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Fuck around and find out that stocking shelves for a one day event with cheap plastic crap that isn’t selling well is a bad idea?

‘Help help, I’m being repressed!’

Great and all, but this is a literal press release. It could be PR spruiking, it could be pump’n’dump play, it could be friggin genuinely great. No way to know from a press release.

This is one area where Apple has it pretty right. A Mac will do somethings when ‘asleep’ like download emails and texts. It also can broadcast its location if the ‘Find Me’ function is on. If it’s plugged into power then backups will also run, and background app updates will happen. It does this in a low power mode, so it won’t get hot enough to need fans. It’s worked flawlessly for 20 years. Meanwhile all our PCs are set to ‘never sleep’ and just get shutdown when not in use. I never trust a PC laptop to wake successfully from sleep just by closing the lid.

It’s not even quite that - the article suggested they raised the commercial equivalent of the 12% through competitive auction. These allow the bidders a set price over 20 years.

So it’s cheaper than buying in fossil fuels, the suppliers get certainty, and they achieve close to complete decarbonisation using private investment.

How good is that?

Mate, come on, that’s not fair at all. Get your head out of your arse.

ABC have been covering this heaps. They broke the Afghan files story in the first place. Adele Furgheson has literally been writing articles about whistleblowers and David McBride for weeks in the lead up to this. Latest one from looking at the ABC website here: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-11-18/david-mcbride-guilty-plea-whistleblower-protection/103120544

Fairfax is also literally the news link at the top of the OP post here!

There are always excellent reports coming from the ABC & Fairfax with a quality of investigative work that FJ doesn’t even come close to matching. ABC & Fairfax may have their faults, but this is not one of them.

Ahhh, Port Kembla. I mean it’s already a whale graveyard what with all those massive container ships chopping them up all year and the massive sewer outfall gassing them out. A few measly pylons just adds a bit of spice to the game!

Just in time for the new wave of bush fire emergencies expected over the next 3 years!

Ahhh Bronwyn! I could Nazi that coming!

On a side note, I’ve just finished installing a whole lot of vertical searchlights at her home for the annual Christmas celebrations. I hear all her guests will be Gobbelling down the drinks while saluting some kind of whole potato.

Sometimes you need to take a hard line. I get it.

But indefinite detention is fucking barbaric. And I hope that those affected now have legal recourse due to this decision.

It was never the only solution. It was an expedient solution, and it’s wise to remember that when the architects of that shit show are in power and need to make hard decisions. Because the decision will be the one that maximises their political leverage - it won’t be the one that addresses say…catastrophic climate change, or over irrigation in the Murray basin, or falling education standards, or….

Kurnell Is also tiny, it can supply bugger all water. Not like VIC’s Wonthaggi plant that can provide a massive proportion of Melbourne’s water.

Well, they were significantly more secure by default than Windows due to various design measures including the separation of user land. And old OS9 was friggin brilliant for a web facing machine back in the day.

Well my anecdote is that every single micro USB device I have has either a stuffed port or stuffs the cable. Those things are so incredibly flimsy.

You’re right, but funnily enough the last few years have been quite wet. You may remember a flood or 2 if you cast your mind back…

Nobs. Who do they think is going to be building their reactors if they push to get one built?

Just remember - wasn’t too long ago the Liberal party was receiving Rolex watches in brown paper bags from Chinese spy’s posing as donors.

I think we won’t have a lot of fires this year. It’s been really wet for a while and the dense bush need consistently hot days to dry out enough to burn.

If it stays dry for the next couple of years though, we’re going to be screwed again. I imagine some places will be like western sydney and north NSW in the floods - no point rebuilding if it burns down every 5 years.

So, let’s be honest here - producers artificially ramped up wholesale costs in the months before the new increases were handed down by the regulators (e.g. restrict supply through maintenance, and then unleash supply when the price is higher).

They can do this because the biggest ones are both on the retail and wholesale side. We’re getting fucking fleeced.

The fact that Iced Vovo’s aren’t at number 1 is an issue I’ll be taking up with Dan Andrews.

It’s a rough transition, but absolutely right that we should be employing and paying individual Australians in government services, not lining the pockets of huge vampire squid temp agencies with majority overseas shareholders.

It’s a classic case of what happens when specific business lobby groups catch the ear of politicians.

Those are some very long rules. I skim read it - it all seems superfluous after Rule 0…”Don’t be a dick”.

I guess we’ll need something like it at some stage, but it would be great to keep it short and sweet.

Enjoy your reunion! I’ve & I haven’t travelled separately for work for years now and it’s great.

I don’t see it as glorifying, but I can see how that comes across. The amazing thing about the show is that there is this tiny relatable piece in every single one of the characters - they all just want to be loved by their family. They all have an incredible bond, which they have no qualms in using to manipulate the others to get their own selfish ways.

