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Hi! This submission is not well suited for the World News community. Depending on the type of discussion you were going to have, it would probably be better suited for our Humanities and Cultures community or our Socialism community. I am going to remove the post here, but please consider resubmitting to one of those communities. Thanks!

Hey y’all! This thread has sparked a lot of discussion and it is obviously a very tense topic being discussed at a tense time in the world. With the way the thread has been going, the mod team doesn’t feel we can moderate this thread thoroughly enough to make it follow our rules, so I am going to lock it.

Other than the two attempts at caramel making I did not accomplish anything else, but I am still pretty pleased with that. I had a lot of other things going on, and making something was good. I may try another batch this weekend in hopes that I can get the last refinement in before the holidays. Overall, I enjoyed running and participating in the event, and I am looking forward to next year!

October Make Something Month: Showcase
Howdy y’all! This thread is for anyone who worked on a project for the make something month to post about it. Feel free to share pictures and links, or just write about the experience. I hope people enjoyed, and I'll see you all next year!

October Make Something Month: Belated Time Call
Howdy y’all! I meant to post this on Halloween but then got distracted with Halloween and travel. If you're still working, this is your time to stop, though if you need finishing touches or anything to document your project feel free to continue on that. This final update post, so comment below with your progress and challenges. See you all in a few more days for the showcase!

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to make any more caramel, and based on what’s going on life wise I’m not going to have a chance to before the end of the month. I’m still happy that I was able to make a few attempts and make some progress though!

October Make Something Month: Final Updates
Howdy y’all! We're coming in on the home stretch. This is the fourth and almost final update post, so comment below with your progress, challenges, and next steps. See you all in a few days for the time call. Then we’ll have a week for finishing touches and documenting out projects before the showcase.

I retried my recipe as a dry caramel and got improved results! I got a good color, as you can see in this picture. I think I got a little impatient and turned the heat up too high, because it was a bit burnt, although that might also have been because I forgot to prep my pan to pour into until it was almost done. The fats also went in later and were much better incorporated. I’m hoping to get one more attempt before the end of the month and have something I will feel good about making for the holidays.

October Make Something Month: Week 3
Howdy y’all! Another week, another update post. This is the third update post, so comment below with your progress, challenges, and next steps. See you all next week, and then a few days after that for the final post for the month. Then we'll have a week for finishing touches and documenting out projects before the showcase.

Hey, this comment reads like you’re just dunking on another user. If that is not what you meant to do, please try to communicate more clearly, and if that is what you meant to do, please refrain while commenting on Beehaw in order to be(e) nice. Thanks!

I haven’t gotten to make more caramel, but I did eat my last batch. Definitely the right chew, but so pale it looked like raw chicken, and the fat didn’t emulsify so it was, as my SO immediately described it, “gweasy.” Picture: https://postimg.cc/qtY5kV6g

Recipe was as follows:

  • 192g sugar
  • 65 ml canned coconut cream
  • 28g vegan butter
  • Salt and vanilla to taste
  1. Put sugar in a pot with just enough water to fully wet it, along with the coconut cream
  2. Heat over medium heat to firm ball temperature
  3. Remove from heat, add butter, salt, and vanilla.
  4. Pour into pan lined with parchment paper

I’m going to try again with the same ingredients but try melting the sugar dry, then adding the coconut cream. That would at least help with the color of nothing else. Failing that, I have another recipe I can try that uses corn syrup and brown sugar along with sweetened condensed coconut milk.—

October Make Something Month: Week 2
Howdy y’all! Another week has flown by. This is the second update post, so comment below with your progress, challenges, and next steps. See you all next week!

I did manage to spend a bit of time today making caramel. I followed a recipe I had written down on a sticky note last time I tried this. Currently it is chilling in the fridge to be cut tomorrow. The bit that I scraped out of the pot after definitely has the right texture, stuck to my teeth and very chewy. That said, it didn’t really get a caramel color, I’ll try to take a picture and add it here along with the recipe, but it stayed almost white even though it reached firm ball temp. I have another recipe that I tried before, so I might go to that and maybe use it as a starting point for experimentation if I can get better color out of it.

October Make Something Month: Week 1
Howdy y'all! It's already one week in to October. This is the first update post, so comment below with your progress, challenges, and next steps. See you all next week!

A little late to my own party because of a business trip, but I think I’m going to work on refining my dairy free caramel skills. I should have photos of a few batches of caramel throughout the month.

October Make Something Month: Kickoff
Howdy y'all! It's October 1st, so make something month has begun. If you would like to participate, post below with what you are planning to do. There's really no rules, you've just got to make something. Every week after this I'll post a thread for weekly updates, and then on the last day of the month a final update post. About a week later we will do a showcase thread, just in case people need some time for finishing touches or to take photos. Anyway, good luck and I am looking forward to seeing what everyone makes!

