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Ok, excellent! That’s what I’m looking to do, thanks!

EDIT: Also, I can confirm that this works. Again, thank you.

📱Question about GrapheneOS factory reset
If I do a factory reset on my phone that has GrapheneOS on it, will that revert it to the stock android that it originally came with or to a "fresh" clean, brand new GrapheneOS? I found conflicting information about this online . . . 🤔

That graphic sums up my entire educational experience.

Um , , , sorry, what’s a diff tool?, thanks very much for taking the time to pass all this on. Thanks also to,,, & It’ll take a little time for me to wrap my poor fading brain around all this, so I may have more to add in a bit, but again, thank you!

Ok, I see: yes, I am set up to do weekly snapshots with Timeshift, and the syncing is for data files. As for corrupted files, I’m not so sure about that; I don’t believe I’ve ever had a problem with this, but . . . 🤔

toTechnology@beehaw.orgFaster backup solution?

Hi Helix, it’s a QNAP TS-251A, not sure what the software version is (or what it is, QTS?); where would I find that? I remember trying to install Nextcloud on it at one point and almost had to have myself committed after repeated failures (I’m not really that tech savvy 🙁, but I try . . . ). Can you point me to some instructions on how to install Docker on QNAP? I’m not sure what you mean when you say that sync is not a backup, although I may be using the term incorrectly. How do you define a backup? Thanks for your response.

EDIT: Also, would you say that I’m moving in the right direction here, moving from, I guess, a scheduled backup (?) to a continuous sync-type setup w/Syncthing if I have issues with slowness? I’m also waiting for Tuta(nota)'s legendary and forever forthcoming TutaDrive as another possible solution, but that’s probably still pretty far off.

Faster backup solution?
I use [Beyond Compare]( to sync files from my laptop to my NAS which is a QNAP (my laptop is Linux Mint). It is ***incredibly slow***, to the point that it is driving me crazy. Admittedly, I have lots of large files on my laptop that I move around frequently, so that may just be how it is. I do have my laptop setup to sync to my phone with Syncthing, and it seems like my phone is always up-to-date and in sync with my laptop. But of course it is syncing in, I guess, "real time" as opposed to a Beyond Compare backup which does everything only when I tell it to when lots of changes have already been made at the end of the day. Is it possible to install Syncthing on QNAP? Perhaps that would make things a bit faster, although I've always had a hell of a time trying to install something that isn't a proprietary app from their store. Anyway, any suggestions are welcome. EDIT: Plugging into ethernet instead of syncing over wi-fi helps speed things up *a bit*, but not as much as I would like.

I like and use Relay as well. Probably a very naive thought, but couldn’t Mozilla just ask for donations the way Wikipedia does?

This is just a random thought, and I may not be understanding your situation correctly, but does France have anything like the GED? Sorry to hear you’re having such a tough time.

Yes, additional thanks! Almost gave them a try.

Nitter was killed?! Dammit.

Funny, I was just thinking about posting this, even though it’s like ten years old! For anyone who’d like to read more on this topic from the article’s author, have a look here (PDF).

Notice too that there’s always plenty of money for war as well as massive tax breaks for the scum who are allowed to legally bribe politicians.

Unfortunately, I can’t use custom themes with that plan while I believe you can with Midnight. Upgrading on is $25/$31 per month wheras at Midnight I think it’s $16 or so.

And if so, do you have any experience with this: Midnight?

Isn’t there a Max Headroom episode like that? (Checks IMDb) There is!

Don’t mean to throw shade on a project that I’m sure lots of people have put a lot of time and effort into, but this has never worked for me. Of all the pre-Snowden proprietary evilware, just about the only one I haven’t been able to escape from entirely is Adobe InDesign, and therefore Windows as well. Wine has always been one potential way to get around this, but despite my best efforts I’ve never gotten it work. For InDesign, I’ve had much better luck with running it in Windows in VirtualBox.

