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Yes, I know. I’m not a nimrod.

They were asking for alternatives and I provided one.

Coming up with an alternative to the word “lame” seems like the wrong way go about this. To you, a lame thing is a thing you don’t like. That’s what it means to me, I’d wager that’s what it means to a lot of people. Saying it is a knee-jerk reaction. Any word you pick to replace it will have the same negative connotation. Instead of picking a short word to use to describe a thing you don’t like, stop and think about why you don’t like the thing and use that reason as your statement of disapproval. Or, if you’re just saying you don’t like a thing, maybe that sentiment doesn’t need to be expressed.

I spent 6 months in the hospital dying faster than normal. My spouse was there to visit me nearly every day and we often got into fights about, in retrospect, supremely stupid shit. This is all to say that we experienced a traumatic event from two very different viewpoints. You’re partner is afraid about what could potentially go wrong and so are you. But you both aren’t afraid in the same way; you just can’t be and there is nothing wrong with that. But good news! Nothing’s gone wrong other than a stupid fight.

My advice to you is to be there to see him off and be there for his recovery. He’s scared and being an ass. You were scared and were an ass. You’ve been together 5 years. You need to be by his side even if he says you don’t have to or that mom can take care of it all.

After all, he’s your partner.

One third of one billion dollars? Google can find that in the couch.

How’s it going, sober folk?
Any major hurdles or accomplishments this week? Or are you just keeping on? I just remembered today that I've been two years sober as of June 30th. As someone who used to be so focused on drinking and ritual and celebration, it just wows me that this milestone just kind of passed me by. It was just another day I made the decision to not have a drink.

This show was not for me, and I’ve had trouble trying explain why. I made it through most of the first season and followed the rest of it via recaps from my partner, mostly.

The main problem for me was that, while none of the characters were likeable or had any redeeming qualities, I was was still supposed to find them relatable. To me, the show is saying “yes they’re super rich but at the end of the day we’re all human and have family and feelings and deserve blah blah blah,” and I’m sitting there watching and feeling uncomfortable because WHY THE FUCK ARE WE GLORIFYING THE LIVES OF THE SUPER RICH?

but I’m glad you enjoyed it! Two thumbs down from this buckaroo, though.

I don’t judge people for their choices. Hell, my partner is a bartender and drinks often. It often feels, however, that when people find out I don’t drink, that they assume I’m judging them if they choose to. Maybe that’s just me projecting my hangups and insecurities, though. But, congrats, and I’m proud of you, too, for whatever that’s worth!

Ayy don’t concentrate so much on the time you wish you could get back, rather concentrate on what to do with your upcoming time. “What can I do?” is a much worthier investment than “What should have I done differently?”

My two year soberversary is coming up at the end of the month. I was a bartender for 15ish years, got cirrhosis and a liver transplant, now back in school for a career change.

I haven’t found a so er community in the fediverse yet, though I through sobriety as a topic when beehaw was soliciting new community ideas the other week. Hopefully something comes of it.

I personally am finding it hard to make sober friends. My old drinking friends, I believe, find it easier to avoid me then have my presence remind them of the fact that making alcohol a huge part of your identity can have seriously negative consequences.

I’ve tried recovery groups, but the groupthink and religious emphasis of most of them do not jive well with me.

So, it’s been a lonely experience for me. But the clarity and drive to accomplish things I’ve gained is amazing.

Pretty good. Aced my finals, flying out to New York tomorrow with my partner for a little vacay! Then it’s back to school for summer term next Monday.

I’ve been wondering, how do spez’s boots taste?

Haha yes! If you love slop, you’ll love the Instant Pot!

Though, all I use mine for these days is cooking dried beans or making stock. Which I use to make slop.

Banning banning things is my kind of freedom!

There’s a lot to unpack in this scenario, but without knowing anything about previous trust issues in your relationship or any shame or other feelings your partner may have towards food/weight/body image, I think it comes down to that we are all need private moments in our lives to maintain our sanity.

I got this. “Hey investors, if we do this we’ll maximize our profits in the long run and minimize our losses in the short run.”

Taking summer classes at a new university, heading to NYC for a week, lots of reading and writing, and hopefully a little camping. Hectic and rewarding is my goal!

I have a sinking feeling that these moves are not about money, but more about power and manipulation. If you squeeze these user bases such that the savviest users are forced out, those more likely to ask “Why?” about damn near anything, you will own access to a group of people that can be influenced to think/do/buy whatever the top management and/or majority shareholders want. If you lose a few million users, what does it matter if they were dissidents to your goals?