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I still use it but I have to say the fact that the page auto-refreshes when you leave the app and come back drives me bonkers.

Ya im not sure what the deal with the hate is. ChatGPT gives you an excellent starting point and if you give it good feedback and direction you can actually churn out some pretty decent code with it.

Yes and thats my point. The $10 a month is likely not sustainable because of their contracts with record labels.

I guess I don’t really know exactly how their model works, but I’m guessing that is only for independent artists. I bet they paid big bucks to the major record labels.

Pretty much inevitable I’ve been amazed they went this long. $10 just does not seem sustainable.

Besides the privacy aspect of it all, I just know in 5 years they will declare the camera a security problem and shut it off. I want a porch camera that lasts for 20 years.

Great to see them thriving, I have a feeling my friend group will eventually end up on Revolt once Discord goes to shit.

Reminds me of that quote from Frozen. “All one can do is the next right thing”

As far as I know, it’s pretty much dead in the water.

He’s not going to win anyways. Even if he gets the nomination, Trump already has the party hostage. He will claim fraud in the primaries, then run third party. Frankly this is the best timeline.

Can confirm. I still have WhatsApp installed because otherwise, I can’t talk to certain friends.

It has reached the point that any new product they launch I ignore.

My question is, when will they fix search crashing. Half the time I go to search it’s broken, if I have to restart windows explorer to fix it.

It really feels like there are already enough people here for me to stick around. Hopefully that is true for most new users.

You have to put in a lot of upfront work with the pressure cookers. Re-thinking the way you used to do your recipes and adapting them is a lot of work I’ve found. But I will say, it was worth the time investment once you figure it out. You make fewer dishes and you use less water. And the biggest plus is probably, no more babysitting it on the stove.

EDIT: Oh and once you figure out a recipe, it comes out the exact same way every time because it’s all so much more precise.

The whataboutism will be endless as well

I use it for gaming with friend groups, but would gladly get off it if my friends would too. Sadly that is a near impossibility. lol

Discord is flat out garbage as a forum. Once you pass say even 15 people, it becomes a total mess of posts burying other posts, you can never find anything. I have no idea why everyone wants to use it for something it was never meant to be.

all good. we don’t want everyone to be on just one server.

I can imagine. Enough of his lawyers have been fucked over I’d want no part of that for all of King Midas’ silver.

Not really sure how well bikes would work where I live. The winters are harsh, and its steep hill after steep hill.

That would be amazing, he could probably even reuse a lot of the UI elements even.

Imgur announced recently they are going to be purging images that haven’t been viewed for x amount of time.

Sadly, I think you are right about that.

I think so too. Spez will delay the change to get everyone to calm down, then implement later, or possibly roll it out in smaller chunks to control the outrage.

Oh man so much this. I felt like I could never post a comment without getting into an argument with someone about it.

I was a Sync user. Decided to not even wait. Account deleted, app uninstalled. Fuck em