I want to like Scribus, but every time I hear about it getting updated, I download it, open it, only to find these tiny toolbar icons that have no apparent way of being made bigger. This is always what prevents me from trying it out! Seems like kind of a basic design no-brainer. Grrr. Does anyone else have this problem? I'm on Linux if it makes any difference.

@Mnglw and @jarfil , do either of you know how to implement the “removeparam” thingamabobber? I’m just about at the limits of what my poor brain can handle here . . . 🤯

Firefox with arkenfox.js: Are these extensions still useful?
After a long while, I checked back on the [arkenfox.js github page](, and they no longer mention two extensions I still use: (1) [CanvasBlocker ]( if Resist Fingerprinting is enabled in about:config, the per page zoom levels get changed and that drives me *crazy*), and (2) [Smart Referer]( (because, well, it was recommended). I know that good old UBlock Origin can block javascript, but I've been using (3) [JavaScript Control]( because it's easier to access from the URL bar. So are these three still useful? To answer my own question: I might give RFP another try so I won't need CanvasBlocker. Since I can achieve what CanvasBlocker and JS Control do with about:config and UBlock tweaks, respectively, I guess I'm mainly interested in what people think about Smart Referer. Also sort of a noodly post.

Here’s a list of sources whose reliability has been rated by Wikipedia. I personally think they’re being kind of hard on AllMusic, which I’ve found to be reliable, though not necessaily as exhaustive as it could be.

This article is of great concern to me as someone who has edited and created a number of Wikipedia articles. However, since a lot of outrage gets garbled along the way, I’d like to see more about this, maybe if I can find the correct Talk page about one of the articles in question…

Can anyone find a link to the tik tok video that the article mentions?


Not sure technology is the best place to put this...any suggestions for a cross post?

Do you want low-power setting only on a battery?

Yes, that’s what I’m aiming for. I’ve got a thinkpad x1 carbon 10th gen which is known for its not-so-great battery life, and so I’m trying to use the low-power setting for battery-only to see if that helps. If that doesn’t work I might try auto-cpufreq (do you know anything about that?) In any event, thanks very much for your response, I’ll create the .conf file and see if it works. 🙂👍

I’m on Linux Mint Cinnamon 21.2; power-profiles-daemon does not seem to be installed on my system 🤔. Typing cat /sys/firmware/acpi/platform_profile in the terminal comes up as “low-power”, which is what I switched it to from “balanced” by hitting Fn+l. How do I get this setting to survive reboot? Do I uncomment “#PLATFORM_PROFILE_ON_BAT=low-power” or is there another way?

🔋TLP Question🔋
Does anyone know how I can change the power profile on [TLP]( from "balanced" to "low-power" so that it will survive reboot?

"Lemmy gives their developer update on the work they have been doing in the last 2 weeks. Lemmy is preparing for their new release, v0.19, and the server is already running the update. One of the changes is a new sorting algorithm, scaled sorting, that gives more visibility to smaller communities on Lemmy."

I grow happier by the day for being a dedicated Firefox user.

May I suggest taking a look at Aeon and Arts & Letters Daily? I’m not a Pocket subscriber, but I do browse their Explore section, which usually doesn’t have articles that are too heavy.

How is reddit doing these days? They seem to have slipped out of the news (quite understandably) for the time being.

I’m afraid that’s beyond my current skill set, but thank you anyway! 🙂

Yeah, same here, unfortunately.

Google Books downloader?
I used to be able to download the available pages from books on Google Books with pysheng(3) and/or getxbook, but neither of them seem to work any more. On Firefox I can go into "More Information>Media Info" and download page images one by one, but this is slow and cumbersome. Any recommendations for a replacement?

Looks like I can get to reddit pages via Libreddit with Mullvad up and running, if that helps at all.

EDIT: And reddit via reddit too!