Digital is just fine! In the past for a make something month I did a website, so a 3d model would be perfect

I was not terribly successful on this last year so I have two ideas, both aiming to scale back a bit:

  1. Complete my project from last year, which was a round shield inspired by Viking round shields
  2. Hammer out a good dairy free caramel recipe. I already have a dairy free fudge recipe which I make at Christmas every year. There’s also caramels, but my SO has a dairy allergy so she cannot partake, so I would like to work out a good caramel recipe. I have made previous attempts at this, but they all fell victim to various mishaps, ranging from becoming overcooked into burnt hard candy to having a fly nosedive into the cooking caramel

This will be made a little more complicated by having a week of business travel as well as a family visit at the end of the month, but I am hoping to accomplish something fun without setting too high of expectations for myself.

October Make Something Month: Gauging Interest
Howdy y'all! I'm hoping to run a make something month in October either here or in Creative. The idea is that a bunch of people all make something, doesn't matter what, throughout the month. Each week I'll make a post where we can share progress and discuss, and at the end of the month you can post your final creation(s) in a showcase thread. It's kind of like National Novel Writing Month, except you don't have to be writing a novel, and also it's in October! Anyways, if you have any questions or ideas for what you'd like to do, feel free to post them below. I'll make a post on October 1st to formally kick everything off, so make sure you finalize what you hope to do by then!

Hey this is a great contribution, just wanted to request that in the future you try to have a more descriptive title. Totally understand that it might have slipped your mind on this one, this is a charged topic to say the least, just a note for the future. Thanks!

Hey, I know this can be an issue that strikes a nerve. That said, acknowledging nuance is important to having a productive conversation. Judging everyone by a set standard and having unkind words for not meeting that standard even before you know much about the person you are engaging with is not going to be productive, and it’s not particularly nice either.

To be clear, I do not intend to ask you to tolerate oppression. By all means you should oppose oppression strenuously! But being harsh to someone you disagree with online is not the way to do that. In the future, please try your best to disengage from the conversation for a bit until you are in a better headspace.

Ah, makes sense with the world aspect, but still a better fit for the politics community.

This is not a terribly nice thing to say. So much of raising children is cultural or environmental, and many people go on to be great parents after having bad parents themselves. Also, this comment gives some eugenics promoting vibes. Please try to communicate more clearly in the future to avoid giving that impression. Thanks!

This isn’t really a news article, and it’s by a US source about a US topic. Please try to post things like this to Politics or maybe US News in the future. Thanks!

This is a great resource, thank you for posting it! However, it would likely be a better fit for the Beehaw Programming community. Please post links like this in that community in the future!

Hey, this isn’t a terrible article but the source website is questionable at best. I am going to remove this topic, but if you have an article from a more reputable source please post it!

A human pedaling on a stationary bike IS a heater, if he’s getting 100 watts continuous at the generator then he’s probably producing a 2-3 times that amount in heat. Plus that’s heat injected directly into him, so it’s well retained by wearing warm clothes, no space heating needed.

Sure, people are more than their political views, but I don’t know that that means political comments made in tech content should just be ignored. The people making the content put them there deliberately, and there’s enough tech content out there that at the very least if that bothers you, it’s easily possible to find something that doesn’t include those comments, if not something that includes political commentary that isn’t bothersome.

On top of that, what some might call identity politics, others would call minority groups getting together and demanding that their voices be heard the same as others. Political divisions often reflect real life experiences and how they differ, and the only way to just ignore the political differences is to ignore important issues is people’s lives.

Identity politics is also a 2 way street. I’m not familiar with tech podcasters specifically, but I imagine they’re not getting the same kind of push back if the political commentary is putting minorities in a negative light.

What I am using far too many words to say is, dismissing the concerns of the OP because they sound a little bit too much like identity politics is not a nice way to contribute to this thread, and I encourage you to reexamine your post and think of nicer ways to contribute in the future.

Hey, I know this is probably a topic you are very passionate about. However the mod team is starting to see a pattern of behavior from you n terms of failing to assume good faith and turning arguments toward personal attacks. This is not okay going forward. While Beehaw is much larger than it was a few weeks ago, it is still very small; you will have to interact with everyone you speak with again, and there are no points for the biggest slam dunk on someone else in a comment thread. Consider if you would say the things you are writing to your next door neighbor, knowing that you’ll have to see them again every day for potentially years to come.

This comment could stand to be nicer and/or more open to further discussion, like some of the others in the thread. Please try to incorporate that into your future comments.

The thing that upsets me most about this article is that when I try other search engines, I still find myself needing to use Google to find certain things. Usually that’s information or questions and not products, but if it’s this bad for Google I can’t imagine it’s any easier on the others.

Hey y’all, this is a great post, but please try to keep topics relating to the reddit blackout on the appropriate megathread, which should be pinned here: https://beehaw.org/post/550898

Going to lock this to focus further discussion.

Hey, not sure if you’re maybe more used to Mastodon or something, but the hashtags in the title don’t have any particular effect here. Not sure what your goal with them was exactly, but figured I’d let you know.

I’ve had better weeks. One of my guinea pigs who has been sick for a while got sick enough that she had to be put down, with the added bonus that this became obvious about 15 minutes before I had to go meet my new landlord to pick up the keys to my new apartment. On the plus side, moving into the new apartment has been easy, I thought I would need to do a lot of back and forth to move stuff before the movers come to take the big things, but seems like that’s mostly done. Also, my other guinea pig is doing well despite the loss of her friend, so that is good also.