if you want. []( Communicate on Matrix: Aus Flag: Canvas:

For even more engagement I will reply with: beans arnt ideal if you can’t shit for 3 days

You shouldn’t be able to add people as mod without permission
Atm, you can add anyone as mod to a community without permission. This is bad because you could add someone as mod to a questionable community to make them look bad