One thing I’m not happy about, when I upgraded, was that to keep the email templates option from my earlier plan, I had to sign up for a much more expensive plan than what I had already. I don’t get bad vibes from Tuta, but I do feel that they are a relatively small company that doesn’t always think things through all the way.

EDIT: also, despite having upgraded and paid, it won’t let me register an address. 🙁

EDIT EDIT: Ok, now it did, but it took quite a while before I was able to do it.

EDIT³: Ok, well, so now I’m paying nearly three times as much as I was before (going from the “Business: Teams” plan to “Business: Unlimited” plan), just so I could keep using their email templates option. Had I paid a bit closer attention, I would not have upgraded just because I thought it would be cool to have a address (or is it an alias?), although I’m assuming that they would have eventually switched me over anyway. I keep a very light inbox and so now I seem to be paying for a lot of features that I won’t be using. I’ll be sticking with them because it’s what I’m used to, but I’m not terribly happy with how things ended up as you can probably imagine.

Have a look at their blog post but then please also look at [this]( What do you think? EDIT: If libreddit says "too many requests," click on alien's head to go to less readable but probably more accessible original reddit post.

Hi @toothpicks, if you’re interested, “The Machine Stops” was made into an episode of Out of the Unknown way back in 1966. The quality of the video is not great, but anyway, here’s a link to it on the Internet Archive (it helps if you imagine you’re watching an old episode of Doctor Who).

One executive revealed the number, and it's more than the GDP of Haiti.

Thank you, done! 👍

🤔 “No Permissions Denied . . .”

Thanks for the heads up. How’re the various Invidious instances dealing with YT’s new way of doing things?

I’m glad there’s something to be optimistic about 🥲

Why couldn’t Biden have said about the hospital bombing in Gaza, despite the (supposed) evidence to the contrary, something like “this is a terrible tragedy for the Palestinian people,” (which he may in fact have said), but much more importantly, “it’s not clear who is responsible for this terrible attack,” even if there was 100% incontrovertible evidence that Islamic Jihad did this (which they may or may not have, I honestly don’t know). Everyone in the Arab world thinks, rightly, that the US will back Israel no matter what, and that we’re not a fair dealer in any of this. No one in the Arab world believes that IJ did this, they all believe Israel is responsible, and why shouldn’t they? What reason do they have to trust the US and Israel? This is where some diplomatic fudging could have really helped the situation. But Biden didn’t end up meeting with a single Arab leader because of this. At a certain point you have to throw the other side a bone if there is any hope of them ever trusting you. I confess that despite some things I definitely don’t like, I have been pleasantly surprised at how good the Biden presidency has been overall. But his trip to Israel may have made things a lot worse. No negotiations mean that no hostages will be released, no ceasefire can be implemented, no progress can be made.

That would explain it! I think I remember seeing Jacobin as being the same degree of liberal as The Atlantic, and there’s no way that could be right! Oops, I mean “correct.” 🙄

The Intercept conservative?! The Nation conservative?! What gives? ![](

Some assistance/advice for OCRing?
I've just scanned a section of a book (in French) that unfortunately uses a very fine typeface and a lot of italics that seem to confuse the OCR. I'm on Linux, so I'm switching off between gscan2pdf (which makes use of the remarkable unpaper program) and Master PDF Editor (a proprietary program) to clean up and deskew the scans before OCRing them (since each program has their own strengths and weaknesses). I did this, got the scanned pages looking pretty good, and then OCRed them using Tesseract (which is an option in gscan2pdf). I also tried GOCR, which produced garbage-level results. Tesseract didn't do *too* badly, but what did happen is that it occasionally mixes lines of text together--despite me trying to get them as straight as possible, and doing what I thought was a pretty good job! Also, it will put spaces in the midst of words and sentences, like this: "J e t'ai m e" which is kind of annoying to have to go through and fix, especially since there are a lot of those spaces! Can anyone recommend a better approach to this, some different software maybe, or is this the best I can reasonably hope for?