Technically I’m an archaeologist, I guess.

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I feel the complete opposite!

It stresses me out to feel encumbered on a plane. I don’t mind waiting at a carousel for a while to get my luggage if it means I can board with nothing but headphones and an overpriced pretzel.

If they lose my bags, I’ll get them back eventually. It’s not like they don’t have stores at [insert destination].

Man, if I had a nickel…

I’d personally like it better if nothing tAkEs oVEr. I’m comfortable with the internet having more than one website.

I’m uninformed about the interesting stuff from Mozilla, Tumblr, etc. that the author mentioned, but I hope it’s cool and varied.

The most surprising thing to me is that Pyrex alone isn’t able to carry the entire corporation. They’ve also got Corelle and CorningWare. What the fuck, guys?

Of course they are. They had already done their projections and accounted for whatever melt they would incur over all this. The add/whatever else revenue they expect to generate by forcing users to the official app outweighs the loss in users and collateral damage to subreddit moderation.

Reddit gradually became one of the single most important websites on the internet over the course of 17 years. Like Facebook, Reddit is functionally the ONLY website on the internet for a massive number of people. The IPO was always going to result in decisions that would tarnish Reddit in the eyes of the type of people who’d even consider migrating to a place like Lemmy. But that kind of user doesn’t matter when we’re talking about things like vaLuATioN.

I mentioned in another community yesterday that my most realistic hope is this whole ordeal fractures the power user base into various diasporas. I hope that people migrate to a bunch of different alternatives, and then they apply the community building energy there that they used to apply exclusively to Reddit. Maybe we’ll be lucky and enough people get excited about enough other places that we’ll have a [viable] diversity of choice online again.