(He/Him) Level 10 wizard studying the mystic arts. Major areas of research involve the transcendent properties of consequential impulses observed throughout the myco cosmos.

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I was interested in trying NixOS before after many years of Linux experience but I couldn’t understand what advantages it had over my current setup. It just mostly seemed more complicated than it needed to be for little to no gain.

The reproducibility aspect of it can be achieved on other Linux platforms or in other environments so it wasn’t a big draw for me. I already have backups too. Making it easily deployable seems like the same use case as for instance, docker, which is available everywhere already.

I love projects like this though so I fully support it!

This sounds like a great idea but I’m wondering if this is best to go into the UI of an app, for instance. Making the lists of multi-subreddits easily sharable would be a big plus, that way it isn’t just one person who controls who is allowed into the multi-subreddit.

I’m also extremely excited about this. Growing lemmy into a thriving community of people across many different instances is the best part about it. I’m hopeful that we have the dev talent required to build interfaces that can highlight that feature.

Also being able to point to lemmy and say “go here for a better experience” is gonna be fantastic every time when Reddit continues to kill their platform.

Same but on a Pixel 6a. It’s good for the most part. I don’t use this phone for calls/sms so I wish I could just disable that while retaining mobile data, but I haven’t figured that out yet really.

I just started a small instance called wizanons.dev if anyone is interested in joining. We’re focused on magic and mysticism, especially psychonautics.

Also super friendly and we’ve yet to ban any instances since we’re still small and haven’t needed to. We run the “magic” community, which is mostly general for anything magical - fantasy or otherwise anyone wants to post about.

Ebikes are definitely the answer. Much easier to ride up hills and very accessible for regular people to start riding. Plus they are significantly cheaper than cars when you account for insurance and registration and maintenance, etc.

I’m not personally going back to reddit. I’ve had problems with them for a while now so I’m glad they finally forced me off their platform.

I understand what you mean though. Lemmy definitely has a way to go to be more user friendly but I think we’ll get there at this rate.

Great to have you here Chris. And thanks for creating this wonderful community. Feels like the old web again in some way, which is a good thing.

I just made a new magical community! It’s aim is for magic users and psychonauts (psychedelics). !magic@wizanons.dev.

We’re inclusive, friendly, and magic themed! Feel free to subscribe and post!

Curating the proper set of subs is the real winner. Gonna spend quite a while finding communities.

New, for now. Very useful for finding updates.

Thanks for running Beehaw! I started up my own instance now that I saw you guys running one and its been fun experimenting with it and self-hosting.