I think it’s the tension and duality which makes the show compelling. It clearly also shows the corrupting influence of power through the various characters at various time, so I can’t agree that there’s any intention to glamourise wealth.

Nice theory but it doesn’t hold up very well. Both Canada and Australia are enormous countries that are both well functioning democracies.

There are a number of great sources that describe the conditions for good democracies - and intolerance of corruption is a vital condition. That’s something that has never really been taken seriously in Russia, so in some ways it’s no surprise it’s come to this.

Some of these arguments have been done to death now, and just aren’t very relevant unless you’re talking in theory rather than the reality of a location, like here.

The geometry of the liens for a cross platform transfer would have made the whole system slower. It works well in some cases, but it isn’t really appropriate for what was trying to be achieved here. Sydney’s also at the stage where it’s trying to get some diversivication in mass transit arrival locations in the CBD. I’m sure we’ll see future metro stops for a say a ‘beaches’ north south line do some parallel transfers.

There was a lot of time spent on the comparability issue too. The reality is that you don’t need the whole network to be compatible. And the places that do push this always have their own sub-optimal rolling stock for various situations. The airport connection metro vs the suburban commuter metro is a classic example, like it will be here in Sydney. The western lines are bigger heavier rolling stock with fewer stops to go faster - as they should. It’s never going to be a great result using a suburban metro for that. London’s Heathrow express is not the same as the Piccadilly line is not the same as the Cross Rail…etc etc. just because it’s called ‘Metro’ doesn’t mean the intention is for them to be the same thing. The benefits of compatibility are pretty scattered and niche when you’re looking at the scale of a large city metro system, and often seem to be simply because certain people like a ‘tidiness’ in decision making.

Exactly, it’s absolute bullshit to think they won’t stay. I’d hazard a guess that this isn’t the argument they make to governments through lobbying.

It’s probably more along the lines of “we’d have to layoff <insert big scary number here> staff, oh, just before the next election”.

And there’s definitely a number of them that would do just that.

We were (unfortunately) moving house every 12 months or so for a while, and came across Frog Removals who were great. Small company but great service. Used them a few times. You might have trouble booking in so close to the date but they might be able to recommend someone else.

They all charge by time, so the more you can do yourself and make it easy for them, the quicker it is. We usually pack all our own boxes, dismantle furniture, and have it all waiting as close to the place they get the truck parked as possible.

Put everything you possibly can into a box. Like, don’t leave all the loose crap in shopping bags. We’d move flat screen tvs, computers and clothes ourselves too to make it easy and quick.

Moving house is always hard work, so good luck!

I’m not in anyway a representative for the ‘Voice’ campaign, so I’m happy to be corrected by anyone who’s more informed (or actually involved!), but you’ve asked some pretty valid questions that we should be discussing.

So here’s my 2c worth.

What can the Voice do anyway?

There have been a number of Aboriginal advocate groups since the beginning of the 20th Century. Some of these have been pretty influential and have gone a long way to achieving important milestones in recognition of Aboriginal & Torres Straights people.

Some of these include the establishment of NAIDOC week (most schools and communities do something for this - but it was established almost 70 years ago!). Some of these include really seemingly simple things like welfare pr making sure funeral needs are met in communities (imagine living in your home country and the government wouldn’t let you farewell a dead family member because a cremation or burial is ‘against the rules’…some of the issues have been this basic). And of course some include monumentally significant things like advocating for changes made by the the 1967 referendum.

So there is a significant history of Aboriginal Advocate groups pushing for advancement, making sure basic needs are met, promoting changes to reduce issues with alcohol, etc. All good things, but with a long way to go I’m sure everyone would agree.

So if an advocacy group can do all that, why the hell do we need to change the constitution?

Probably the crux of the issue. The problem with advocacy groups to date is that they have been constantly attacked or undermined by government on various levels. Here’s some examples:

  • Australian Aboriginal Progressive Association (AAPA) - strong evidence the organisation was broken up through the combined efforts of the NSW Aborigines Protection Board, missionaries, and the police.
  • National Aboriginal Consultative Committee - plagued by tensions fueled by the opinions of non-Indigenous advisors to the government (Fraser coalition government).
  • The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission - basically broken up by Howard.

Like any government bureaucracy the formal bodies had to deal with various tensions - but, that’s like the whole purpose of politics right? If everything was a perfect and straightforward process we wouldn’t need any politicians. I’m sure there were legitimate concerns with a number of these bodies, but the point is that when they became inconvenient they were given the boot (usually by one particular party). Another thing to note is that we’ve now got about 100 years of learning on what works and doesn’t work with this type of Aboriginal advocate body.

