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This has upset the applecart at work today. Thankfully I’m just a lowly packet pusher, not a cloud jockey. 😀

The kiwi’s have spun something up over here

Yep, that summoned me. Existing mods should be able to add new mods. I’ll mod the bot now anyway.

Hmm sorry I can’t help. Though this sort of question may see a better audience over at Whirlpool. Much higher density of nerds over there 🤓

The largest table holds data that is only needed by Lemmy briefly. There is a scheduled job to clear it… Every 6 months. There are active discussions on how best to handle this.

On my instance I’ve set a cronjob to delete everything but the most recent 100k rows of that table every hour.

It's embarrassing for Australia that this entire saga occurred within in the last 10 years. Not some long ago scandal when general community sensibilities were different. While it was occurring it didn't pass the pub test, yet it carried on for 4 years. I hope some of the criminal/corrupt activities that have been [referred to law enforcement by the royal commission](https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/the-one-question-troubling-me-most-about-the-robo-debt-disgrace-20230707-p5dmhj.html) result in meaningful consequences for those responsible.

If you'd like to volunteer as a moderator for this community, please reply here saying so.

I have no intention of every placing ads on aussie.zone. Should finances ever become an issue, I’ll send up a 🚩 with a stickied post.

For now, finances are fine 🙂

I was speaking in general terms, there is currently no “delete oldest content” functionality in lemmy, so far as I know. But yes I imagine it would simply mean that for any older non-local content, users would need to initiate a pull from its home instance somehow.

On the point of being unsustainable I disagree. Instances will need to find an equilibrium between cost/expense and retention of old content. The higher the revenue/cost tolerance, the older the content that can be retained. I expect most instances will end up purging non-local content after an amount of time, but retain local content as long as possible. Maybe I’m naive, but I have confidence that people smarter than me will come up with systems to do this. It may result in a usenet style setup where instances boast about their retention periods.

On your second point re: community contributions, I agree entirely. I’ve been very fortunate that there have been some generous donations from aussie.zone users, so I’m not worried about server costs at this point. Server costs will go up as data volumes increase, that is unavoidable. How the community decides to handle this in the future is the real question, based on what I’ve experienced so far I’m confident we’ll be around for a long time to come.

I see it as all communities here on aussie.zone belong to all users. Mods are caretakers. So feel free to post or cross post appropriate content to any community.

It’s nice to read this, its the exact reason I created this instance with the name it has🙂

Yep, exactly that. Take screenshot (Win+shift+s) then paste (ctrl-v) into the post box

You can paste screenshots straight into a Lemmy post and it is automatically uploaded and linked for you. I use this to paste whatever I’ve just captured with Win+shift+s

Here in WA, the focus needs to be on getting the power grid under control. There is currently not enough gas power generation… resulting in dirty diesel generators being spun up.

Given the WA grid can’t handle current power demands, I don’t think we’ll be in a position to disconnect household gas for quite some time ☹

This is a massive hate of mine. I live in a residential area, neighrbors to two sides of us have wood fires. One side is slightly higher up the hill than us, their smoke wafts over the fence and settles in our yard.

Its infuriating, but they’re technically not breaking any laws/regulations.

LOCKING: the article linked is itself ok, the transphobic commentary is not.

I’ve taken a look at EH… there are some genuine communities that would be collateral damage from a full defederation. I’ll leave the instance linked for now, but future posts such as this one with any sort of *phobic content will be deleted and risk full defederation.
For now, I don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water.

Keep EH commentary out of here. Will defederate then when I’m at a PC.

Things are looking up… its Friday!

Cheers, I think I will have a quiet drink or two this evening.

You did better than I did. I’ve modded you and banned him for 7 days.

Yeah, I’m considering this a rule #1 violation. You’re being a dick. Take it as your first warning.

[Melbourne](https://aussie.zone/c/melbourne) have had this going for a while, a daily event they brought over from their previous home. We can't let the Victorians have all the fun! What is on your mind today Australia? For me the weekend [forecast](http://www.bom.gov.au/wa/forecasts/perth.shtml) is pretty wintery... might be a good one to stay under the covers and read a book.

Pfft Bluey is Australian. Going to create it anyway :)

edit: here we go

Come join us if you like, site is open for signups.

Yes, in your settings. It even warns you to not remove “Undetermined” as many posts will show as that.

That about covers it. If all those were to occur, I’d go back. But realistically, none of them will happen.

Nice to see the subreddits listed by subs. Reddit can’t ignore this… interested to see how they respond. I’m sure it will be some half baked knee jerk reaction that will get the community even more against them.

Front page side bar usually shows rules. The others there is no simple way to find out in advance.
My point was that it DOES matter where you create your account, beyond just getting a name you like. So I expect many people will hop around from instance to instance until they find “home”.

Not a dumb question… but some other things to consider:

  • moderation/rules
  • political leaning/community feel
  • geographic location… less important but can influence user experience

By default everyone federated with everyone. Some exceptions blacklist others, but still participate in the wider fediverse. Others whitelist specific others, effectively making their own island fediverse.

As for rules, you’d need to check each instance directly. That isn’t collated with an API query.