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Topor Live, a large Telegram-based news outlet based out of Russia, with over 3.9M followers, reported that REvil, Anonymous Sudan, and Killnet are going to take down the European banking system in 48 hours.

• The woman's relatives were shocked to discover that she was still alive while preparing her body for the funeral after she had been declared dead by the hospital. • The woman's son said that his mother started to move her left hand, open her eyes and struggle to breathe when they opened the coffin. • Firefighters arrived and lifted the woman from the coffin onto a stretcher and took her back to the same hospital where she had been declared dead. • The woman's son said that his mother was responsive and on oxygen in the intensive care unit, and reacted when a doctor pinched her hand. • The health ministry has opened an investigation into the incident after the woman was issued a death certificate stating she had died of cardiopulmonary arrest following a stroke. • The article mentions another case in February where an 82-year-old woman was found breathing while lying in a funeral home after being pronounced dead three hours earlier at a nursing home.

In a year or two when the SE version comes out, it’ll probably be around the price of a normal laptop. Demand will probably skyrocket by then, because Vision Pro is pretty much an all-in-one package with the added bonus of being XR.

Lemmy’s source code shows that user account deletion means the hosted instance will purge and redact all of that user’s content and send a notice to other instances as well, but since it’s federation, nobody is required is to listen to these commands, although the vast majority will.

If an instance shuts down, they’re supposed to send a “self destruct” notice to all other instances to delete their content, but technically speaking, instances do not have to listen to these notices. Thus, it’s possible that deleted or unavailable content still remains available on some platforms.

Rumours are that Apple will sell an “SE” version that will be much cheaper.

Will we see mass adoption of Apple Vision?
Apple Vision Pro launched at WWDC over a week ago and they showed a lot of clips of normal people wearing it doing (relatively) normal things, like cooking, watching movies, even working at the office. One clip that really intrigued me was the one where a father was recording his kids in 3D through his Vision Pro. To me, this seemed off at first since to other people, it may not look like you're present in the moment. But after thinking about it for a while, isn't it the same as just wearing sunglasses, if not better? Sunglasses block your eyes, but Vision Pro would show your eyes to the outside world. So I guess the question is, will Apple Vision Pro and subsequent products become widely socially acceptable one day?

Kagi is a great premium alternative. They focus obsessively on search result quality and adding helpful, but non invasive AI tools. One of them is even free as an experiment!

I think subs will go dark longer than 48 hours, or at least I hope so.