Given this history and the lack of trust generated by some of the interventions like in the Howard years or Abbotts ‘all talk no action’, Aboriginal people are pretty jaded by the idea of ‘yet another body to dismantle’.

So what’s being proposed in the constitution is the need for the government to consult with the Voice on legislation affecting Aboriginal people. It’s not enshrining a particular composition or remit, because experience shows that needs to be tweaked even as the issues shift.

Anyway, like I said, I only really know enough to scape the surface of the issues. But we rarely seem to get any discussion on “why” other than “it’s better than the racists having a field day”, so I hope this helps.

I recon we can keep this one going for months!

These buildings will be exactly the same as any other one you’ve ever worked in, just with lifts and stairs in different colousr or glass. There’ll be some fancy ‘cafe’ and some ‘learning hubs’ that will sound cool and maybe even have cheap or free food, but there will last until the second a few more desks are needed.

The guys at SOM are well intentioned but actually don’t get it. Their job relies on making more of the same.

Just checking to see if this thread is still relevant…

I probably would if they didn’t shut projects down every second week.

Damn right.

Someone with a walk like you is probably pretty damn good at a ninja shit post too.

Absolutely spot on about the relative dynamics of the subreddits. And I think r/melbourne was promoting a link to aussie.zone for a while which explains the big shift there.

However…I’ve got a packet of matches if you’ve got a spare building!

It’s pretty easy to say “should have more stations” for the metro. But there’s a balance that needs to be decided between station frequency and travel time. One of the biggest impacts on travel time is station frequency - not because of the actual stop, but because the trains take a long time to accelerate and brake. So more stops means the train moves much slower.

Seems logical right? So if you’re connecting the CBD and Parramatta, what’s the goal? I assume in this case it was to get faster connections between Parra and the CBD, rather than to serve a heap of suburbs along the way with metro. Whether this was right or wrong is a good debate, but given Parramatta by itself is one of Australia’s biggest cities and the Sydney CBD is unbelievably constrained by its geography, it does make some sense (a high speed shuttle might make more sense, but that would have criticised as a waste too).

It would make more sense if it was paired with say…light rail running the length of Parramatta Road, connecting all the suburbs that the ‘quick’ metro stop frog-leaps over. But integrated public transport projects never happen here for a variety of weak-spined political reasons.

It’s been a while since I was involved in any Sydney rail projects, but there’s a surprising amount of ‘expansion’ potential built into a number of existing stations. Some of these may never be realised, but for the Zetland issue, I’d be surprised if the Hunter St station & tunnel hasn’t been designed with the ability to eventually connect to an Eastern/South Eastern metro line.

However, although this makes sense to all the people to work in the Sydney CBD, the CBD actually accommodates a surprising small proportion total Sydney workers. Many more people work in the greater Sydney area. It would make much more sense to start connecting a few of these lines through other centres in greater Sydney which would have the added benefit of increasing the relative desirability of places other than the central Sydney ring of suburbs due to improved access.

I think if the SMH actually crunched the numbers, they’d find a few potential metro projects more worthy of the Zetland CBD connection. However I imagine that there’s a few SMH staff members who live there which is why it’s become a campaign for them. I’m not saying this is necessarily out of self-interest, but it’s a complex problem with an easy story and solution in Zetland. Much sexier to report on than say…a metro linking Chatswood and Burwood for example.

I’ve got mixed feelings about this.

We need more housing, and density is no bad thing. I just don’t think churning out Green Squares style super developments is the way to go.

You only need to look at London or Tokyo to see density can we done without the solution to evert problem being a Meriton style junk heap scam.

Haha. I lived in the UK for a few years, and it was so nice to have my birthday in the middle of summer for a while (well…for what goes as summer over there).

What the eff is going on here Sydney?
That damn Melbourne community has posts with 400+ comments. Honestly, what is going on here? It's the middle of winter, so I know we're all still surfing and drinking in the beer gardens while they have nothing to do but chatter while they freeze their nuts off, but still...put some damn effort in people.

Went up Lockeys Pylon on Sunday
I’ve been in Sydney for 12 years now and we’re up the Blue Mountains all the time. I’ve been putting off the Lockeys Pylon walk because there’s just so much else to see and do, but yesterday was the day. And it was a beautiful perfect sunny winter day. So little haze that you could see the CBD towers. And I do love this side of the Grose Valley. Heaps of flowers out, with new wattle just coming in too. The walk was great, but I think Dr Dark’s cave is my favourite spot in that area. Where’s your pick in the Blueys? ![](https://aussie.zone/pictrs/image/32da0e85-e3a9-4ad6-b136-e06d44aa965f.jpeg)

So what’s everyone doing for the long weekend?
I mean, other than procrastinating at work.